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  1. I too think that specialist help will be useful. I think that the centre nearest you is Bath.
  2. Thanks for the offer Ashley. The form only indicates exemption on mental health grounds under the Mental Capacity Act. I am highly dubious about arguing under those grounds because of the implications for things like consent to medical treatment and financial and insurance contracts. So a clarification would be very useful. Thanks for the response folks. I think clarification of the rules would be helpful. And the reason for exemption would be the exacerbation of a mental health condition.
  3. Thanks for the confirmation. But I think if they are currently paying DLA I am surprised. Yes as they used to say under the premiership of a Prime Minister in the 1980s - TINA - There Is No Alternative.
  4. That’s a nice word Emma ‘lackadaisicial’ it is a better way to attribute the behaviour of neighbours than exploitative. One of them is lackadaisical perhaps to a very extreme level. So I see if I can reserve space early tomorrow morning and see what happens.
  5. Interestingly it the builder who alerted all four of us about the need for parking space. Feel the build up of anxiety. Feel like a drink to supplement the pills. But I think I will reject that route.
  6. Hi Cub. I watched the series in three sittings. The pair are great actors. I thought it got a little bit weak in the last two episodes. Interestingly a Christian group in the US petitioned Netflix to stop its broadcast despite the fact that it is a joint Prime Video and BBC co production. This was reported in the UK press. It is shownon Prime Video at the moment. So your reaction is not so out of step with at least some people’s reaction. I am not aware of any petition in the UK from any religious group. I am not particularly religious so it was just fun for me. But speaking as a religious outsider it is playful rather than sinful. And yes watch it for exposure but also enjoyment.
  7. Scaffolding is due to be erected at the front elevation of the property where I live which is divided into four flats. The scaffolding is scheduled tomorrow morning. Two of the flats are rented out and two are owner occupied. I proposed to my three other co-owners that we either strategically park vehicles or demarcate bins on the road by the kerb to facilitate the parking of the scaffolding truck. The road is a busy one. I received no reply. This morning I have started regularly checking the road to see if there is space to earmark space for the scaffolding lorry. I have no vehicles so it has to be the bins. I think this case perfectly illustrates the plight of with OCD and other anxiety conditions. I imagine that the scaffolding will not be erected. We lose £1000. And the repair to the property will not take place. The property becomes unsaleable and I am trapped here until death. We project into the future and make plans for the successful accomplishment of tasks. But these plans are made difficult by others. Others see our anxiety and exploit it by allowing us to take responsibility for any problems. Any practical or psychological suggestions to reduce anxiety welcomed.
  8. I received a jury summons yesterday. Not sure if I can deal with this. Is having OCD a valid excuse not to attend?
  9. I not received the form for two weeks. So phoned. The DWP said that they wanted to see my passport before dealing with my claim. Is this standard? Grateful for replies.
  10. So your therapist has little effect and partner has little effect. I admire the commitment of the men who put you in the right frame of mind. Under other variants of your name you have incredibly long threads. But are you getting the right message? You say say your ‘partner doesn’t seem to reassure me’. Are the men reassuring you? Will this help?
  11. Hi felix You quote from different posts at different stages of the debate. So I quote from a post which I did not reply to but which you do. The first paragraph states you are ‘responsible of where you have focus’. I think in this thread Ashley deals with this. If you are able to or have responsibility of where you focus then it invalidates the diagnosis of OCD. O stands for obsession where the sufferer is obsessed . My CBT therapy taught me that I can change focus. This my friend is the point of CBT.
  12. I find it increasing difficult to follow your posts. I cannot follow the logic of personal values to method to law to brands. Brand management - a known brand will achieve a price premium over a generic product. This is found for example where branded pain killers cost more than generic pain killers this will increase profits despite packaging and advertising costs. What is the connection between brands and personal values? Let alone OCD? More importantly how does this relate to the thread of the thread?
  13. One of the characteristics of OCD is checking. But when you are in an OCD mood any checking with regard to your current theme is counterproductive. Basically you apply the same CBT principles to all manifestations.
  14. Nice info as I have been on and off fluoxetine for quite a long time and do partake of an occasional alcoholic drink. Never noticed any side effects and never had problems coming off them even at the high dose recommended for OCD.
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