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  1. Oh man I've been where you are - these questions plague me at times. The thing is... anyone would feel like this if they started analysing like this. It's like if you check the door is locked, the more you check the more unsure you are. The only way out of the rabbit hole is to... step out of the rabbit hole. By which I mean you need to leave this question alone, leave it unanswered. You will never get the answer you want. What is certain though - is the more you try and figure this out, the more agonising it will feel. Leave it alone. Your brain will scream at you. You'll feel like you absolutely HAVE TO answer this question. But leave it alone nonetheless. Give your brain time to cool down. The more you engage with this question, the more you are teaching your brain to panic.
  2. I'm like this with running - I went to a running club a few times but was a grumpy git the entire time just want me and my tunes!
  3. Merry Christmas everyone! Hope we all manage to have a nice day in this strangest of years 

    1. Ashley


      You too GBG :) Merry Christmas x

    2. daja


      Merry Christmas GBG and everyone.

  4. I'm alone too ob1, albeit with lots of skyping. Going to take the opportunity to have lots of nice food and listen to music and just generally have a nice day hope you're OK xx
  5. I think Gemma gave some great advice above what you describe is very common with OCD
  6. Hi Night Owl i'm sorry you feel overlooked, it can be hard to feel that way. Occasionally posts go without many answers for lots of reasons. Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to say. Sometimes if there is not a specific question asked people aren't sure what kind of advice you're after. Sometimes it can get missed if the forum is very busy (or alternately, if the forum is very quiet it doesn't get seen). If it's a very long post it can sometimes be difficult to wade through. I haven't read your post so I can't comment - but it won't be anything personal, just one of those things. What are you struggling with today?
  7. Hi markuss I've been on fluoxetine a few times and I've noticed a significant improvement every time. I've experienced some side effects, the most noticeable one being disturbed sleep - but nothing really major. As angst says though everyone's experience is different - really all you can do is give it a try and see how you go x
  8. haha no unfortunately not! in fact I'm not sure I've ever met anyone famous - where does everyone meet them?! if i do come across him i'll be sure to send him your way
  9. Such a fantastic service the charity has provided with this ashley, a massive well done to everyone involved 😊
  10. Ha now I'm not sure if my camera was on or not - I assumed it was off! Hopefully I wasn't picking my ears or owt haha
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