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  1. Lost_in_a_Dark_Maze

    Lightbulb Moment

    Hehe! Thanks, Paradoxer and Taurean. I just hope I can keep it up. Something I've realised that is very important for me is that - whether due to depression, social anxiety or something else, I'm not sure - communication has been a big problem for me. What I hear isn't what people are actually saying, so the message gets lost. Would it help others if I gave some examples?
  2. Lost_in_a_Dark_Maze

    Lightbulb Moment

    I think I might be in the midst of a major breakthrough. I am hesitant to say it, as I have had brief times of rare insight before, but I think maybe, just maybe I have 'got it' at last, and finally understand what you've all been trying to tell me.
  3. Sorry, Paul. My reply wasn't very helpful. I have had times when I question everything, and it is very scary. I think it was this obsession that led me to choose to study philosophy for A Level. I didn't get very far as I had to drop out due to illness, but I remember the first lecture when she said to us that it was fun to explore the questions, but that it wasn't healthy to live that way. Tell me about it, I thought! It is easy to get drawn into such a way of thinking, especially when we have OCD.
  4. It doesn't sound much like what I've heard of Buddhism. Try telling a starving child blown to pieces by war that they are choosing to suffer and their suffering doesn't matter! (That comment was aimed at the author of your book, not at you.) I don't think the book is helping you.
  5. Lost_in_a_Dark_Maze

    this year

    I just wanted to pick up on something you said. It sounds as if at least part of you disbelieves that it is your OCD making you feel you are not allowed to do ordinary things?
  6. Lost_in_a_Dark_Maze

    this year

    Aw, you're welcome. A while ago I could only write in the titles of threads, so I know how frustrating it is when you can't write very much - it was only because of a problem with my phone though, it is much worse for you.
  7. Lost_in_a_Dark_Maze

    Need advice - is this OCD?

    Hello, how are you getting on? I found your thread while searching about the same issue. I have had the problem all my life (did not realise until relatively recently that it was part of my OCD) and am struggling with it a lot at the moment. I have never read anything that described me so exactly before.
  8. Lost_in_a_Dark_Maze

    Not again

    I'm pretty sure you wouldn't do that kind of work from home. I doubt it would be legal!
  9. Lost_in_a_Dark_Maze

    Not again

    I can totally understand your panic, but if you think about it, how much trouble would a company be in for sending out an infected testing kit?! They could be sued for thousands. They just wouldn't do it.
  10. Lost_in_a_Dark_Maze

    this year

    Thank you, Louise. I appreciate you taking the trouble to write that when typing is so painful for you. I'm sorry voice recognition is no help. I hope you are able to access CBT and get the help you need to get back on track. It sounds as if you were doing really well before your relapse, try not to lose sight of all your achievements, and remember what you did that got you to a better place.
  11. Lost_in_a_Dark_Maze

    this year

    Hi Louise, I'm in a sorry state myself at the moment, so I'm afraid I won't be much use there, but I wondered, with regard to your typing difficulties, whether voice recognition software could help you?
  12. Lost_in_a_Dark_Maze

    Ocd bad skin

    Sorry, Phil. I didn't mean to hijack your thread. I think the message for us both though is that creams etc are helpful in the short term, but what we really need to do is to confront our compulsions that are damaging our skin in the first place.
  13. Lost_in_a_Dark_Maze

    Ocd bad skin

    You are right, it says on the packet to wash your hands after using them (on surfaces).
  14. Lost_in_a_Dark_Maze

    Ocd bad skin

    People do catch sickness bugs though, and other illnesses, that is the way I see it. I am emetophobic.
  15. Lost_in_a_Dark_Maze

    Can't cope anymore

    I suppose that's what is meant by 'taking a leap of faith'?