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  1. What did the assessment conclude in terms of treatment? Have they offered you treatment and have they indicated how soon that will start? Remember, until then make good use of the services available, such as Samaritans and I think I read back earlier and saw you have the crisis team number too, is that right? If it's any consolation, what you describe although horrendous for you I know, is nothing we have not seen before. I say this with the slight risk that is offering you reassurance, but it is helpful for you to know that what you describe as not phased any of us, we have done this a long time and we have seen people with these thoughts many times and recover. I guess that I am saying is that things may feel bleak for you today and right now but please hang in there, because the future can and WILL be brighter once the hard work of therapy begins.
  2. I understand how difficult things feel at the moment. But the key word in what you wrote is 'feel', doesn't mean you are What can you do today/this week to work at how you feel and the OCD that makes you feel this way?
  3. The webinar on hoarding with Tom Graham is now freely available on our website at: https://www.ocduk.org/webinar-series/how-to-eat-an-elephant-understanding-hoarding-and-how-to-help/
  4. The compulsion is most likely the looking for groinal response in itself. Do you think that's what you're doing?
  5. Thank you all Some great descriptive words there, although sad words too
  6. As some of you will know we are working on a book and, and I wanted to try and illustrate to those readers without OCD how OCD makes us feel so I was going to compile and list and I thought why not invite you all to be involved. So, which one single word best describes how OCD makes you feel? I will choose the best 10-15 answers for the book. I won't be able to credit all by name, but I will thank the 'OCD-UK forum members for their contributions).
  7. I move our main website also, however that did not correctly move ok, so the main website will be down for a few more hours.
  8. Apologies for the downtime. If you are reading this then you have found the forums on our new server home (think of it like this, we have moved home within the same town to a new street address). The fact you can read this post means things seem to be going ok. If you do spot any errors please let me know on this thread. The internet sometimes takes a few hours (up to 48) to fully populate (mail redirection if you like), so some users may still see our address at the old street and therefore will get a closed error message. If you are one of those, please try refreshing or changing your browser, clearing cache etc.
  9. This... if you didn't dump the bag, or ask someone else to dump the bag then although it will be anxiety provoking I would appeal it Summer. The onus needs to be on them to prove you dumped it I would assume.
  10. Thank you for saying that Cora. Try not to worry, we all know this was not of your making. Stay strong If you want a chat I am around today. I have emailed you.
  11. You haven't caused anything Cora Don't worry. ❤️
  12. First of all I believe one of the team messaged you to explain I am away, and you replied rather churlishly. However, I will break into my time off to deal with this. I will not comment in public on the complaint, and I have already contacted the individual directly and I will respond to your email shortly. Before I do, I want to pubically comment on your suggestion of 'real sufferers', I find that contemptible. If only you knew the pains that OCD brings some of the moderators, not just mild OCD but devastating life changing OCD. Yet despite that they then give up hundreds of hours a year to help guide people and support them, they don't do it for praise or thanks but we should all be thanking them more than we do, myself included. They have helped so many people get better and change their life through helpful and practical advice publicly and sometimes privately. So I will not allow somebody to come on here and question their motives or status as sufferers. I will close this thread as it serves no positive purpose for the forum and address you directly by replying to your email. If you wish to discuss this then feel free to reply to my email response.
  13. Hello, If I am reading correctly I think I understand your point, that the OCD/mental health problems have caused the hundreds of calls, not too dissimilar what happened in the film Dirty Filthy Love perhaps. However, at the same time that person was unwillingly part of your compulsions and that wasn't fair on her so I do understand the courts asking you to desist from contacting her. It really is not about having understanding partners you mention towards the end, it's the OCD that's the problem for you. In terms of a fair trial, you have admitted the offence so it's more about how lenient the court will be. I don't know if you already have but I would wonder if your best course of action would be to get good legal support to help with the mitigation to show it was caused by mental health problems not malice? Perhaps an OCD specialist could also write a report to support this, however the court may wish to appoint their own mental health specialist to maintain independence so your legal adviser would need to check with the courts if a UK specialist would be considered acceptable. The key point is to focus on treatment, because showing the court you're making progress will be helpful. I wish you luck. Ashley
  14. Well done Gemma on hosting this excellent webinar yesterday. The recording link is in the members area for anybody that wants to watch it. We are also delighted to announce our second webinar in the series for next month. Click here to register - https://www.ocduk.org/webinar-series/worried-well-or-worried-sick-understanding-health-anxiety/
  15. Hi Alyssa, Obviously if DBT was your choice and it's helping then great I am afraid we would not recommend it to treat OCD and the NHS is not actually meant to offer it either for OCD. However you're right it could be for the PTSD which may be the right thing for that. It could be worth asking if the DBT is to work solely on the PTSD or if they plan to use it for the PTSD/OCD at the same time. Good luck, I hope it does help you
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