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  1. As the others have said, I am afraid it's not that simple. Think about it this way, what drives the need to carry out compulsions? We don't do them because we want to, we do them because we feel we have to, because we are compelled by a feeling or an intrusive thought, i.e. 'obsessions'. So whilst stopping compulsions is part of the end game, if we don't deal with the reason we need to carry out compulsions (i.e. the obsessions) then the OCD will either shift to some other theme or the compulsions will be back quickly.
  2. For the creative amongst you, OCD-UK member Gemma, came up with the idea of OCDoodle for OCDtober! Gemma explains in her own words. “As you know the OCD-UK logo was designed to represent OCD as it is, the ‘O’ and ‘C’ are entwined to illustrate how obsessions and compulsions cross over and are linked together. The ‘C’ is left slightly narrower than the ‘O’ to demonstrate that the obsessions are the driving force of OCD. “But have you ever realised that you, the person affected by OCD are at the centre of it. Turn the logo on its side (image 1) and there you are.” So as part of OCDtober we want you to OCDoodle, and send it over to us so that you get to represent you and your OCD as it is, we want you to draw yourself using our logo. Draw how OCD makes you feel. Perhaps some days, maybe most days it will be a sad face, but lets celebrate the days when you are smiling, or draw yourself achieving a goal. Using the Sketch phone app, Gemma doodled herself cooking, she told us “I have often struggled to use the kitchen and cook when OCD was bad for me.” Read more on our website at - https://www.ocduk.org/ocdoodle/
  3. Our new campaign for October is OCDtober OCDtober is a fantastic initiative that was the brainchild of one of our members, and one which OCD-UK are proud to launch. OCDtober is an entire month, which includes international OCD Awareness Week (7th-13th), dedicated to raising awareness and challenging our own OCD. To change perceptions and to generate momentum to help us further work towards our recovery. The idea is still fresh, but we are planting the seeds this year, with a view to watching the campaign grow bigger in 2019 and hopefully for many years to come. Most of our work this OCDtober will be online. But this only works if more people support the idea, perhaps re-tweeting and sharing our social media posts, or getting involved by distributing posters and handouts at your school, college, university or place of work (with their permission). We will send you as many handouts as you need, just email us at: office@ocduk.org More online at - https://www.ocduk.org/ocdtober/
  4. Oops, that was wrong... edited now. To be honest we are promoting OCD Awareness Week this year, but primarily through online social media and local press here. We also came up with a new idea for October last week, OCDtober for an entire month of awareness raising. We will be starting very subtly this year, with plans to build for next year. https://www.ocduk.org/ocd-awareness-week/ and https://www.ocduk.org/ocdtober/
  5. Just to be clear, this is in America who have very different rules. Here in the UK it is not a routinely recommended treatment for OCD.
  6. Ashley

    Has anyone had EMDR?

    EMDR seems to be the flavour of the month for OCD treatment (mindfulness must be out). I am not sure the evidence is there for OCD, but I don't see any harm in giving it a try and seeing how you get on. I hopeit helps BelAnna
  7. Been a bit quiet of late, new website, latest magazine (being finished and tomorrow moving to a new office (cheaper one). 

    1. Avo


      Hi Ashley

      You have had a nice quiet summer then.!

      The new website looks great, also looking forward to the next edition of the magazine.

      A few days ago I renewed my membership - setting up a direct debit in the process. I also entered my new address as I moved house over the summer it will be different from the one I gave when I joined last year

      are you able to confirm if the registration went through ok with my new address - sorry to ask as I am sure you have many things to do. I can provide my membership number etc if you need. 

      Sorry also if I have asked via the wrong medium here.

    2. lostinme


      Wow you’ve have been busy Ashley, are you staying in derby or moving some where new? 

    3. taurean


      I seem to  remember you saying that your home landlord was going to provide the office accommodation? 

      All the best with the office move. 

      We have been tootling along ok on the forums while you have been so busy reconfiguring website, office arrangements, and keeping the charity running so well. And the moderator team have kept things nicely on track. 

      But I missed your input in the F1 thread on the member's-only sport forum :(


  8. In November it will be our charity's 15th anniversary from when Steve Sharpe and myself decided to do this. Since then we've helped and supported people with OCD. We've helped hundreds and informed thousands, sometimes on here, often away from the forums. None of which would have happened without my amazing team, past and present. So this is an open invite to all my volunteers/moderators/trustees past and present that aren't coming to the conference, but want to join us in Brighton after our conference for a drink, then please do come. I want to thank you in person. I am often credited with the charity, but the fact is I have worked with some of the most amazing and dedicated volunteers. The fact we've helped so many people over the years is down to them, and I will raise a glass to each and every one of them in Brighton. Thank you to my entire team, past and present. (seeking more volunteers moving forward too).
  9. Ashley


    I don't think any one type of OCD, or problem stick's more than others, but sometimes some individuals struggle breaking free of certain OCD shackles. What I would imagine is that if you are breaking free of some aspects of OCD but not others, then it could be with the sticking problem you are perhaps subconsciously keeping the obsession going. Even if you are trying to tackle it, sometimes we inadvertently and sub-consciously neutralise with a compulsion, so the obsession remains active. Tis is where good quality CBT (as opposed to just ERP) can be really helpful to dig around and find out what we are thinking in relation to the intrusive thoughts.
  10. Ooops… sorry never updated for July and August (loads going on this end), will get this back up and running for October.
  11. Ashley

    Ombudsman help!

    We filed a complaint against an IAPT service which we reported about in our magazine last year. That case took months, and to the point I had pretty much given up on it until they got in touch one day. The Ombudsman will investigate I am sure, but like many services (myself included) sometimes it does take time because of not enough resources for the demand on the service. Whilst that doesn't help you, I just wanted to share the fact the only time we have complained it took a long time, although in that case partly because there was so much paperwork involved between all parties, much of which I had created with the services myself prior to going to the Ombudsman.
  12. I know you favour distraction Taurean, but I am not sure I agree with this as a long term approach. The danger remains that we end up avoiding accepting the doubts and by trying to force a beneficial thought that in itself can become a compulsion if we're not careful.
  13. Ashley

    Craig in Corrie

    My twitterings last night... Shameful the direction ITV Corrie have taken this OCD storyline. I sincerely hope nobody with OCD is the victim of deliberate triggering in the future because of this story. I've known for years that OCD is just mere entertainment fodder for the mass media, but I think the reason I feel so disappointed and betrayed somewhat is because I truly thought they were taking such care to portray OCD accurately and responsibly to highlight an important issue, not for OCD turned on/off when they need storyline entertainment. OCD Tap Off!! Craig to the rescue. ITV Corrie you've got this OCD storyline badly wrong in recent weeks, plus you've allowed multiple jokes about OCD. You truly don't care about people with OCD do you?
  14. Ashley

    DBT for OCD

    Yes based on the bipolar then yes it could be worth giving DBT a go
  15. Ashley

    DBT for OCD

    Well if it's free, I guess you don't have anything to lose (other than time), I don't think it will cause any harm. But if there is a way to access free CBT that would be the preference.