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  1. Didn't end up going to the markets to be honest just felt too stressed and run down. Tomorrow is a new day I guess x
  2. I'm so sorry GBG. I think I'm struggling in everyway possible because of everything that's happened. Everything seems so intense at the moment and I think I highly stressed out, especially as Christmas is just round the corner. I've been feeling pressure in my head and ears and had pains in my stomach. All that you have said above is true and I don't know why I think it. I know it does sound ridiculous I Just don't understand the sheer worry the next day, never experienced that before. I know I'm like a broken record. Trying to be strong but this worry, coupled with a horrendous breakup and Xmas is causing distress. I am at the Manchester Xmas markets tomorrow so really hoping to relax a little bit, although I don't even want to go as feel like this worry is making me want to avoid alcohol too.
  3. Because lots don't. You see it on the news all the time that it comes out years later. I feel so sick now
  4. I'm not 100% but some days it feels very close to that so maybe the reason it not 100% is because I was drunk? See this is too difficult
  5. But I didn't get any images/flashbacks or anxious feelings when I woke up, unlike after the wedding.x
  6. Thanks GBG. I know I didnt go out and sleep walk but I do know I was drunk at a party..seems a bit different to me. Hope you are ok too. X
  7. Thank you Binxy. Hope you are good x
  8. Thanks Orwell, that's really kind. Right back at you by the way! How are you getting on? Hope you are well x
  9. You can be a good person and make a mistake though surley caramoole? That is my worry. My kids are perfectly safe but that doesn't mean anything. I'm sorry I seem so argumentative, I don't mean it. I'm struggling. I feel guilty that I've probably let this ruin my life and my relationship. There doesn't need to be evidence does there? Don't people do things drunk and not remember? I'm really not in a good place. Today has been awful. I came face to face with my ex partner and it was extremely difficult for me. My baby isn't well and has had me up since 3.00am and I just feel so down. I miss my partner so much...well ex partner.
  10. I really feel it's not a knee jerk reaction and there is every chance this is a real scenario and the above will happen to me. X
  11. See it makes sense what I've said above
  12. Hi GBG, I know what you are saying. I think as time goes by, years in fact, then I think surley it can't be real as something would have been said. However, just look at all the hundreds of cases of similar (to my worry), terrible things, that have happened to people years previously, decades even, and only now when they are older they speak up. You have to understand why this has really gotten to me and for so long. I know you do understand that's a stupid thing for me to say, you know what I mean. Oh GBG it's just such a horrid time with everything going on. x
  13. Well the if the crime is true then I shouldn't be here.