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  1. Hi Felix, I know you are right, it's just that I haven't left the house or seen anyone face to face (except my mum who I live with) for 7 years. I was terrified of going to the dentist before, but now it feels impossible. I have other health problems I should see a doctor about too. I am having an assessment for telephone therapy next month. Just hoping that will help.
  2. Well done! You have done amazingly well with all the challenges you have faced, and it's great that you would like to stay longer. You have my sympathy with the PMDD. It's my worst week of the month and I've been a ball of rage at times. Luckily I have my medicine again now though. I'm sorry you've had such awful weather for your last day. Good luck tomorrow!
  3. Thank you, Angst. I suspected as much, but as I am often wrong when it comes to these things, I thought I'd check. On this occasion it is actually me with the rotting teeth and someone else who doesn't want my cup in the kitchen. I normally use disposable cups (because of my own OCD fears), but have run out of clean ones so wanted to rinse one. My teeth are bad because I haven't been looking after them. I desperately need to see a dentist, but cannot face it yet.
  4. If someone has badly rotting teeth, so a lot of bacteria in their mouth, is it normal hygiene or OCD not to let them rinse their cup in the kitchen sink? Many thanks in advance for any insight.
  5. Yes, it's Fluoxetine. It's only a small dose that I've been on since about age 14. It did calm me down a bit then. I'm not sure how much it does now, but I do seem to be worse if I miss a dose, even though it's supposed to have a long half life. I meant to say, I think I have PMDD too. Anyway, these are for you. Don't let anyone make you forget how much you're achieving!! P.S. Say hello to the sea for me.
  6. You're definitely not alone. Everything you've described could so easily be me!! I totally get the anger thing. It really sucks, and feels uncontrollable. You're actually doing very well to be on the holiday doing things! P.S. I'm OK, but forgot to order my repeat prescription on time, so will run out before I get it. My mum is cross as she's the one who has to live with me!!
  7. Me! I can very much relate. I'm sorry you're finding things so difficult. It's a lot to cope with, being in a new place, change of routine. I always find that makes my OCD worse. Is this your first night?
  8. I would imagine that if you explained your circumstances they would exempt you from jury service.
  9. I think it is standard procedure. I had to send in ID documents before I received the 'How Your Disability Affects You' form.
  10. I've perhaps misunderstood. (Something I unfortunately do rather a lot!) Just to clarify, I didn't mean to imply that there haven't always been many very compassionate and empathetic people on this forum.
  11. I am very happy that there has been a shift towards greater empathy and recognising that other conditions and circumstances affect sufferers ability to recover from OCD. I have been upset in the past by some users being told that they aren't trying hard enough.
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