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  1. I am diabetic and have had checks for skin cancer as well as had tests for dementia. So I believe in tests. The tests for dementia have a very low level pass statistic to pass as not having dementia. I had a discussion with my GP about this and she agrees. Those with good tertiary education may be detected later because a lot of their cognitive work has become automatic and deep seated in the brain. She experiences this in her clinical practice. We need graded dementia tests. But we do not have them. The legitimate IQ tests have a different scoring system for those from early middle age to those of younger people. The speed of cognition does reduce. And the tests have a time limit in which to complete them So test yourself in your cognitive abilities with intelligence tests, aptitude tests, critical thinking tests and the UK standard dementia tests. Doing these tests in itself is good cognitive exercise. A lot of dementia is of a vascular nature so to keep the blood flowing do exercises as well as cognitive exercises.
  2. Hi Ollie. There are ups and downs. In the US people are dying earlier than 10 years ago. In the UK the figures are similar but less stark. The average life expectancy in Manchester at the beginning of the industrial revolution was 19. Poor environment with air pollution and dangerous work conditions and the spread of contagious diseases in the expanding city. This is well below estimates for life expectancy in England in the medieval period. But the consensus of scientific opinion is that there are profound environmental changes. I think political action. The people of Manchester improved their lot by extending the franchise, clean air movement, the abolition of child labour, the Factories Acts - health and safety at work, and so forth.
  3. Yes OCD loves desperation. This state feeds poor decision making.
  4. Hi Lost. You are doing well with the council. Hope your Mum is well. Your Mum has an asset - a house- which may not be in a fit state to achieve full market value but has a saleable value to a developer. Your Mum needs good independent advice in order to achieve maximum value. A friend of mine some years ago was in a similar position and came up with a deal with a housing association. I am in a similar position with kitchen and bathroom work needed and planning to move. Good advice is at times hard to get especially for those of us with mental health conditions in that we are not always robust enough to deal with estate agents and developers. I was lucky my sister negotiated a deal with an estate agent when we had to sell Mum’s house to pay for care. My sister achieved substantially more than I was able to. She has a background in financial services. Do you have a good negotiator in your extended family?
  5. Interesting, that I mentioned shorting just over a week ago and it has become in the last two days a major news story in the Brexit context. I think Closed for Repairs makes good sense. In the bad winter of 2010 friends of mine were marooned in rural Shropshire for several weeks in their home and their stock of food kept them fit and healthy for the two weeks of immobility. As I said I plan to have two weeks supply.
  6. Interesting film and book The Big Short. It was true. The bright guys did not buy property. They waited. They did the maths. It is not just governments who make calculations. There are plans to stop hoarding. It is revealed in the documents around yellowhammer. I would welcome it. It would show rational planning. UK had it in the 1940s. If we look that the UK in the past with Ireland when part of UK - the famine - and the effect of the Corn Laws throughout the UK - no rational planning. Little rational planning in innumerable disruptions to food distribution to the present day in most parts of the world over the past years.
  7. Why do you believe a new therapist will mirror your experience of a past therapist? I have experienced good and bad with every occupation that I have come into contact with.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I already have a freezer but buying one for frozen veg shows the substitution principle in operation. Nowadays we have just in time systems not just in manufacturing but in food supply as well. The supermarkets have very limited warehouse space. In order not have money tied up in inventory/stock. The average city is six meals away from lack of supply. I remember when there were riots two years ago about the lack in of KFC! Decided to have two weeks stock. Checking electronic information is a major problem for all us with texts, likes etc. Built in behavioural devices built into software to promote addiction. I do try to limit. And do succeed more than most.
  9. It is understandable that in a country divided about Brexit that little or no comment has been made about Brexit. But the subject had affected my OCD which involves checking and hoarding. I think that we should restrict our discussions to OCD issues. Today I have started stockpiling or hoarding. I am diagnosed with OCD and OCD hoarding and non OCD hoarding. I was motivated by reports from retailers and manufacturers. As well as retailers which are stockpiling such as Tesco, Waitrose and the Coop. As well as universities with halls of residences and hospitals. I have bought ‘excess’ tins of food and toilet paper. Although fresh food is in danger of shortage and price increase the substitution principle in economics teaches us that the knock on effect of shortages in one sphere is lack of supply or price increases in other areas. In this case food. As people switch products. I plan to buy excess stocks of frozen vegetables. As well as rice and lentils. I am checking information from the London School of Economics blogs, the Financial Times, The Guardian, El Pais, Suddeutsche Zeitung, the Washington Post, and the New York Times. I check the exchange rates. As I find political developments hour by hour are reflected in exchange rates. I do this after every political statement by the UK government. Is this a product of OCD reasoning or a realistic strategy to prevent starvation?
  10. The sequence of OCD thoughts/behaviour and then depression which may include shame and guilt is, I think, a feature of certain manifestations of the disorder because I have experienced it. When I said to my therapist that I had to check that the communal door to the block of apartments was securely locked at night. She smiled. I was shocked and offended. I described my fears of being murdered in bed and the reasons for these fears. In terms of recent crimes in the neighbour and the behaviour and reputation of the landlord. She continued smiling. She started nodding. I had expected sympathy. She must be heartless. I had expected a concerned expression on her face. Over a period of time I tried the well tested strategy of delaying the checking and living with the anxiety. The petrifying fear of being murdered. My body was alert and slightly trembling as I waited for the hammer to smash my body into pieces. OCD can involve bodily sensations. I no longer check the communal door. I do lock my own front door at night but do not check. You have not seen a therapist for ten years. Isn’t it time you started once again?
  11. You have started your studies and presumably feel a little unsure. Are you studying in your home town or have you moved to a new area to study? All professional jobs have a lot of responsibility , especially in the areas of health and education where you are in day to day contact with patients/students and are helping them to become healthier or helping to form their minds. Does your course include a practical element such as you are in contact with patients? This would be the ideal testing. It is in this period that activity becomes regularised. The medical system will have quality assurance procedures. Or should have. For example when you give out medicine on a hospital ward or nursery home things will be logged, there be a special trolley and records taken. A responsible person is helped by - needs- requires - a responsible system. You will be supported by it. I have cared in a non professional capacity for people with serious illnesses which involved dressing wounds and the administration of eye drops to forestall the occurrence of blindness. I was worried about things but with time the administration of therapy became automatic. My feeling is that you should not succumb to OCD driven anxiety. You question contains an inbuilt assumption: that OCD will remain with you for ever and a day. Is this realistic? I think you should continue and review after a term. By then, I think your initial panic will have subsided.
  12. Hi dksea Could you refer us to the evidence?
  13. The famous Kinsey report on American male sexuality published decades ago indicated in the case of US society 10 different types of homosexual behaviour. Some men engaging in homosexual acts did not define themselves as homosexual. The etymology of heterosexual traces back to the 1860s where it meant out of control sexuality. Later the term homosexuality came into use. Foucault the French social philosopher has tracked the development of the meanings of the terms and the rise of the politics of sexual identity. The Brazilian notion of transgender sexuality is different from the North American and Western European conception of it. These are just examples of different conceptions of sexual identity in time and space. Roman society did not have the binary divide of sexuality but mapped out eight different types of sexuality. Perhaps binary thinking is the problem?
  14. Hi Dave321. You are posting on an OCD site rather than a gay site. So you are seeking reassurance or confirmation that it is OCD. Tom Dailey got bullied at school for being gay. I do not know which country you live in. But hypervigilance would be a survival strategy in the 94 countries where homosexuality is illegal. But if you are in a country where homosexuality is legal and tolerated I think the answer would be the same for CBT therapy for OCD or the diagnosis for homophobia in the gay community would be to test the hypothesis.
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