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  1. Sadly many people find themselves in this situation, and is not what was meant to happen with IAPT. IAPT is meant to deliver evidence based treatment to help a person to recovery. This is not happening all too frequently, in part because of the IAPT therapists lack of OCD treatment knowledge (sometimes lack of OCD knowledge!). That said, it is a postcode lottery, some IAPT services do a very good job, others as yours and Caramooles experience demonstrates, less so! Fingers crossed the remaining sessions do continue to help. If at the end you do feel you still need help, there are
  2. Now we seem to have gone back to winter, seems like the perfect time to promote the OCD-UK hoodie (modelled here by Kirstie), which if you visit our main website homepage and scroll to the bottom you will see we have a 20% discount code making it just £19.99 (plus+ postage). I am going to go into full salesman mode now Stylish Snug Raises awareness Charity makes a couple of quid donation on your purchase, all of which ensures the forum and other services can continue It's turned cold and wet again, so you need one 😉 Link to buy - https://ww
  3. You are doing amazingly well Optimistic. I must admit, only in the last couple of months have I stopped wearing glove on the supermarket basket hand. So it's been a challenge but I am getting there and like you I looked at where I was letting OCD get the better of me and challenged it bit by bit. The 20 second hand washing is perfect challenge, keep going with it, OCD will tell us it's not enough, we don't have to listen to the lying bully! Keep fighting!
  4. Exactly right. In fact when the forum software was upgraded a couple of months ago the team discussed this again and after reviewing we felt such a feature was more likely to cause upset and worry than add anything positive to the forum experience.
  5. I have been there and was spraying things midway through last year, I am glad you feel strong and you're doing so well to survive this awful pandemic with OCD, we all are I guess! You have sprayed now, so tell OCD to F right Off if it tries to send you more 'what ifs' I struggled last year and OCD got the better of me for 3/4 weeks. Thankfully a pep talk about my OCD and I know how to challenge this from my colleague in the office helped me get back on track. I am lucky, as I have had success in tackling OCD previously so the pep talk was enough to help me. I don't know if you have
  6. My understanding from specialists in children with OCD/ASD when asked to differentiate between OCD and ASD. They said that for those with OCD the rituals causes distress and anxiety (so would be diagnosed with OCD). For those with ASD the rituals are done out of some form of wanting to do and pleasure in doing so (so wouldn't be diagnosed as OCD).
  7. I am afraid I have no idea what Tor exit nodes is, I have never heard of it. What's all the code on your post?
  8. As reported on our main website yesterday, the latest evidence review of Deep Brain Simulation for OCD have concluded that the evidence is still not strong enough to support the use of DBS to treat OCD. Full story - https://www.ocduk.org/dbs-for-ocd/ They have also made clear recommendations for ongoing research trials too which I am pleased to see.
  9. Interesting, I think he once suggested something different. I cant find it now so he may have edited or removed the blog but a while ago he wrote a blog where, if I am understanding him correctly, he suggested if he was a patient he would opt for SSRI/clomipramine. He also talked once about 4 weeks being the key time frame for benefits from Risperidone, again if I am understanding him correctly. This is not that same text, but on the current blog page on his website.
  10. They are, but certainly enough doubt about the use of anti-psychotics in general for OCD to question the prescribing if the patient didn't want to take. For example one research study suggested no better than a placebo. But that said, if Lost or anybody else is open to taking them and they help, great. Just to clarify Lost, are you in the UK? There are other treatment options available for specialist OCD treatment clinics through the NHS in London/Oxford.
  11. Sorry just seen Gemma replied, I had started typing my response before hopping on a zoom meeting.
  12. I am not sure on this to be honest. I will be interested to see what others think. Part of me thinks he is right about looking at the uncertainty but at the same time we know with OCD we have to focus on not the nature of thoughts specifically, but what those thoughts might mean to your OCD. That's where CBT comes in. So doing some ERP work is needed, but so is cognitive work too. Recovery from IOCD is not just dealing with the compulsions, and you may still need to do that but facing and understanding the obsessions' and meanings we attach to the tho
  13. Hi Robin, The referral to OHSPIC is less of an issue as their waiting list is short anyway. The main stumbling block will be the funding locally as your local CCG (if in England) are likely to take a while to respond (1-2 months). The CCG usually say no, but as your psychiatrist is recommended the referral that does add more weight to the application. But don't worry, If they do say no that does not mean it should be a flat no and we can try and change that to a yes! So feel free to come back to us, we can advise you on next steps should we need to. Fingers crossed they say yes fo
  14. This is right. They usually work out roughly how many sessions a patient might need after the first assessment. I have known some patients be given 10 sessions and that be enough, others 50 sessions. It very much varies, but that's why the assessment is important to understand what the treatment will eventually look like.
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