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  1. Earlier this week (5th August 2020) NICE published guidance for the use of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) in treatment of OCD. It's a subject that's come up many times on the forum. Effectively NICE have recommended at this time there's insufficient evidence to justify use of TMS in the treatment of OCD. Full text and commentary on our website at: https://ocduk.org/tms-for-ocd/
  2. Things are progressing, we now have 20 confirmed speakers. More being added (well once I get around to sending more invitations).
  3. Hi There, Yes through IAPT the CBT in this country is designed to include ERP for OCD. ERP can be helpful, but in our experience for most people recovery comes by focussing on the cognitive aspect just as much as (in some cases more than) the behavioural (ERP). In terms of getting more from your GP it depends what you want really. To some extent the GPs done all they can be referring you for CBT, so unless you would like to review and go back on medication (SSRI for OCD) there is perhaps not too much more to expect from the GP I am afraid. Whilst waiting for CBT I think the best advice I can offer is to try and understand how OCD and CBT works through the better self-help books (I would not pretend they will get you better, but they should set you up nice for the start of therapy). The two books we recommend are: Break free from OCD (written by three fantastic NHS therapists. CBT based) OCD, Anxiety and Depression (This book is a mix of person with OCD and his therapist. It is also CBT based but they use plain English language rather than clinical language so a tad easier to read.). If you do buy the books, I guarantee they will help you understand, and I would suggest starting with Adam/Lauren's (bottom) book before Paul/Victoria's (top) book. As you will see from the links, the charity have both in stock and if ordered before midday tomorrow we can get dispatched tomorrow afternoon. We also include a free copy of the charity's magazine. I hope this helps. Ashley
  4. Will you be checking into Hotel OCD-UK this October? Hotel OCD-UK, a place where we fly the flag for recovery! Join our virtual conference on the weekend of Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th October. Check back in the coming days for more information about our plans for our FREE virtual conference on the weekend of Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th October. It will be our biggest OCD conference yet! More information and how to book will eventually be available via our website at: www.ocduk.org/conference
  5. Hello Helen, Sorry you're at the end of your tether, I guess we have all been there. Did you want to explain in what way it's getting to you, maybe we can help?
  6. She might be (although I can't see anything), and I have no idea how things work in the US, but certainly not with any reputable British accreditation body that I can tell. There's no 'About me' page on her website (although I was only giving a quick glance), but with any private therapist if there is no 'About Me' page this is also something that should always raise a red flag. Now don't get me wrong, she may be very good, but she seems to be charging a lot of money so all I would suggest is it is better spent with a clinically experienced, trained, supervised and accredited therapist. Most of those names I mentioned in my first post are in London (or 30 minutes train ride) and I believe tick all of those boxes I mentioned just now.
  7. As always I am sure there will be lots of people saying how amazing, but our advice remains the same as always, check for accreditation. Lots of individuals calling themselves OCD coaches have created websites of late and most of them I would personally not touch with a barge pole. But our advice remains the same, check for credentials and accreditation bodies. Whilst they don't guarantee a good experience, at least guarantees some level of accountability. Here in the country the minimum we recommend is ensure the therapist is BABCP accredited. If the money you are being asked to pay is small change to you then try it, maybe they can help. But if the money is a decent chunk of change for you then it would be better spent with a fully experienced and accredited OCD therapist here in the UK where their BABCP accreditation means if things go wrong, you will have some means of seeking a resolution. Forrester/Veale/Willson/Stobie to name a couple of well known and fully qualified OCD specialists. As for this one, I don't have any direct experience (other than a couple of comments from others about her), but this is the first thing that popped up on her website and it's not good! It's utter rubbish in fact! This is just one of several red flags for me. The best OCD experts I know do not and have never had OCD. Having OCD and recovery from OCD does not make someone an expert in treating others with OCD, it only makes them an expert with lived experience of THEIR own OCD.
  8. Maybe this is part of the problem humbleno? If you didn't realise how much of a serious condition OCD is until now then would it be fair to assume you might not have been giving it the appropriate consideration for managing and treating OCD? Yes the conditions mention are serious and yes OCD is every bit as serious, but unlike all of those OCD can be treated and many people leave perfectly normal lives without OCD impacting on them, some people even make full recovery. But to get anywhere near recovery we have to treat the condition as serious and we have to give equally serious commitment to treating it.
  9. Yep, this is a well known affect that heavy alcohol consumption can have on our mental well-being. It's a depressant, the worst effects of which are usually felt the morning after the night before. Whilst not wanting t be preachy, if we know alcohol is going to impact on our mental well-being, when we are working hard to improve it, we have to make a choice at that point if it's worth it. I am sure the odd drink here and there is fine, but beyond that, choice time.
  10. Another (stolen from another Facebook friend). I had £5.00. My mum gave me £10.00 while my Dad Gave me £30.00. My aunt and uncle gave me £100.00. I had another £5.00. How much did I have?
  11. I am working with a BBC team to run a feature on OCD for a local Yorkshire programme (they also cover NE Derbyshire). I am looking for anybody from Yorkshire or NE Derbyshire whose OCD was impacted during COVID that might be willing to talk on camera (or via Zoom) about this. Of course, it needs to be right for you to talk on camera, and I will do my best to support you and help you.
  12. Quite Interesting Fact The 999 service was launched in London on this day 83 years ago (30 June 1937). It was the world's first emergency phone number.
  13. Thanks Tez, we can rule them out of this little game then.
  14. As a north Londoner for a while I do know it's not Spurs and Arsenal. It's not Sheffield Utd/Wed either, or Man City/UTD. I have not been to the Bristol's, but not sure they're close either (TeZ might know).. Chelsea and Fulham and QPR might all be close, I would have to check but suspect you're right about Liverpool/Everton with Stanley Park separating.
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