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  1. My mum when she was a kid asked for an entire bowl of parsnips in the school canteen thinking they were chips 🤣 she has never recovered
  2. I think keep the course and sit with the discomfort and anxiety that you might have made the wrong decision. Don't give into the urge to put it "right".
  3. You don't like family guy!! 😮😮😮
  4. i am gearing up to go for a run but not looking forward to it!!! 😐 😐 😐
  5. really glad your arthritis is better Roy that's fab
  6. Good post ashley sounds like you've got loads to look forward to x I'm looking forward to going to the gym most of all. Which is tragic I know. But I love the gym it's like a sanctuary to me and I really miss it.
  7. Think this is meant for the other thread Roy xx
  8. gorgeous dogs @Andrea they are beautiful xx
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