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  1. Yes, yes and a big YES!! I can definitely relate to a lot of what you’ve said. Annoyingly it is a common side effect with a lot of antidepressants, I’ve had awful dreams that could be a Netflix film I reckon. The more you have the more you’ll be like, ugh again!! Dreams are completely meaningless though. I have them Like I’m watching a really graphic movie on telly, I’ll go through weeks of not doing the exposure of ‘watching TV with violent content on telly, yet my brain goes ‘you haven’t escaped that easily’ and plays in my brain through a dream instead it is really unwanted and unexpected exposure to the thoughts, but they are completely meaningless and mean absolutely nothing about the wonderful person that you are!! I think what helps me, Is listening to other peoples bizzarre dream stories. It sort of makes you giggle when you listen to some of them, maybe it could help you here too I’ll tell you one of mine, I had a dream where I had a tic of constantly sticking my middle finger up at my old scary school teachers so the teacher ampliated it in an assembly - was quite scary, I hated that teacher ever since even though he in real lift, did nothing wrong 😭 but I think seeing the funny side of how unrealistic they are helps me so much.
  2. Hi everybody, So I’m doing 2 big exposures (well 1, but another is something I’ve been struggling to be consistent with.) I’m going to a big shopping centre with my Nan, to get some lovely clothes to treat myself for being at my job for 1 month If anybody has any tips or advice, I’d be so grateful so so scared, yet excited at the same time I’m also going to my boyfriends house, which is out of my small village where I work and live. It’s always quite a big task for me to go round there, yet I’ve done it so many times I still have the OCD and anxiety ruminating about? If anybody has any tips on how I can help that side, I’d also be really grateful. I keep focusing on the sensation I’m going to throw up but I know I won’t so it’ll be ok Ok so here we go, the morning starts ….. I’m ready for this, A big FU to OCD
  3. I was told Xanax isn’t usually prescribed in the UK by my psychiatrist, unless it’s private in some circumstances? As for sleep, I’d recommend talking to your GP about possible alternatives to help you sleep medication wise. I know sleeping pills are prescribed quite frequently, however there are some safer alternatives that can be used more long term such as Amitryptaline (I’m on this for seep, works amazingly) and I’ve heard quite a lot about Is Mirtazapine.
  4. Thank you James for your kind reply. I do feel quite embarrassed posting this on the forum now because I was okay in the end and nothing bad happened, but sometimes I really don’t know where to run with it when it’s heightened. I agree, amitryptaline is a TCA too and my psychiatrist said it’s quite bad for dreams but amazing for sleep!!
  5. Dreams are just so strange aren’t they!! Some ones I have I think how on earth did my brain even come up with that!! They say dreams have hidden means to them but I don’t really believe that anymore 😂😂
  6. I know @Caramoolei actually really do regret posting this now because I’m okay, i implemented all my CBT techniques and I was ok, just feel a little bit disturbed by it but nothing I haven’t felt like before. I actually went to Morrisons with my dad, walked around and felt ok so that’s a win, very proud of that.
  7. Im also working from home today, so I sort of have the anticipation of going in tomorrow too.
  8. Hi everybody, I’ve been doing really well lately with my new job and the OCD, however I’ve started a new medication for my sleep (Amitryptaline 10mg) so far its really helped, however i get the worst vivid dreams on them. I had a really strange dream me and my manager was in a relationship (even though I don’t think of him that way at all.) now I’m doubting all the conversations me and him have, it’s sometimes just me and him in an office but he’s a lot older than me so I obviously don’t even see it that way at all. But we do have a laugh, it passes the 9 to 5 days by. Now I feel guilty and I feel even more unwell the fact I had a dream like that I’m seeing my boyfriend today and I don’t feel to great about it after my dream last night, but I don’t want to avoid it and make the thoughts seem worse and give a meaning to them.
  9. It really does it’s so upsetting to see that even though i know it helps him so much, he’s on it due to a psychosis episode which helped massively. He can’t move most of the day because he’s so exhausted and tired, I’m not to sure about the wetting himself as his only 17 so I don’t think he’d go to his older sister in relation to that haha although he knows he can talk to me about everything! Maybe looking at another alternative antipsychotic? Even lowering the dose can help
  10. My brother is on Olanzapine and he complains of similar side effects. He also gets annoyed of the constant tiredness and weight gain.
  11. Hi everybody. Sorry I’m writing this in a bit of a state. I’m not dozing off? I’m really panicking now because usually my amitryptaline helps me sleep of a nighttime, but for some reason this evening it hasn’t kicked in? My brain and ocd is going 100mph, I’m worried if it just doesn’t work for me anymore? I have 9/5 shifts now I need to sleep to function I’m really worrying I don’t like this at all
  12. Well don’t that’s so amazing!! I’m cheering you on!! That’s actually really inspiring to hear too, my biggest wish is to go to a festival with my OCD - Glasto is such an amazing experience enjoy the music !!
  13. Thank you @ocdjonesy 💕 I don’t know why I’m putting so much pressure on myself work wise. I think it’s because I really love my job and it’s my healthy distraction too, I’m just anxious because I’m currently under my 3 month probation and don’t want to F it up basically 🥺 but I just need to have a nice rest tonight. I think because it was just such an awful story, my OCD gremlin has latched onto it straight away. I’m also very hormonal too, I don’t know why but a couple of days before my time of the month I’m an absolute mess intrusive thoughts wise.
  14. I’m talking to my friends about my birthday over text before I go to bed, just so I can stop myself from ruminating. It’s just such an awful story but I know I’ll be ok, usually when I’m triggered by events like this I just need to talk about it, rest and carry on as normal distracting myself with work. I’m not saying it’s easy when the thoughts continue to go round but I know it’ll be okay
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