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  1. Avo

    George Ezra

    George Ezra has spoken about his struggles with OCD. Here it is on the BBC Website. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-53950320 the article contains a link to our own charity's website around the use of the term pure 'o'
  2. I sympathise Dave, especially around semen. however as PB says its OCD telling us falsely that bodily fluid is some kind of emergency. its not.
  3. well done Lucy how did you find it?
  4. I think they possibly would be. I know they are pretty close, Stanley park separates them. So maybe a 1/4 mile between the two grounds ? Other cities with 2 or more professional clubs I am not sure about how close the grounds are to each other.
  5. Dundee and Dundee united in Scotland are very close too - think just a street width apart. Dens park and Tannardice.
  6. Notts County are they the oldest professional football club in England? I have been to their meadow lane ground a good few years ago. Never been to the city ground home of Forest.
  7. sorry to hear about your Dad battlethrough. that's a tough one to go through With your OCD, don't confess its not a solution it just makes things worse long term. Remember thoughts are just that - its how we react to them that makes the difference. Don't give them any meaning and they will fade away, go back to what you were doing when you were managing.
  8. Good article Ashley and co . It was a shocking event and I fear may be inflamed by the current president, We are by no means perfect in the UK either .
  9. I think there will be strict protocols in place Daja, its important for you to get this looked at. you can always ask the question around the covid segregation at whichever hospital you attend, it may well say so in the letter once it arrives.
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