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  1. Is polarbear's movie out? If so, is it available in the states?
  2. If it doesn't show an underage person engaging in a sex act, then yes. The FBI gets multiple false reports. Ordinarily, I would disagree, as reporting is vital to the safety of a child, but I agree this has reached compulsion levels, and isn't helping OP.
  3. I've been on fluoxetine since December 2018, and I haven't noticed any weight gain, that I can attribute to it, either.
  4. You can't start to develop a paraphilia as an adult. Our sexualities are set in stone once we hit puberty. If someone has a paraphilia, they generally know by that time.
  5. You don't start developing a paraphilia. You either have it, or you don't.
  6. You're never going to know for sure. That's the torture of OCD. What you can do is work on letting go of the need to know. Maybe you are, maybe you aren't. Either way, rambling on here won't do anything. Trust me, I tried that, for almost two years. It never worked. What has worked, is medication. I will tell you this, though. Only about 1/3 of molestation cases are committed by people with minor-attraction.
  7. If you are a no-contact minor-attracted person, and you went to therapy, they would try to help you accept your thoughts and feelings. Similar to OCD therapy. I'm not saying you are, or aren't. What I am saying is that, either way, the help would be the same. So, why does it matter?
  8. Without Prozac, I'd be a shell of a person. It saved my life. I'm sorry for any adverse reactions you experienced, but this isn't the thread for that
  9. I'm going ro need a Prozac refill before too long, but my previous psychiatrist left the hospital. Does anyone have any advice on getting a refill, while getting a new psychiatrist, during a pandemic?
  10. Nodsnods You know, I thought it was an attempt to know how to treat it, but I could've been seeking reassurance 🙈 (at least now I know how sneaky it can be!) Thanks, dksea
  11. Nodsnods, I just wanted to make sure it was OCD related We both know what to do now
  12. Does anyone else feel responsible for other people, more than they should?
  13. I told my friend that I have OCD, and it went really well. She was really supportive, and I sent her a link to this forum, so that she can learn some more. I know how hard it can be to open up to our friends, but it can go well, and having that support is so nice
  14. I just wanted to update and say that Prozac has helped me so much. I don't get obsessive like I used to. It's so nice and I wish I'd started it ages ago, but late is better than never. To anybody struggling, recovery is possible. You can do this!
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