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  1. Yeah, I always feel worse late at night so I try not to take anything I worry about at that time seriously. But what would only treat the symptoms, not the cause? Thank you, @malina. This is effectively what I did, and I’ve been sleeping better since.
  2. Hello all! I’m doing alright lately. Not giving into long-winded compulsions, and knowing I will get therapy at some point this summer. Just trying to think about other things, even though I do still practice avoidance from time to time (though as the days go by I take my current obsession less seriously and begin to not feel the need to avoid things related to it so much). I wondered if, to encourage me and others to stay on a path of perseverance, if anyone who has recovered would mind sharing their experiences. It doesn’t have to be long-winded at all, just maybe a moment you noti
  3. Thank you, Gemma. I will do this. I’m not exactly sure when, maybe after I get my covid vaccination so I don’t have to get anxious about that.
  4. Okay, I’ll try and do this. I just hope it doesn’t get hard with commuting and my parents etc. Thank you. I’m still fairly nervous for my night honestly. I hope I’ve proven I don’t need to do compulsions but it was quite scary to feel so suddenly hot and anxious.
  5. I have another question: how do I actually go about getting help? I want to be referred to someone who knows about OCD but what if I go to my GP and they don’t do that? What if they just send me to someone who knows nothing about it and how it works? I might write out a document talking about my experiences in the hopes they will see I know my symptoms and what I’m talking about. My big issue is this: I am currently living in London for uni, but my doctor’s is in my local town where my parents live. So, I will likely have to do it this summer because I can’t currently go back there for a
  6. I don’t mean to offend you but I feel this is something someone deep in the OCD mindset would believe, rather than a reflection of the typical reality of those suffering with this disorder. Others will be here to help you soon, you seem very distressed and I’m sorry you’ve felt you’ve had to deal with this alone up until this point and that the mental health system isn’t working for you (I think we’ve all been there to a certain degree and recognise the pitfalls in the system). It’s dutiful of any good parent to inquire when they have been made aware their child is distressed;
  7. I had a massive wave of anxiety over the same obsession I was dealing with last time I posted here, so I won’t name it. It was around 3am last night, and due to the fact I also have occasional sleeping issues (some nights, very rarely, I don’t sleep at all) I believe it elevated this hot, anxious feeling in my chest. It was very unexpected, coming at that time in sleep right before you doze off, so thinking about other things and distracting myself didn’t seem an option if I wanted good sleep. Regardless, I managed to pull through without doing compulsions or making my night worse, p
  8. Okay, I’ll do my best. Thank you!
  9. I haven’t! I might look into it, I’m interested in finding helpful books too. Does anyone else have book recommendations?
  10. Have you ever (you probably have) when not doing avoidance, just sat through the wave of anxiety and come out the other side? I always imagine it’d be upsetting and cause another obsession, or make me start having a panic attack. I’m nervous about quitting avoidance. also I’m not sure if you saw my message before I quoted you, maybe it does not matter though.
  11. I wish I could just do this and logically I can see I should. I wish it were just as easily done as it is said. 😕
  12. But isn’t that the issue, the thought of ‘but what if I’m not?’ If I just chose to ignore it, I could be denying my true self and compromising my happiness. But then I also see what you mean realistically, bc if my fear truly was the case, I would almost certainly realise it organically at some point and not through an obsession
  13. Hey everyone. I’m just a bit bummed right now. I still haven’t gotten over my avoidance, but more than that, a new pointless worry has joined the scene. Effectively, I like being gay. I like the culture, the friends I have made, etc. I would be sad to find out I wasn’t. (If i were either straight or asexual). And part of my worry is now: well, because I would be upset, I must actually be lying to myself about it and am in denial. Or if I ‘truly knew’ (somehow? Subconsciously?) that I wasn’t gay, I clearly would not admit it to myself for fear of upsetting myself. I am ingratiating my
  14. I just wanted to say none of these thoughts are unusual for OCD sufferers. I used to worry about similar things to you as well - I’ve basically had all these thoughts and fears you have. I’m much better about these obsessions now, and you can be too. Keep it up ♥️
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