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  1. Hi Hal, Thanks so much for the link and information. I´ll have a look and see which one would be the best fit and what the timescales would be. I´ve never struggled like this before. The contamination problem with constant handwashing and laundry has taken over my life. I´ve even got to the stage where I don´t want to eat which is not like me. Thanks so much. I really appreciate it. Ian
  2. I´ve been trying to locate a psychologist or psychiatrist in the UK who is an expert in working with OCD patients. I´ve spoken to a couple of people but they have all been fairly general therapists. Really struggling just now and need help from someone who is a real specialist in this field. Given the current situation it´s going to need to be SKYPE or some other type of video session so location is not a problem. Can anyone provide a recommendation? Thanks, Ian
  3. Hi Bookworm 30, Thanks for sharing your experience. It feels very similar to mine and I´m sure many other people are going through similar things. I have generally been able to function but the current situation has caused me so much difficulty and distress. Over the past 2 days I´ve tried to resist washing my hands quite as much but I have a constant voice in my head telling me I´ve not done enough to keep us safe. I try to rationalise it but the OCD is like having a bully on my shoulder. I´m looking into getting some support via SKYPE to see if it will help me cope better. I´ll also have a look at Headspace. Take care, Ian
  4. Thanks very much PolarBear. I´m trying really hard to stop washing so much but finding it really difficult. Will keep trying. Thanks, Ian
  5. Thanks for the advice. Really appreciate you taking the time. Thanks, Ian
  6. Hi Jumbo, Thanks very much for the information. I´ll certainly contact them Cheers, Ian
  7. I have a very supportive partner but it´s hard for my partner to understand. I feel bad about causing worry and upset. I´m a retired professional musician and singer but I´m finding the music which has always been my passion is just making me feel over emotional. Trying to distract myself watching repeats of comedies and not watching too much news.
  8. I´ve just joined the site and this is my first post. I´ve had OCD for past 20 years and have managed to sort of get by with very little help. I´ve generally kept it hidden. I saw a therapist a few years ago but she was a general therapist and not an OCD specialist. It didn´t help a great deal. My OCD mainly consists of contamination and hand washing. Since the Covid pandemic started my hand washing and anxiety levels have gone through the roof and I´m finding things very difficult. I´m sure many other people feel the same. I´m washing my hands constantly and the skin is now raw. I´m also washing clothes, towels and bedding constantly as I feel they are contaminated. I´m even fearful of the food we are bringing into the house. Last night I was accessing this forum on my iPad in bed and convinced myself my iPad wasn´t clean enough so at 5.00am I found myself stripping the bed and standing under the shower for ages trying to get clean. I feel really stuck in a cycle of cleaning and washing and I´m frightened to touch things, including my own clothes. Part of me is aware of how extreme it all is but it´s really getting to me. I´m sorry to offload all this but I really feel I´ve lost my way as everything feels out of control. I´m in the risk category so can´t go out but I don´t even feel safe in the house. If anyone can suggest a therapist that I could speak to online through SKYPE that may be able to help with the hand washing and contamnination during this current situation I´d really appreciate it. Thanks, Ian
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