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  1. Symps07


    Works for me
  2. Symps07


    Hi all, Just thought I would share a quote which I think describes quite well my own efforts in overcoming OCD and reminds me that no one is perfect and despite many failed attempts, I need to keep trying. It's short but sweet Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better. (Samuel Beckett) Hope everyone is well (as well as can be) Symps
  3. Symps07

    Do some people never recover?

    Hi Ginger, Always nice to hear from you too! Totally agree with what you say here, it's just after 17 years, I thoughts I'd be learning!
  4. Symps07

    Do some people never recover?

    You're dead right! & this is where I fall down, I see each new theme as a new problem instead of the same issue I am dealing with. I am failing to adapt
  5. Symps07

    Do some people never recover?

    Hi Ginger, I have not read a lot of the comments on this post (there are 7 pages!) but going back to your original question, I am starting to think the same thing. I just seem to keep getting 'hits' of OCD all the time. When I think it has gone, it comes back again, & it's so wide spread in it's 'themes' I just can't see to deal with all of it! I read about people who overcome OCD, but that appears to be be when they only have one theme to deal with & doesn't appear to come back on another theme. Like you, I try to stay positive (or anti negative) & do feel so much better than I used to be, but I do wonder if this will be something I just have to accept will be with me for the rest of my life? I should also add, for others reading my comment, that I am able to work full time & am in a relationship with my partner. My OCD is no way near as bad as it was & is much more 'manageable' & I do believe that thanks to CBT & listening to a lot of the advice from people on this forum, my life is so much more enjoyable than it ever was before. So I do not wish to put anyone off treating their OCD as it is definitely worthwhile! Symps
  6. Symps07


    I know how you feel! Everytime I think I overcome it, it rears it's ugly head again! But I do feel a lot better than I did a few years ago, so, progress maybe slow but it's getting better! That's why I think it's too much effort to try & put on a mask of happiness all the time. I don't mean you have to wallow in your own misery, but just remember that you're a work in progress (like the rest of us! ) . Also, sometimes it's good to have a rant! & I'm sure your family & friends will understand your need to get things off your chest as well. Symps
  7. Symps07

    feeling hopeless

    Hi Rover, I think you just need to do what you feel is best for you in regards to this relationship. It sounds as though whatever choice you make your OCD will want to make it presence felt, so do whats best for you & be prepared to deal with your OCD whatever choice you make & don't be so hard on yourself, you're human & you deserve to be happy as much as anybody else! Symps
  8. Symps07


    Hi Skullpops, I find that sometimes, the effort of putting on the appearance of being happy & 'normal' can just add weight to the issue's the issues I am already dealing with. It's okay to not be okay. I'd say, concentrate on treating your OCD & don't worry about 'plastering a smile on your face', your smile will develop naturally as your OCD goes Symps
  9. Symps07

    Same as it ever was...

    You're right Gemma, I just get fed up of all the ups & downs! It becomes so frustrating! Still, it's the weekend & I intend on relaxing & enjoying it! Hope you do too
  10. Symps07


    I used to look on facebook & see everybody's pictures & think that I was missing out. Took me a while to realise that everyone only puts they 'happy' pics on there & that it's not a true reflection of their lives. I used to always look back & wish I'd done this or that. But hardly ever do nowadays & now I realise that I'm happier where I am & if there is something I don't like, then I can try to change the situation. But it is so much easier with a calmer mind! I know if you can work on overcoming your OCD, you'll start to feel more at ease with yourself, less panic'd & be in a better place to meet someone actually worth meeting. But at 17, you've got plenty of time, so try not to worry to much about finding a partner just yet
  11. Symps07


    Hi Freya, I didn't get a girlfriend until I was 34! It was very much worth the wait though! I totally get why you titled this post 'Panic'! I feel the same when I get obsessions about many different things at the same time. It can be overwhelming! Regarding all the thoughts, I would just try not to ruminate on them, it'll lead you nowhere but to more ruminating. It's hard, but try to just let the thoughts be when they enter your head & not engage with them. It takes practice, but it's doable & after a while they'll become less frequent & intense. I hope things are a bit calmer for you now? Symps
  12. Symps07

    Guilt causing ocd?

    Hi Jen, I don't believe that I have experienced similar, but I think if you went to see a CBT therapist, they would help you to look into your anxiety, obsessions etc.. & hopefully find the source of your problems. Certainly be worth a try? The other thing I thought is, is the 'bad thing' really as bad as you think it is, or is this OCD's way of making you feel bad about yourself, as OCD has a way of making people think they are guilty when really it's the OCD making us feel guilty.
  13. Symps07


    Hi Haayleey, I'm not sure what you 'theme' is, but from reading this thread, I guess that at least part of it involves thoughts of harming other people. I've had thoughts of harming other people & I know what you mean when you say it's as though you are agreeing with them, or want these things to happen. But it's the OCD making you feel that way. The thought of harming someone else is usually about thinking you are a bad person, & the agreeing with, wanting to do it thoughts are a continuation of that theme. Ie, I want to do, therefore I am a bad person. It's still OCD, it just throws itself at you in different angles. I hope you are feeling more calm at the moment? Symps
  14. Symps07

    Same as it ever was...

    Hi Ginger, Thank you & nice to hear from you again How are you keeping these days? Hi Gemma, I know you're right, but as you know, with OCD, knowing what's right & 'feeling' whats right often feel like totally different things. Think I need to slow myself down & keep working on overcoming my OCD! Good to hear from you also! I hope you are keeping well?
  15. Symps07

    Same as it ever was...

    Hi Roy, Thank you for your response, it's brilliant! I know that you're right in everything you say above, but it is nice (& I think, important also) to hear from someone else who knows what it's like to have OCD. I am trying to do as you say, but as you know, with OCD, it's never so simple! thank you for you advice, I shall keep fighting! Kind regards, Mark