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  1. Thank you again everyone for the advice.
  2. But this is a thought about a verbal statement I've made, I'd like too know why there is nothing in what I said that wouldn't make someone feel bad.
  3. This is the part my brain cannot take in, why wouldn't most people not be worried about it?
  4. Think of mine as watching a program I'm trying to enjoy but I'm always getting cross channel interference that won't go away, those being the intrusive thoughts.
  5. I know I sound like a stuck record but on the "seem and feel tempting" bit from my first post wouldn't that equate to actually saying I find the thoughts entirely plausible as something I could do rather than saying something totally the opposite of? I really must be missing something that I wish someone could tell me and put me out of my misery.
  6. When ive got it out of my head for a while and then it recurs is there any way to kerb the anxiety spike? I'm trying really hard to make it seem irrelevant but I always get that spike.
  7. I've digested you're post several times now and just wanted to ask that when my anxiety went up shortly after realising I'd used a poor description of my issues isn't that only natural? After all its basically like admitting that the thoughts could sway me into doing something horrible. I'm struggling with this bit the most.
  8. Sounds better than my current idea, thanks.
  9. A scenario involving myself at work and harming a colleague, it's not working I seem desensitised too it before even starting.
  10. Feeling at one of the lowest parts of life dealing with this. I'm now struggling with the erp as well, after doing the initial one which caused me all sorts of problems it now feels too set up like I'm writing it down but it doesn't mean anything because I know it's all a made up scenario. I've read it doesn't work for all and knowing my luck......
  11. To be honest I try not too, I realise that obsessions differ greatly the issue i have with mine though is that it involves hurting people and what i said has heaped a whole load of guilt on me because of the subject matter.
  12. When you say "this happens all the time with OCD" what exactly do you mean? My doctor has now diagnosed me with depression, obviously caused by all of this and a chronic lack of sleep. I know everyone thinks I'm making a massive deal out of this and I'm really sorry but please bear with me.
  13. Apologies for sounding dumb but could you elaborate as to why everyone else doesn't see it that way please, it seems such a massive deal even at the time of it happening before I started all the ruminating.
  14. I feel that if i meant it I'm obviously a bad person, nobody seems to get that bit.
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