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  1. Hi OnlyAlex. Your last post puts a different spin on things - ‘I live alone’. What are your compulsions about dishes in the sink?
  2. As a former very active chairperson of a charity I know the huge amount of effort that goes into fund raising. I have experience of fundraising with statutory bodies, Comic Relief, the National Lottery, and numerous smaller charitable funders. Mostly successful bids. The role also made me aware of the importance of carefully thought out policies and their implementation. What are the implications of a multilingual site especially if it grows haphazardly in areas of equal opportunity provision or if messages are poorly or deliberately mistranslated? Just some thoughts. It needs to a policy decision with explicit criteria to enable rational choice.
  3. Hi Caramoole, My rudimentary knowledge of Spanish indicates that your translation is more or less accurate. Did you goggle a translation or did it come from your knowledge of Spanish. However, I believe that the author of any post should be able to check machine generated translations. They are not always accurate. In the UK, in the law enforcement and health services there is a provision of interpretation services. Perhaps, through the recruitment of volunteers, an interpretation service could be provided?
  4. No entiendo. Can we now allow Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, Polish, Punjabi, Urdu and Gujarati the major minority languages in the UK? All higher percentages than Spanish. Are posts still being moderated?
  5. I signed up for a month’s free view of BritBox yesterday. I have watched four episodes without ads of Confession. It is a good telly thriller/police procedural programme. Based on a real case. I did not rewind coz I could follow the narrative. Less well produced shows lose my attention, so I might lose some detail. So what! I subconsciously evaluative shows on their worthiness to be probably understood. Hollywood films with special effects and super heroes bore me to death. It is written and produced to a formula. Like romantic novels. A friend of mine used to write for Mills and Bloom and talked through the formula. Different genres but they both follow set scenarios. If super hero films are on in in my house and I miss a plot twist I could not care a less. I would not dream of rewinding. Have you considered the idea that if you lose attention then the show is not worth your attention. Or am missing something?
  6. I originally contributed to this thread on the 2 September. Nobody has mentioned medication. Medication can reduce anxiety. Such as SSRIs. The technical name for the fading of anxiety, or the fading of any focus of mental attention, is habituation. A core idea in behavioural psychology. A baby is genetically programmed to look and have an interest in human faces. As the baby gets used to a human face, she gets habituated to it, gets used to it, she switches her attention away from a particular face. In my example, the baby feels no anxiety. I use it to illustrate the notion of habituation. Our attention in OCD is directed towards anxiety inducing stimuli. Be it a tap a dog turd, a lock on a door or whatever. This dysfunctional focus of attention is the essence of OCD. You sit with the anxiety and the anxiety will fade - habituation- but the duration and intensity of the anxiety does vary. In the initial stages medication can help you ride the anxiety.
  7. Interesting that you post on an OCD site. Perhaps you should post on a gay site. Or have you? Given your past posts, is this a social media game or something else? You have the full set of responses available in responses to your past posts.
  8. I think most people watch live or recorded telly without full attention. I think there are exceptions - the scoring of a goal in sport. Also it is well known in porn streaming services that the producers keep track of replays and pauses so that they can make their product more appealing to punters. They conduct continuous market research on their consumers. But in general people just watch. I think the standard advice is to stop doing it. In your case it is form of checking. Do you feel anxious about missing something?
  9. A great book is Break Free From OCD. It is very clear and includes things about contamination. If you compare it with Overcoming OCD, Break Free is a clearer account of the same stuff. It has shorter paragraphs, shorter sentences and fewer technical terms. So it’s easier to learn from. But it is still an accurate account of the theory and practice of OCD therapy written by some of the leading experts in OCD. It is also a self help book. It was the set book in my therapy. My therapist was one of the writers. She said: she, and her co-writers, aimed to make things as clear as possible.
  10. I think malina is right. In the context of a GP visit, I always try to visit the same sympathetic person. It is not just an issue of knowledge, it is also an issue of sensitivity. The advice to give minimal information is sound. GPs are gatekeepers to specialist services. The goal is to get a referral. GPs don’t do cognitive therapy.
  11. Although I sympathise with Polar Bear’s approach, I do think Tez makes some extremely good points. As to whether Dave321 will, remains to be seen. On past evidence, he will not. But who knows?
  12. Hi BM94 Your GP was following a checklist of questions pertaining to mental health. Your account of your problems triggered a routine. As Closed for Repairs indicates the GP is a generalist as the name implies. In other health services such as the Germanic you see a specialist at first point of call. The same applies for accident and emergency. In Salzburg in the emergency clinic I was immediately seen by an an ENT specialist when I had a hearing problem with near complete deafness in one ear. I have a similar problem when seeing NHS staff about my diabetes. The staff, especially if non specialists, follow a script. If you can manage it, for both physical and mental problems see a specialist or go to a specialist clinic. It is an organisational problem as much as a problem of a lack of knowledge of a GP. We need to compare our health service with other European models. And learn from them
  13. Be kind to yourself. Tomorrow is another day. A cliche I know. But cliches can be true.
  14. Hi O Neg I had a similar thing the other day. I had to send some Word files to an organisation. I had to check to ensure that they were the correct ones before I sent them. And then wait for the replies. The replies were edits of the contents of the files. I was reassured by the replies that I had sent the right files; and not something ‘contaminated’ by including personal information. I also do similar things to you when posting a letter. Don’t they call what used to be called ‘sick’ notes ‘fit notes’ or something similar now? We live in a bizarre terminological universe these days.
  15. Hi there Glad that the medication is working. If your memory is bad then I think writing down things is a very helpful thing to do. If you find talking on the phone and face to face difficult then writing down what you want to say can be very helpful. Many people do this when they visit their GP. Or when they make a phone call to the DWP. It is another reason why I believe in the recording of therapy sessions. Most of us only pick up on the general gist of a conversation. Some years my memory was bad, as it had been affected mental illness. It returned and as my job involved a lot of reading I was grateful. Reading takes up a lot of memory resources -long term and what is called working memory -you have your vocabulary stored in your head in long term memory -you hold for seconds what you read in your working memory - the knowledge which you gain is transferred into your long term memory. Stress reduces the efficiency of our memories. A trainee psychotherapist will be under quite intensive supervision by an experienced therapist so I would not be too worried.
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