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His Dark Materials - series 3, episode 5.

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No mention of OCD, just a fabulous comparison with how OCD works and how to overcome it. :)

Will put the rest in a spoiler alert in case you don't want to know yet what happens in the story.


Lyra and Will go to 'the land of the dead'. Basically hell. Everybody there is devoid of hope, tormented by miserable, fearful images and voices that taunt them with their failings and failures.

Lyra realises the voices and images are just your thoughts - stand up to them and they leave you alone.

One of 'the dead' talks of how they all wasted life, ignoring the joy of living to accomodate the belief they should act a certain way (equivalent of doing compulsions to such a degree you miss out on real life.)

Lyra and Will offer them a possible way out of this hell. But the dead people want certainty, want to know what will happen.

Sound familiar? :)

Anyway...won't spoil the rest of the story. Just to say if we want to escape the misery and fear created by OCD then we too must accept uncertainty, ignore the thoughts which taunt us and bravely face our fears.

I thought it was a brilliant analogy for OCD. Though I suspect the author was thinking in terms of more general life lessons.

Anybody watched it yet? Agree? Disagree? :)


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