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  1. Today's presentation recording is from Steve, our honorary president. https://www.ocduk.org/conference/conference-map/main/ocd-and-religion-a-sufferers-perspective/
  2. Thanks GBG. I only have time to add one a day at the moment, so apologies for the slow progress of doing it.
  3. Another video is now online from the wonderful Lauren Callaghan who was presenting live all the way from Sydney, and short of a balloon popping halfway through it seemed to work well! (far better than me from Belper!) Helping a family member or partner with OCD https://www.ocduk.org/conference/conference-map/family/helping-family-member-with-ocd/
  4. Hi BelAnna, I am not sure I have much more to add to what Gemma mentions. One thing that's helped me over the years with my OCD (before COVID) is using observation of others to help retrain my 'what is normal' part of the brain. So in this case, what Gemma mentions about your parents being happy to go, could that be a benchmark you could use? The sad truth is that you are equally as likely to get COVID visiting the supermarket. So 16 people (plus kids) offers no more (or no less) risk than going to a supermarket I would guess. In such circumstances we all have to make a choice if we want to go or not, under the circumstances I don't think anybody would blame you for ducking it, and you can still be amazing Auntie to your niece in the years ahead. But... here's a question, would that be because of OCD or COVID fears? I will send you a link to the presentation Prof Salkovskis did about COVID fears in a moment. It's not yet on our website but I will send the Zoom code for now. I am not sure if that will tell you anything you don't already know, but it might help. I guess this is the same as the question above really. Is this a request because of OCD or genuine COVID fears? If I am honest, I think those requests are excessive and front or back of the church I don't think that mitigates OCD risks that much. But, if that gets you there, so be it, but it's important that you are honest with yourself about if this is OCD or COVID. Good luck whatever you decide.
  5. I thought that Snowbear, I have not seen it but saw it mentioned online. I am torn, part of me thinks if it is done right and sensitive then it is good awareness (but it rarely is done right in soaps). The majority part of me thinks that OCD is not for entertainment (in soaps).
  6. Out of interest to those given less than 20 minutes did he actually said you would be getting 45/60 minutes etc? This was sent to me where he seems to suggest he might only offer 20 minutes (which is ludicrous for the amounts being charged). If he gave the expectation in your original communication that you would get X amount of time, and then subsequently got far less I believe you are within your rights to complain and ask for a refund because of the non provision of service. Interestingly last time I posted about services and to be careful with money (I didn't actually name him and I was referring to 2 or 3 different places as it happened) I had 2 or 3 people that don't follow me appear and defend him, one of those same people is doing it now again. They claim his huge following and the fact he gives free content and how they all got loads of time means he is alright. He might be for them of course, which is great. The point is, if somebody pays a large amount of money and don't get the service (in this case time) that was expected and possibly promised, then it doesn't matter how many followers somebody has, those people have still been let down and short changed. Those defending need to put themselves in the shoes of those people.
  7. She did didn't she Lollipop! Two of the recordings are now available. Want to know that the Japanese for OCD is? Then watch/listen to the brilliant Sandy for that and other helpful tips amongst his very moving and inspiring story. The first conference recording is now available online. https://ocduk.org/conference/conference-map/main/ocd-faith-and-climate-change/ Another presentation from this weekends conference is now online. 'How to get the best help to get you better: A guide to services and therapists' Thanks to Dr Lomax for this. https://ocduk.org/conference/conference-map/breakout/how-to-get-the-best-help-to-get-you-better/
  8. I have been nudging Bray what his short sessions buy me, as some of you will have seen. For those of you who feel badly let down and are happy to pass me your details, I am happy to push for a refund for you. I can't guarantee but I can try. But to do that means I will have to give him your names at some stage, but if you're happy for me to do that please email me ashley@ocduk.org with copies of any receipts and details of the short sessions if you have those.
  9. Thanks all, I hope you found some of the content helpful or interesting I will try and get the recordings ready this week. Ashley.
  10. Again if only it was that simple. For many people, we have been dealing with OCD for years, even decades, and so to say you can just train yourself out compulsions is just not helpful or even possible for most people, it takes treatment and support. Of course if we can say 'don't do a compulsion and this is how you don't do a compulsion' great, it's the 'how' that is often missing. For most people that kind of recovery requires help and understanding to work out the fears and worries associated with the obsessions (and not always as obvious as we think), we have to look at the meaning we are attaching to the thoughts (i.e. C part of CBT), and only then do we have a chance to confront the compulsions and most importantly any work we do sticks as a permanent recovery without relapses (which happens a lot with standard ERP).
  11. Bray is a joke. My advice is never, ever, ever give that guy your money. Remember, he's not a therapist, he's got no qualifications and if you watch him long enough you realise he's got no clue.
  12. I have just added two more presentations by Prof Salkovskis for those interested. Saturday https://www.ocduk.org/conference/conference-map/main/ocd-and-the-sticky-problem-of-sex/ and on Sunday https://www.ocduk.org/conference/conference-map/main/ocd-in-the-time-of-covid-plagued-by-our-fears/
  13. Lots of interest in the conference, I hope some of you are able to join us this coming weekend. Everything from OCD presentations, support groups, creativity workshops to relaxation stretching workouts.
  14. Still working on the agenda, just waiting on 2 or 3 more confirmations. it's mainly daytime, but as we have Aussie and New Zealand speakers we may start earlier than normal at 8:30am/9am. Saturday will run until around 6pm with a light exercise chill session after that for 30 minutes for those wanting to take part. Sunday will be a 9amish start and finish around 4pm. Lots of overlapping talks, but all but workshops will be recorded.
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