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  1. Ashley

    Did I act out?

    As Caramoole said last night... closing. For what it is worth, we are here for you, but you have to start taking on board the feedback offered, until then I fear we will have to close threads.
  2. Ashley

    CBT Appointment Help

    Hi, Well it does sound like they're saying a lot of contradictory things when it comes to OCD guidance. Happy to have a chat if that would help (I can message my number) but you are entitled to ask for a second opinion too if you disagree with what your health professional is saying. Perhaps even ask them to make a referral for a one-off assessment with one of the specialist OCD clinics for a diagnosis.... they may not want to do that, but worth pushing for if some disagreement over their assessment.
  3. Geez....   ive sweated so much in the last hour with that shoot out!!!

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    2. taurean


      I don't think I would pick Ali or Dier - and Walker has twice made bad mistakes, he is playing out of position. 

      But the Colombians were a strong and physical team, and we eventually prevailed. My wife says Gareth Southgate deliberately had them practising penalties when they were tired at the end of training - clever. 

      Anyway, the doctor checked my blood pressure this morning and it was fine :)


    3. Gemma7


      Haha, I was tense but wasn't too bad, I just assumed they'd lose so it kept me relatively calm :lol:

    4. taurean


      Ever since the loss to Germany 4-1 8 years ago I have taken the Gemma route of not expecting success, so managing better if they don't do well. 

      But this year is a great opportunity, though our stats against Sweden are terrible - we will need to up our game, make chances and put them away. 

      For me no Dier, put on Loftus-cheek and Rashford or Welbeck. 

      Danny Rose to left back. And stop giving away needless possession, but also stop needless passing back. 

  4. Ashley


    Because of limited resources there is no good time at present (aiming to resolve by end of year). However, I am logged in at present and taking calls.
  5. Hi Guys, just whilst I am busy with the new website we will keep this book of the month for another month
  6. Ashley

    Good bye.

    I am going to take a different approach from others. I don't believe the forum is the wrong place for you Lily. Yes there is some issues with your insight Lily, but that was the same when you joined, and is the same when you're away from the forum. Whilst we have clearly not helped you find that insight, I don't think the problem is the forum itself. Somehow you need to find a way to take risks with the OCD Lily and acknowledge the thoughts are OCD, and start doing something to address them (i.e. fight, not engage in testing compulsions). If you are taking a forum break then I hope you can find a way to do that, but if you want to use the forum you are welcome anytime and whilst I am not around myself for a while, I pledge that myself and my team will continue to work with you to help you find the key to unlock that door that will shine a light on this.
  7. Ashley

    Cognitive before behavioural

    You're not doing it right, it's meant to be C > C > B
  8. Ashley

    Cognitive before behavioural

    Don't be cheeky!!! ;) But yes, get the gist, and that's key, for each of us our own therapy process will differ, and there's not really any set way to go about this, but what is clear I think we all agree that we do need both C and B, but in which format is down to the individual. If a person is not sure, I would suggest do some cognitive work first, and then see what takes you.
  9. Ashley

    Cognitive before behavioural

    Yes I agree with this. Doesn't really matter which approach is first, provided both are part of the therapy. Usually I would say C > B but sometimes we can try that and it doesn't work so we have to do C > B > C > B again to move forward.
  10. Was that for OCD BelAnna? The manic episodes does sort of make sense with what I am reading.
  11. Ashley

    OCDUK helpline

    I am logged on at present, although I have taken two calls and been on the phone over a hour in total, so if you call and engaged that's why
  12. Ashley

    OCDUK helpline

    My fault, I have been logged off working on the new website all day (final push, almost there). I can make myself available at a set time tomorrow for you, or I can call you if easier for you? Ashley.
  13. Hi Tez, yes I saw that myself last week... Since I started this charity, DBS has been linked with most illnesses since 2004 I remain incredibly sceptical with DBS, in fact I tweeted something on Friday about the 'dubious' way DBS research takes place. There were rumours that negative research findings were buried (although I have not proved that), it's one of those subjects I keep meaning to come back to and look more into. There was that UCL study in 2016, and when I started asking questions of the researchers they basically refused to talk to me, then last month there was that story of two twin girls in the US who had DBS for OCD and took their own lives so I started looking again (briefly) and stumbled on a fascinating blog about a massive US study of DBS for depression and one of those participants took his own life too, but before that he had two others that took part spoke to the blog writer and what their accounts differed to the accounts from the final researchers publication paper. The interesting thing is that in 2004 it was a 'new experimental treatment for OCD', now in 2018 I am not sure we can describe it as anything more than experimental, my big concern is the real risks involved and if that information is being fully published.
  14. We could in theory add fiction books into this, perhaps every 3 months?
  15. Ashley

    Feel like giving up.

    Now come on Lily, we both know that's probably not the case ;) Do you think I recovered by trying things once and suggesting I had tried everything? No, I tried things again and again, and then tried other things again and again and then went back to the first things I tried and guess what, over time things start to work. But nobody tried those things for me, I had to educate myself about OCD, about CBT, I had to listen to experts and read books and most of all I had to give things a go time and time again.... so what can you try next?