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  1. its a very distressing article you feel very much for the man involved. It goes to show how much OCD is still such a misunderstood disorder both by the public and health professionals. makes charities such as this all the more important to raise awareness and educate people about OCD.
  2. Can you drink responsibly bt ? Alcohol often seems to be a vehicle for your ocd. I am not saying don't drink but can you drink in a manner that doesn't lead to these sorts of States? I am not anti alcohol I drink myself but I think you have to be aware that excessive consumption is going to play badly with your ocd. My advice would be look at your drinking habits can you stop after a small amount or do you drink excessively ? Also don't confess at all. It's Just going to make things worse.
  3. Hi Nikki, nappy changes were tough for me, had I wiped too many times? should I even be seeing his genitals? bathing him washing his private parts - really struggled with this, so too if I ran his bath I would watch like a hawk and remove any hairs from the water before he got in (incase they were pubic hairs and he ended up touching them). him sitting on my lap wasn't comfortable with him directly on my lap - had to sit him on my leg as I thought it may be inappropriate? that's some of the ones that spring to mind. happy new year to you too, I hope its a good one for you.
  4. sorry to hear you had to end up in A & E Nikki, I hope you got some rest and that you feel a bit better today?
  5. so glad to hear you sounding positive Emsie, I go along with what Polar Bear says
  6. Hi Nikki, I did read your other posts, what you must avoid is trying to recapture anything to see what it was. That's a massive compulsion and a game you will never win. it will just strengthen your belief. I have had similar happen, at that particular moment it can feel like the most distressing thing in the world, you chase and chase convinced a bit more digging or looking for evidence will crack it and you will be satisfied. This is the cruel things about OCD, you will never ever get that satisfaction you are in fact making it worse for yourself. I really sympathise as its very distressing but you must not try and peruse this for an answer.
  7. Hi Nikki, congratulations on becoming a mother, clearly your daughter is massively precious to you hence why OCD is trying to target what you hold most dear. I had similar worries when my son was younger and wondering if I had wiped too many times his bottom during a nappy change, did I really need to do that last wipe or did I do it for some perverted reason. it got to the stage where I was scared to change his nappy, bath him and several other things. I agree with polar bear completely. take a step back and realise you had an intrusive thought, no amount of re-assurance from us is going to be enough. your not alone in suffering this theme just have faith that its OCD, use the tools that have worked in the past for you. Don't let it interrupt the enjoyment of being a mother.
  8. Hi OceanDweller / Equinoxygen. I remember you from when I first properly started using the forums nice to hear you seem to be doing ok. its nice to have you back on the forums
  9. Hi Tez, Sounds like a great opportunity well done. I think from my point of view the way ocd is made fun of could be worth raising. The people who say they are ' a bit ocd ' and those that think it is in someway a quirky almost positive trait . And don't realise how debilitating it can be and how much distress it can cause.
  10. Well done Ashley. I Like the hoody - I have a similar one, your clearly a trend setter like me
  11. Had a quick look - I will have a more thorough look later Ashley . GBG - how many of the cat ones did you?
  12. I have your book PB and have been aware you had a film being made around it. The trailer looks very good! when would it be released? specifically in the UK?
  13. Ocd still seen as the mental health disorder it's perfectly OK to have a pop at. The bake off is very popular so alot of people will have heard that and it helps rubber stamp the accepted view of ocd. I admit I didn't watch it myself but do you think this is an issue the charity could raise with channel 4 , with a view to at least apologising ?
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