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  1. When you say that you have been trying to put in to practice what you have learned from ERP. Do you mean that by sitting with the anxiety it will eventually come down?
  2. Hi there, So sorry to hear that you're feeling this way. Can I ask if you have been to see a therapist at all to help with your OCD? Symps
  3. It doesn't seem like there is any actual evidence that you have cheated, just the fear that you may have. If you did a theory A and theory B on this, where you compared the 'evidence' that you have cheated against the 'evidence' that this is fear caused by your OCD. Which do you believe is the more likely of the two theory's?
  4. Hi Headwreck, I'm sorry you're going through this nightmare. It sounds as though you are doing a lot of ruminating on this subject but is there any actual proof that you cheated or do you just fear that you have? Symps
  5. Bit last posting, but I completed the Manchester 10k in aid of OCD UK and raised a few pennies! Congratulations to the other people I saw also wearing OCD UK shirts! 🥰:punk:

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    2. Ashley


      How was it on the day, did you enjoy it?   And thank you so much :)


    3. daja


      Well done!

    4. Symps07


      Thank you all for you lovely comments🥰
      I didn't get any blisters SB, but I was rather stiff afterwards 🙄

      I really enjoyed the day thank you Ashley, it was brilliant! Hoping to do next years now 🙂

  6. I'm going to continue with the private therapist and see where I am when the NHS contact me. I'll let them know what I am doing and see what they advise. They may advise I just continue with the private therapy. I just really need some assistance now as I have never had it this bad ?
  7. I live in Cheshire and the things I like about where I live is that there is plenty of beautiful countryside to roam and also plenty of local history including Beeston Castle.
  8. Thank you for your response Gemma. I am thinking of doing both as with my private therapist we're not concentrating as much on my OCD but more the underlying beliefs so I still want to do CBT for my OCD as I really want to get rid of it this time!
  9. Hello, I just wondered if you can take SSRI's even if you re not seeing an NHS Therapist but a private one instead? I have been referred to see a CBT Therapist via the NHS but have been advised that I have to wait a while as there are a high number of people using the service at the moment, understandable as I am sure that there are more people struggling than usual due to the Covid situation, so in the meantime I am seeing a private therapist. I have seen my private therapist once and although she knows that I have OCD most of what we have talked about is to do with my underlying beliefs and there has been talk of challenging some of these (for example, I tend to try and life up to my Dads expectation of me and this cause's me problems as I have my own ideas of how to live my life) so they are not necessarily OCD but may effect some of the 'subjects' my OCD chose's to pick up on. I am fully intent on using the NHS service CBT to deal with my OCD but obviously if with my private therapist we end up dealing with my OCD I don't want to take up somebody else's space and would need to let the NHS know. But as I was subscribed SSRI's by the NHS with them knowing that I had been referred for NHS CBT would they still grant me a prescription knowing I was going private? I hope this make's sense as I am struggling with my concentration at the moment. Symps
  10. Thank you all for your response's and I know what you say is true. Even I know that when my mind is more stable. The next day after posting this I phoned my doctor and told him that I was struggling to control my thoughts and was feeling suicidal and he has started me on some SSRI's so I am hoping that these will help me whilst I proceed with my therapy. It really is scary how I can know that I am performing a compulsion but also that I am so desperate that I can't stop myself ?
  11. Good morning, I know that confessing is a compulsion of OCD but when I try not to confess I feel sick to my stomach with guilt. I had an episode last evening where I confessed something to my fiancée and I just couldn't stop crying and I felt so bleak like I don't want to be here anymore and even know I am struggling with myself. I got aroused looking at a girl from work. I know it sounds perverted and grubby and I am ashamed of myself. I feel like a sex offender and that I have cheated on my fiancée and don't deserve her love. I feel that I pushed myself to become aroused as well and I don't know if that makes it better or worse? I just want to feel pure and not have these thoughts, I don't want to be here anymore. I'm sorry for the whine but I have never felt this bad before or this intense. When I was crying I couldn't see a future and afterwards I just started thinking about taking drastic action. I love my fiancée, at least I feel I do now but I don't trust my thoughts. I keep thinking how much this must be hurting her and although she says that she is alright, I hate what I have become. I feel as though this post is confessing but right now I really don't know. I feel lost and ashamed. Symps
  12. Yes, twice. Although only one was for OCD and that was 10 years ago and we never covered rumination. I am putting some of the things that I have learned into practice and reading the information on this site has helped me a lot. I do also have a book on CBT to read through but I would just like a supporting hand to help me through this. I actually feel quite positive about getting rid of this as Ii finally feel that I am at the stage where I can beat this! I hope that you're keeping well? Symps
  13. Yes, although I was advised that I will be on a waiting list for a while ? It sounds as though it might be useful to me as I have a habit of letting my mind wander off and then I end up ruminating. Can I ask if you use any App at all?
  14. I love the NHS but I work for a firm who purchase on their behalf and the waste is ridiculous (double figures £ for a bottle of water for meetings which you can get for under a pound). It doesn't impress me when politicians talk of investing huge sums on money into it when I think they need to look at where they can be saving money in the first place (not through cuts but through wastage) a decent purchasing and sourcing department would be a good start!
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