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  1. I find this truly shocking. How hard can it be to set up a pathway, it's literally right there in the same county!
  2. You can learn from case studies but so far yours have been severely cherry picked. There are hundreds upon hundreds of people with OCD seen by professionals who are incredibly boring individuals, and all they do day to day is compulsions that ruin their lives. But I suppose they are too boring to mention here. Is this your main reason for posting here? To discourage people from accessing and giving support online?
  3. Welcome to the forum Bookworm I'm sorry to hear how tough life is for you at the moment. It's a really stressful time for all of us, but throwing OCD into the mix makes it so much harder. I'm very surprised your GP said you were too severe for IAPT, I'm not sure what alternative they were suggesting but it seems like a stupid comment to me. There's simply no way your OCD is too severe for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). It may be that you need a therapist who has lots of experience helping those with OCD but that's all. My advice in the short term is like Ecomum said to get the self-help book Break free from OCD. I'm always recommending this book but it made a huge difference to how I saw my OCD and how I started tackling it. For context when I first downloaded Break free from OCD, I had moved out of my 'contaminated' home and was cleaning all of the time. I'm much much better now. I've had no therapist but I've done loads of reading on OCD. Of course having a therapist has massive bonuses, they help you understand things correctly, keep you on track, are there by your side through exposures, but never underestimate what you can do for yourself in the mean time You're not alone Bookworm
  4. Try to remember Cub that you can only do so much and although there's a suspected case at the prison your landlady works at, it's still unlikely that you'll get it. Also, the decision isn't all on you, your family have also agreed to bring you home. Just try to enjoy each day and for now assume that you and your family are free of Covid-19. Good luck xx
  5. Hi efes Why do you fear being excited over nothing? What do you worry will happen if you are?
  6. It doesn't matter. Having an OCD related illness is unconnected to his alleged actions. It seems to me like you're arguing the case because of doubts you have, so instead of focusing on Michael Jackson you need to focus on your own mental health.
  7. Hi Cub, It sounds like a really difficult call to make but I think you're doing the right thing. Plus it'll be nice to have your family around you
  8. Then it's time to start challenging OCD Ecomum Have you read Break free from OCD? Because it talks about inflated responsibility in sufferers and it might speak to you. I know things seem hard, but doing more compulsions isn't the answer. Once you start tackling your problem everything will get a lot easier x
  9. So how has that worked out for you so far? Does it make you more sure or less? Has it had an impact on your happiness and life in general?
  10. The difference between observing other people's OCD and experiencing your own is feelings. As humans we use feelings to judge situations all the time, but with OCD, feelings become massively distorted. Compulsions build belief in taking action and it's that belief that keeps OCD going. When we hear about someone else's beliefs we don't feel anything so observe it as OCD. The best way to challenge OCD therefore is to understand what you believe your compulsions are doing, like keeping you or others safe somehow and begin to challenge that belief. Usually sufferers don't factor in the real impact of their compulsions and so it's easy to lose your way. A self-help book like Break free from OCD would be a good guide. When you challenge that belief you learn that in fact compulsions only make you feel more scared, their affect on keeping you and everyone safe is minimal to none. Challenging the belief reduces your feelings making it easier to challenge and see that it's OCD that is the problem
  11. Common Night Owl, do you have OCD? Are you wanting help with your OCD?
  12. In reality it doesn't matter what Michael Jackson did or didn't have, there's no connection between his alleged actions and OCD. You are way off on this point.
  13. Unfortunately I don't think you understand OCD at all.
  14. I'm not sure there's much to think about but you could argue that since OCD can be severe it doesn't fit the definition of neurosis.
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