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  1. I could be way off the mark here, but I'm wondering if it could be part of an autistic spectrum disorder? (I am currently waiting assessment myself, and have been doing a lot of research recently.)
  2. I'm sorry I don't have any helpful advice, but you've pretty much described how I have been with this. I am a bit better at the moment, but that may be just because I haven't been near anyone for a while.
  3. Thanks Ashley, and thank you to Snowbear who has been giving me a lot of support lately when I've been panicking. I feel like when it's people's lives at risk, if I'm in doubt I should assume it's not OCD. Some of it I know is irrational, like when I thought maybe I should kill myself to prevent getting the virus and spreading it, but when it comes to whether I should go out for a walk, I'm not sure. My support workers keep trying to persuade me to get some fresh air, but then I read someone saying it's selfish to go anywhere if it's not 100% necessary and my mum thinks I should stay in.
  4. I'm hearing a lot of mixed messages and feeling confused about what is OCD and what isn't at the moment.
  5. I thought the government was telling people to regularly wipe down surfaces like door handles though? Mail apparently poses less of a risk because the virus survives less time on paper and cardboard.
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