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  1. Telling him won't make your OCD go away. It'll just ask you to repeat the same compulsions ad nauseum.
  2. No need to apologize, we've all been there. Any harshness in my words was directed towards your OCD, not you. You're ok, Rocket.
  3. Thank you ? I hope you can be evaluated before too long.
  4. Obsession: that thought Compulsion: posting here You have OCD. That's all the information you need to feel better. This isn't how normal people with fetishes think. You're not in denial, you have OCD.
  5. Here's my contribution: How do I get evaluated for OCD?
  6. Your English is just fine, and there was nothing wrong with your reply :]
  7. My theory is that, since I suffered from OCD for so long, it was a knee-jerk response of my brain to revert to the cycle. That said, I consider myself an ex-sufferer, as I don't experience distress from that cycle, nor do I feel trapped in it. To compare, I've stopped drinking, due to a problem with alcohol. Some people wouldn't consider me an alcoholic, anymore. But I think a more apt description would be a recovering alcohol. I don't think recovery is an end goal, but rather a journey. We're all doing our best.
  8. Free. Prozac saved my life. I still get intrusive thoughts, as everyone does, but they don't control me, anymore. It's one of the most amazing feelings, watching those thoughts fade, knowing they would've hurt you so much before. I used to think OCD would rule my life, forever, but it didn't have to. Recovery is possible.
  9. What are some of your favorite books about OCD? I want to add some to my "to-read" list ?
  10. Fluoxetine saved my life, but it could be the opposite for you. That said, I wish you the best of luck!
  11. Both of those statements are classic OCD. I used to be in your shoes, so I know how scared you are, but you're not a pedophile. You don't suddenly become one, either. Paraphilias are set in stone by puberty. You would've known ages ago, and without any doubt. Also, thoughts are not indicative of moral character. We don't control them, and we don't need to assign them any meaning. Now, your brain is going to trick you, as OCD is stubborn like that, but I promise you that I'm right. This is all the reassurance you need. Don't do what I did, and post about every thought, seeking comfort. Reassurance, for someone with OCD, is akin to saltwater to a parched sailor. It feels like salvation, but it kills us. What you need to do is let the thoughts pass. Treatment-wise, CBT is the best form of therapy. SSRI's can also help you. You're ok, and recovery is possible.
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