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  1. Hi Symps, I sympathise as I have had and sometimes still do have similar incidents and guilty feelings. I have confessed loads of times to my wife. The thing is everyone has these attractions even if we are with someone and love them. I wouldn't be surprised if your fiancée has had similar thoughts however if she doesn't have OCD she will not find it a big deal and have no compulsion to tell you. Try and avoid confessing, its not necessary and unfair on your fiancée and yourself and confessing only provides short term relief it tends to cause more and more confessing down the line.
  2. the Holiday - is that Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz where they swap homes?
  3. Hi Cas No worries, I am a really bad ruminator myself I have wasted lots of time over the years arguing with myself looking for evidence trying to reach a conclusion that never satisfies. all it does is drive me half mad with anxiety. some of the lengths I went to at times to try and get that elusive definite answer were so so time and energy consuming. I have had several rounds of CBT over the years myself sometimes we do need a few tries.
  4. sounds good cas, enjoy the baking .
  5. Cas, we can doubt anything if we over think it. the more you try and answer a question, reach a conclusion to an internal debate the more doubt you experience. Its how OCD taunts us. Thoughts going too far means too much rumination ( a massive compulsion one I struggle with too), instead of rumination helping us it does the exact opposite. you have to stop trying to answer the questions, stop trying to figure out what this may mean about you as a person. its the only way to get the better of OCD, the more you give it the more it takes, its never satisfied. what is your background In terms of CBT? have you had any in the past?
  6. Cas, you are in the grips of an OCD episode, you are ruminating looking for answers which are feeding the cycle of doubt. I have been there with this theme. its very distressing but you can break the cycle. you have to try and curb your ruminating you will never win. OCD is bombarding your brain but you need to remember its OCD, nothing more. try and remember these episodes do pass you can get to the other side.
  7. I once had a book signed by Rick Stein, he seemed ok but it was a 5 second chat. I once got Peter Schmeichel's autograph, again a 5 second chat. I was once in a pub restaurant with my wife and Monty Donn the TV gardener turned up too. we assumed he was in town doing some filming, there seemed to be a few TV types with him. we didn't speak with him, I thought he seemed ok after hearing snatches of conversation , my wife thought he was a tad too keen on himself they ordered some wine and he corrected the waitresses pronunciation on the French translation. I thought he did it nicely and was not trying to be clever but I think my wife thought otherwise.
  8. Hi There, I have used the one in Altrincham or it was maybe Hale but think its possibly the same one? it was around 11 years ago so I can't speak of them more recently than that but I did find it very good. it was very expensive but I thought worth it. you could always drop Ashley at OCD UK a line he may well have a more recent view or knowledge of the priory.
  9. Hi Alex, I am sorry to hear your struggling so much, I don't know a great deal about the medication you mention - are you able to speak with your GP about it? and maybe the CMHT. The Samaritans are always an option as a friendly voice - day and night.
  10. Avo

    George Ezra

    George Ezra has spoken about his struggles with OCD. Here it is on the BBC Website. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-53950320 the article contains a link to our own charity's website around the use of the term pure 'o'
  11. I sympathise Dave, especially around semen. however as PB says its OCD telling us falsely that bodily fluid is some kind of emergency. its not.
  12. well done Lucy how did you find it?
  13. I think they possibly would be. I know they are pretty close, Stanley park separates them. So maybe a 1/4 mile between the two grounds ? Other cities with 2 or more professional clubs I am not sure about how close the grounds are to each other.
  14. Dundee and Dundee united in Scotland are very close too - think just a street width apart. Dens park and Tannardice.
  15. Notts County are they the oldest professional football club in England? I have been to their meadow lane ground a good few years ago. Never been to the city ground home of Forest.
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