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  1. I appreciate that Roy and I am really sorry, can't imagine what impact that had on you. I guess I worry now that your horrible situation is one which the person in my 'false memory' will find themselves in many years from now. My anxiety had just sky rocketed :(x
  2. Thanks Orwell. Sorry about your dad's heart condition, hope he's Ok. X With your examples of the connections for yourself, they are real things, ie real heart conditions with your dad and boss.. So I think my fear must be real too and its just a mad coincidence that this person happens to have the exact fear I have. I feel it doesn't mean its not true. Sorry I can't explain this very well...I hope you know what I mean. Stressful times. It is lovely he confided in me... Imagine if he knew my fear πŸ˜” x
  3. Thanks Roy and sorry you went through that. He decided he wanted to be really honest with me about everything in his life and said he felt he could trust me.... Which he can.... And now actually I feel dreadful that I'm even mentioning on here. He knows nothing of my fear /worry/ocd or whatever. He's now contact the police as he wants justice.... And rightly so. Its just so overwhelming.
  4. Thanks Binx... But can you believe that? I mean of all the things... Nothing like exposure hey πŸ˜”
  5. I'm on my way into work but feel really overcome with anxiety. I'm going to have to write this quick and explain better later.... But I just need some help and advice... Long story short I've met a really nice guy and although we are just friends I feel it could be more than that. Unbelievably he has just told me of something that happened to him as a small child that has almost destroyed him - my fear!!! What are the chances of that? What are the chances I've met someone who says he cares deeply for me that has had happened to them what I've been petrified of for years! I'm not sure I'm strong enough to handle this. How on earth do I begin to comprehend this. Its just brought everything back to me and I'm in pieces... Help...
  6. Hey Orwell. It was tough on Sunday to be honest but it's over and done with now... That's the last event until a communion in about 5 years time.... Hopefully I'll be over the shock of everything by then lol. Got to laugh, all I've done is cry and stress and it's made me ill, well he has, but I need to take some responsibility for myself now. Been watching the amazing Jordan B Peterson for a while now and he is bloody good therapy, highly recommended him! Glad your doing well Orwell, sounds like you are in control! And to move house and change jobs is a real challenge at the best of times.. You should be really proud ☺️ Definitely write a post about it! I have magnesium tablets, although not taken them for a while, they are good for so many things, I know someone who takes them to help her depression. The guy in my local health food shop swears by them too for tummy issues and sleeping. I am determined to get off my sertraline tablets when the better weather comes, I never think it's wise to do it in the cold miserable weather. I'm looking to gradually come off them and replace them with such things as magnesium and high grade cbd oil (which I did have bit again not had in a good while), excersise and drinking more water because that's something I really don't drink enough of. I think Im going to request a couple more cbt sessions too just because I do feel I've taken a bit of a dip in general with everything that's gone on. X
  7. Thanks my friend x going to bed now, hopefully feel a bit better tomorrow. How are things with you Orwell? X
  8. Thanks binx. It's not till next Saturday thankfully. This Sunday is my toddlers christening and I'm barley on speaking terms with my ex so dreading that. Seems to be everything at once
  9. And now I'm back to that's bloody false memory after reading a news article ?
  10. Worried I'm going to get ill with all this worry and stress. Bit of a catch 22 situation I'm in! I can eat all the right foods and but if my mind isn't healthy then that's a big reason why I would potentially get not well. I was thinking cancer but now I'm thinking breakdown. X
  11. I am trying binx. I need to give my head a wobble! I have a big night out planned next Saturday to Liverpool for a friend's birthday and so am going all out, New outfit, hair and makeup done (something I never get done) I don't know what else I can do but give myself some nice things to look forward to and have as a distraction. I know when the time comes I won't want to go, especially as I know my ex will be wining and dining someone else-something he never wanted to do with me. X
  12. Hey caramoole. I'm trying. I almost welcomed the relief of not worrying about it because the breakup was occupying my mind instead.. How backwards is that?! I don't want to be worrying about either of those horrible things. X
  13. I'm really down in the dumps, my head is jumping from false memory to my breakup. I'm on antibiotics for a sinus infection and looks like my ex is going on his first date next Saturday... So yeah things are pretty rubbish. Sorry binx I should be grateful I'm here and have a roof over my head and beautiful kids and a lovely family. X
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