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  1. Glad you got on top of that binx before it took hold. Because of all this talk of ptsd its now made me think that it was a real scenario after all and that has caused all this other massive anxiety and ocd within me since that point. I know that major evens can br trigger points for ocd. Don't you see how this looks to me now?
  2. Thanks gbg but I think i feel bad because of the actual session. In the past on here i mentioned about ptsd about a real event and i think the session yesterday is confirming my worst fears. I'm so confused and panicky.
  3. Hi i can't fully remember what my last post was before bed. I think I was saying that i feel like a manipulating fraud. The session has made me think i have ptsd about a real event now. The reason im saying ptsd is because my therapist said although its a false memory, the way its affected me is like ptsd. I think i understand that but I have been left with a strong sense that this is ptsd about a real event that i just can't remember.
  4. Sorry for the late reply lost. Hope you are well. Work has been ok. I just seemed to of gotten hit by this doubt about the false memory on my way in to work. I have just had a therapy session just now and and I feel pretty worried. It was intense. I don't want to go into too much detail as i feel like my sessions should be confidential but I do feel down a bit. X
  5. Hi all Logged on to write this morning before i came to work but couldn't get on. Feeling really unsettled all of a sudden, getting mini pangs of that anxious sinking shock feeling. I have been working so hard too. Sorry just thought I would reach out. I know what I should do and as i say I've been a lot better but not so good last night and today
  6. I had to cut my therapy session very short this morning because nursery phoned me to pick my baby up as he had a temp. Unfortunately now I feel a bit anxious because it was a pretty important session. My therapist was lovely but im gutted about it. Obviously my priority is my baby and I don't mean I didn't want to pick him up, because of course I did, but just left feeling a bit deflated about the session. Just waiting on dr to get in touch with an emergency appointment for baby bless.
  7. Thank you gbg, i feel a bit uneasy though x
  8. Hi everyone I feel a bit like im in limbo. I haven't really been too bothered with my memory, i feel a bit calm about it but i don't feel like its gone either. I know all it takes is one news article and im back to square one. Is therapy working do you think? Is this normal? X
  9. Thanks caramoole I know what you mean but I've taken the comment to mean that I am having to let everyone know that i am a caring person. To be fair to Isthisreality I did think myself that by telling you that I am emphatic etc that I probably sound like little miss perfect or something. I hope nobody thinks that because I'm far from it and have made plenty of mistakes in my time x
  10. I don't understand this bit sorry x
  11. Thank you x No i don't analyse it, I have always been this way, always felt sorry for people all my life. For example in school I couldn't bare to see a child sat on there own at dinner time, it would break my heart, so I would go and sit with them, I would feel bad on a teacher if people in the class were playing up for them or being mean...I don't know, there are loads of examples, i could tell you lots amd lots, but more than anything its a feeling i get about situations if that makes sense x
  12. I totally understand what yoir saying here and agree with you too! Just got spiked by your last sentence though.. Typical of me x
  13. I think i am an emphatic person who is an anxious mess with ocd thrown into the mix lol. X
  14. Im not feeling too bad about it at the moment Roy, I think last week it was all just so intense, everywhere i looked it was about poor Alfie. If I sat just now and really thought about it again or went onto the Facebook page I would probably feel sad again - but that's because it is a sad story x