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  1. Thank you! that's a good idea- I'll try just to assume they've got colds for now.
  2. I'm feeling a bit scared tonight. My parents (whom I live with) both have coldy symptoms (sneezing, sniffles, cough) and I'm so scared they're going to get seriously ill. They're both over 60 and my Dad is 65 with CVD. My brother almost definitely has it (cough and high fever) but he lives 300 miles away and seems to be getting better now. We've been trying to be optimistic and enjoying a long walk each day and box sets at night but now I'm catastrophizing and fearing I could lose one of them. Help! (Also Ashley sorry I realise I forgot to reply before- hope you're feeling better now!)
  3. Thanks Storm, I'm learning Scottish Gaelic and beginners Spanish. I've used DuoLingo for other languages in the past but you do have to read up elsewhere for some vocab/grammar too. That's cool Snowbear. Yay for Celtic languages! The verb-subject-object word order takes a bit of getting used to. I will take a look at Future Learn. Thanks Roy- I'm enjoying it so far. I love landscape photography- at least you will get a chance to take some nice pics during the daily permitted walk!
  4. Thanks for the lovely ideas. I'm finding DuoLingo a useful distraction/calming tool.
  5. My day-to-day life hasn't changed because I've lived like this to avoid Norovirus for at least the past four years! However: - I'm terrified for my parents' health and lives. - My newborn niece and toddler nephew who live hundreds of miles away might have it so they have been examined by a doctor covered in protective gear today. They're not being tested because this government is ridiculous but their parents have to self-isolate with them in their flat, which sounds extremely stressful! - One of my brothers and I have asthma and my other brother has a heart condition so I'm hoping we will all be ok with it too. - I'm having to take on a lot of credit card debt because of a complicated financial situation + coronavirus. - I'm worried for everyone else too! @Lynz, I'm so sorry you had to cancel your wedding and I really hope you stay safe and well!
  6. Oh sorry Ashley, I didn't mean to hold you back. I really appreciate all of your help and definitely don't mean to make things difficult. It's fine to just stick to the 20 second handwash guideline because it does reduce the chance of infection.
  7. Yes I think it's a judgement call. For example if you've just been to a busy supermarket or visited a hospital then your hands are arguably more likely to have Coronavirus on them so turning the tap off with tissue OR wiping the tap is sensible. If you've popped out for a dog walk, run or a bike ride then it won't be necessary. There is an argument for wiping mobiles, car keys and door handles too but again if you're a healthy 18-60 year old then you might decide not to, as it's a slight risk and a lot of effort to avoid it! Also if you're using hand gel regularly then you are less likely to transfer coronavirus from your hands to your car keys etc.
  8. Hi Ashley, Under normal circumstances I agree that it would be excessive. When there is an epidemic though, it makes sense to do this because the taps might well have viral particles on them, if your hands do. I think it's sensible and for once my Dad who is a Microbiologist agrees!
  9. Hi Gingerbreadgirl, 1. Turn the taps and light cord off with a little toilet paper OR wipe them once when you first get in with an antibacterial wipe- that prevents the spread of infection from outside of the house. 2. There is a small chance that items you've bought in a shop are contaminated with the virus. You can wipe them but most people won't. If you live with someone who is 60+ and has underlying health conditions then it might be worth doing but assuming you don't, then it's probably unnecessary. 3. Working from home sounds like a good idea but it's a personal decision. 4. Is that your DP who is having an operation? It's likely to be called off unless it's an urgent op. If you do go to hospital then you can prevent yourself spread the infection by putting hand gel on whilst there, washing your hands as soon as you get home. I would also shower and change my clothes but not everyone would.
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