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  1. Yes it does. All my reactions are so negative and im constantly personalising things to me. It's not that i do it on purpose, its an automatic response and I think why is it an automatic response!
  2. Absolutely not, Its completely unrelated to me. I find it fascinating, nothing more, nothing less. However I probably shouldn't read such things as Binxy suggests, as i get easily triggered. But then I think why shouldn't I read things that interest me, why should i avoid it. Its so unfair. x
  3. You know how I read statement analysis on crime cases (find it interesting) Ive now began to analyse my own wording on here regarding my false memory. Some of the things that are 'red flags' for deception on the blog I read are the same as some of the ways I have written down/spoke about my memory. I haven't put the person in my false memory first, ive spoke about myself and the worry I have for me and my family...surely I should be more concerned about the person in my memory. This is leading me right down a rabbit hole.
  4. So hard binx but ill try.
  5. Had a rise in anxiety today. Had the question of how do i know my false memory isnt a real flashback lurking all day. This has been triggered by my friend saying 'oh my god i just had a flashback of me talking about blah blah.. from last night and now im cringing' This is my friend talking about herself and not me but it made me worry as to how we know the difference when a alcohol is involved My heart rates going faster just now. Sorry guys x
  6. Thanks lost Hope you are doing well too x
  7. Yes your right. Ive kind of written this post in a panic and now im lay in bed having time to reflect on it, i can say i really didn't need to post it. I should have taken my own advice that i gave the person on Facebook and rode the anxiety out! Thanks for your continued support x
  8. I literally feel so overwhelmed by my current mind set that i have no idea where to start or even if i know what im trying to say (without it sounding all muddled up and confusing). You all know my current worry regarding a night out a last week. I thought I was doing ok, i did struggle but I was strong and actually the last couple of days all has been good. Roll on to this evening when my cousin has messged me asking how i am and saying she is here if I ever need to talk and I'm back to square one wondering what the hell i said/did/came accross like! Ive replied saying I was just and emotional mess and im not depressed (which is true) but that I do get incredibly anxious and worry.. I said their is no need to worry about me really. I think I was saying stupid things like im a **** mum etc etc (which i know is rubbish because I am a good mum) but I am so embarrassed like ive came across so pathetic and weak! I dont know what people must think of me and im worried they are going to tell other family members that I'm all depressed etc! Another worry that has resurfaced tonight is that of giving advice to others. I have just given advice to someone on Facebook via private message who messaged me first... It was to do with them taking a photo down as they were anxious as they worried they showed a little too much cleavage... I said that it was a lovely photo and maybe they could put it back up and ride the anxiety out... I told them I too was an anxious person... Anyway im worried now about that advice incase they put it back up and it makes them feel worse then they do harm to themselves andni get the blame! I know how far fetched that sounds but its how my mind works sonetimes. How exhausting x
  9. I didn't expect to have something else to deal with on top of my original worry. It really took me by surprise. Although i don't feel quite as bad as felt the other day, it is still lingering and I've ended questioning myself about things relating to both worries. Why are somethings i think I can remember NOT real and then their are things i can't remember that ARE real? I know im not supposed to try and work things out but its so hard to just leave it alone.
  10. That went out of the window the past couple of days while I was worrying about this. However i have spoken to the person i was concerned about in this most recent worry from Saturday and they have put my mind at ease. Its almost like i have a bit of closure on it. I don't have that with my 'false memory' though and so I will go back to worrying about that.
  11. Doesn't your body alert you when there is danger though? Sometimes it does im sure. I just feel so on edge with that sicky feeling going through my body.
  12. I dont know binx, my friends are being a bit off with me... I honestly feel really panic stricken. I can't believe this is happening to me again.
  13. Im sat waiting for my friend to tell me ive done something very wrong.