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  1. Thanks for your responses both . My mind tends to race away with doomsday scenarios quite often where my employment is concerned. I go through almost hypothetical scenarios in my head of incidents that's have not actually happened. Thanks again, Avo
  2. Hi Everyone, I wondered if I could get some perspective on an incident from today? I am not sure if I am being over sensitive due to OCD. At work today I was working in an area on my own, I noticed someone had drawn a rude image on the outside of a box of stock. My immediate thought was its someone being silly - I wasn't really offended as some may have been. My problem with this is that I started to worry incase someone else saw the image - was offended and then reported it to the management. Then the management worked out I was the last person working in that area and therefore it must have been me who drew it - then I would potentially be in trouble for something I didn't do. So as a result I took it upon myself to scribble over the image with a pen, I worried if this was not sufficient so I took a marker pen and scribbled with that over the image to be doubly sure no one would see it. Have I over reacted ? would most people have the image alone? would you have scribbled it out like it did? or just left it. Thanks in advance Avo
  3. Avo

    Doubting i have ocd

    I have had this many times - and still do on occasion, treat it like any OCD intrusive thought.
  4. Avo

    Birthday OCD

    Hi Ollie, Don't beat yourself too much - relapse is not uncommon in OCD, I have had several bouts of CBT over the years. Don't worry about going back into therapy with a good therapist it can be tough but rewarding. I have had similar themes myself and although I can't say I am free of OCD I am able to dismiss the thoughts by and large that can bombard me at times. I would say I am 70 - 90 % recovered. Anyway - Get yourself out and have a good time .!
  5. Hi GBG, not sure I can add anything to the excellent advice you have received from Roy and Dksea - some wise words there Hope your doing a little better today?
  6. Avo

    Birthday OCD

    Hi Ollie, Happy birthday! - I sympathise as I find OCD can aim to ruin any occasion, its my birthday next week and I have in the past had OCD effect me. I have various 'themes' and 1 or all can seem to rear their ugly head when I am approaching something I may dare to enjoy. What I would say is make yourself go out later - enjoy a few hours of letting your hair down - spending time with others having a laugh can be a nice distraction/ respite from OCD or other worries. Staying in will only make you feel worse and probably ruminate more. Have you ever had CBT to tackle your OCD?
  7. Hi GBG I have sympathy as I suffer a bit from the germs travelling from place to place, but the way to stop it being such an issue in your mind is stopping the compulsions - in this case cleaning everything you touch. I tend to be quite blasé about most 'germs' but very uptight around a certain few. you also need to stop the confessing , its a compulsion and will only lead to you doing more of it. -your partner is right keep her out the equation. again I sympathise again as this is one of my biggest compulsions but its a slippery slope. There is another similarity which I have just realised - my wife has issues around germs - mainly raw meat or anything that may lead to food poisoning and I tend to talk her through how I have handled certain foodstuffs to put her mind at rest etc, which I have realised I need to stop doing as its bad for us both - me confessing and her given re-assurance ( though she doesn't have OCD she has emetophobia)
  8. I think that's a wise choice Roy, I am on medication myself and am due a review just after Christmas. At the moment there are a fair few issues going on and life in general is tough at the moment . As a result I feel a bit anxious and on edge. I benefit like yourself from feeling a bit more balanced when on medication so am happy to remain on them for the time being.
  9. Avo

    Slipping back a bit

    Hi GBG, Sorry your slipping a bit, its a common feature of OCD, its a tricky and cunning disorder and can almost sneak back up on us in stealth and its often hard to notice this at first. When I finished CBT in January my therapist and I worked on a plan going forward (I forget the exact name) but the idea of it is you write down what your triggers are and identify where we may be vulnerable to relapse - such as stressful life events impacting on things such as with me a potential house move was one of them. You also identify your common obsessions and compulsions. The idea is you know and are prepared as best you can for relapse and can identify the warning signs and avoid slipping back into old habits. You then review it every so often to try and make sure that your on track etc, I don't know if you could maybe draw one up yourself. Sorry I am not being very clear - I am a tad tired at the moment but I hope you get the idea of what I am saying. ! I can try and elaborate if you need me to I could dig out my paperwork.
  10. Your grandmother forgetting you is quite a common symptom of dementia. My grandma had dementia and similar happened with me and my mother (her daughter). Dementia is a very upsetting and cruel condition for all close to the sufferer. Did you manage to watch the video by Mark Freeman on how to deal with real life events? have you been put of the CBT waiting list? your getting mired massively in OCD ruminating which makes things worse. Its possible your in the early symptoms of your medication which can make things worse initially. I think a call to your doctor as Lynz suggested is a good idea.
  11. If you look on Markfreeman.ca website there is a video on there about 'what if the obsession is about something I really did'. its only a couple mins long but really good, you could find it on youtube too.
  12. No one thinks your horrid on here Headwreck, OCD has slightly shifted its focus to another event. Its quite common for this to happen. I have had a range of themes over the years, did you have yourself put on the waiting list for CBT when you went to the doctors? Also - You really need to be kinder to yourself! I think you could do with looking into some form of self esteem type reading as well as CBT for your OCD.
  13. Hi Lost, Sorry to hear your struggling so much at the moment, I think some good advice and possible suggestions by has been given by others, a check up with your GP sounds a good plan. Hope your feeling a bit better today?
  14. Avo

    Doctors appointment

    I think you should still attend the appointment Headwreck, you need to start on the road to recovery and this is your first step. be truthful, write a few bullet points down if you need to. Mention your OCD from childhood and the issues more recently. The doctor can't help if they don't fully understand. Hope all goes well.
  15. Surely your no more responsible for the trickier work than anyone else? could you raise this with your manager? is he/she someone you feel you could approach about the matter? in my experience a lot of people will do anything for an easy time of it, don't take on a burden you are not responsible for. Let the others earn their money and pitch in to help. Its hard to say if OCD is causing this, however I know an over inflated sense of responsibility can be a symptom of OCD. I know as I have done it myself. Its possible to care almost too much.