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  1. Thanks for a great post, it really sums my position up at this moment in time trying not to fuel the OCD fire by believing it’s lies.
  2. OCD’s biggest weapon is doubt and it knows how to use it, deep down I’m sure you don’t want you’re brother to fail you possibly may just be a bit resentful of his success. I’m sure the other stuff is pure ocd b/s and that’s how you have to try and see it, I’m in the same predicament at the moment but mine likes to play on my past mistakes of which I’ve made many and I’m lucky enough to have a rock of a wife who I’ve hurt in the past and it now makes me sick to my stomach. Don’t let the illness fool you into believing you’re something you are not and the feelings you are getting are real they are not.
  3. Well I’m not coping too well with my own issues at the moment but some of the advice on here has definitely helped me from the awful place I was at six weeks ago, don’t give you’re OCD the time to think about these images and remember it has an arsenal of weapons at it’s disposal to make you feel these things, are you on any meds at the moment? If you aren’t these can help with the intrusive thoughts you’ve discussed and hard as it maybe distraction is one of the best ways to help yourself, you have to convince yourself it’s all an an OCD lie and ignore it and try not to give it mind air time as I said I’m struggling but thanks to some brilliant people on here I’m in a better place than I was. All the best.
  4. Went to the doctors today and he has agreed after roughly six weeks the Mirtazapine is not working and I’m going back to Paroxetine my original drug that he took me off due to the amount of time I’d been taking it. As regards the Mirtazapine it’s a great drug to take if you want to fight someone as I’ve never had so much pent up anger and frustration, awful vivid dreams, restlessness and stiff joints. I’m sure it suits some people but it hasn’t me and it’s done nothing for my OCD, it has improved my appetite though almost too much. I just hope I can get sorted over the next month as I just want some normality back.
  5. I totally agree with all of that, unfortunately until I get some treatment and my meds sorted putting it into practice seems miles away.
  6. A very good analogy and thanks for taking the time to post.
  7. I’m now on my fifth week on mirtazapine and starting to struggle while it’s upped my mood and definitely my appetite over the last week I’ve had joint pain, dizzy spells, anger issues and strange problems at night waking up and not knowing where I am and getting out of bed for no reason plus vivid dreams not always nice! I was on paroxetine for a long while but I think it was starting to loose it’s effect. Has anyone had any experience with the above as a treatment for ocd and while I appreciate everyone’s different as regards how they take to these I’m just after opinions good or bad, cheers.
  8. It’s the doubt though, a massive problem for me at the moment not just on this but on other issues as well I’m also now struggling with my new meds.
  9. I’m trying so hard to just put it down to an intrusive thought but the ocd always comes back with another doubt to get me worried again.
  10. Sorry to bring this thread back but this issue is still plaguing me, I’ve still no date as yet for any counselling help ( It could be months apparently) but my main issue seems to be the intrusive image, I can just about deal with the fact I guessed the time correctly as coincidence much to my ocd’s annoyance but that haunting image still sends the anxiety sky high and the fact that although I know what the image was I cannot seem to recreate it in my head again hence the premonition/precognition fear. I realise that what I’m doing is wrong and it’s probably giving the ocd more power and I shouldn’t keep thinking it out but it’s so hard and until I get therapy and help this is a never ending scenario. Why was that image such a one off?
  11. I agree, If you think you can do it on you’re own do it otherwise it’ll only reinforce the OCD and that’s coming from someone who struggles to do this big time. You have a handle on it don’t give it an opportunity to come back at you as I have done.
  12. Sorry I’m not really able to offer any meaningful advice but I hope you’re recovery continues and this is just a minor blip, I think OCD is the mental illness equivalent of the flu in the way it evolves just when you think you’re coping with it and then throws something else in the mix and off we go again.....
  13. Same, I’ve now been on them a month and I take 15mg morning and night and seem to have settled down a bit, I guess we have to remember that these drugs redress the chemical imbalance in our brains and it may take a while to do that but I do understand for some people that may be impossible, not really done much yet for my intrusive thoughts though.... Time will tell
  14. I’ve noticed I’m less patient on them and I seem to get a bit tetchy sometimes but I’ve had zero other issues unlike the Seroxat and Prozac I’ve had before which had numerous side effects.
  15. I’m not quite that bad, not meaning to hijack the thread but how long were you on it please?
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