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  1. Aw thanks so much Lost. I hope you can get your prescription sorted soon and that you don't feel too bad without it for a few days. I'm thinking about starting either Fluoxetine or Sertraline this Autumn if I can get a Psychiatrist appointment. Hopefully you'll get to see the sea soon too!
  2. Oh no, poor you! Is that for an SSRI? (if so, which one and does it work?!) ps. thanks so much for the cheerleading- need that!
  3. Aw thank you Lost! It makes a big difference knowing I'm not alone! It's our third night and according to my brother I'm ruining the holiday! We've actually had some lovely times bodyboarding and a nice meal out but everything is triggering my OCD and it seems like the fear is leading to anger each time! I realize that it sounds like an excuse but honestly it just sucks! Today I've had several panic episodes- one was about my Mum standing on some (possible) vomit and then onto my flipflops; another time I panicked about some bird poo on a pub bench and then again on the garden furniture; on the beach I told my family members to walk a particular route across the sand to avoid someone who looked unwell; I also stopped everyone from cooking with the oven trays because they looked dirty and I panicked about being left in a car park because I once saw someone vomit in a car park! Last night I asked everyone to rush their food at a pub because I overhead a 10/11 year old telling his Mum he felt sick and then walking towards the toilets. I feel like this is how my life will always be at the moment. I also don't feel able to stop being a b*! How are you?
  4. Hi All, I'm on week long holiday and really struggling with my OCD, particularly the 'contamination' component. I'm finding that each day poses lots of challenges and I'm pretty much at my limit for coping. As a result of this I'm finding myself getting really irritable and even having outbursts. My behaviour is pretty abnormal for an adult. I was just wondering whether anyone relates? I have ADHD and PMDD, which might be contributory factors here but the OCD is making things 100x worse! Can anyone relate?
  5. Aw that's good. Thank you, that's helpful to know that withdrawing from Fluoxetine wasn't too bad because that was another reason why I had been avoiding SSRIs! I hope your Dad is recovering well too x
  6. Thanks Dksea! I think it might really help to have something physical to bring my attention to when I'm struggling.
  7. Wow, thank you Dksea! I feel like printing your reply out so that I can look at it on holiday! I will definitely try keeping a record in a notebook of my worries (and maybe of any successful exposure tasks too!). I will also buy some mints (I'm not sure we have Altoids in the UK but I do remember finding mints helpful when I felt car sick in the past) in case I feel sick. I do also have some Anti-Emetics (Domperidone and Buccal Prochlorperazine) but I will only use those if I'm actually unwell, as I did use them as a 'Safety Behaviour' a few years ago! I also really like the idea of giving myself permission not to be responsible and in control all of the time- thank you!
  8. Thank you battlethrough, gingerbreadgirl, Lost, Angst, Daja and Polarbear! Thank you, that's really helped me to change my perspective and look forward to things rather than spending all my time fearing the holiday! x Thank you- that sounds like a good idea- to deliberately look for exposure opportunities- I'll try that! I might take a little notebook to record all planned and accidental exposures. Thank you! I am looking forward to it- especially surfing and walks along the beach! You're so lucky living in/near Cornwall- it's such a lovely area. I live a three-hour drive from the nearest beach and about five hours drive away from Cornwall! Thank you Angst! I will try to see the holiday as an extreme exposure exercise! I'm usually only away from home for fewer than 5 hours each week so next week is going to be far more interesting/exciting! I think I will get my brother to walk our dog and hopefully only go to restaurants/cafes with 5 star hygiene ratings and just take it one day at a time! Wow, you're so lucky Daja! (in that one respect anyway!) Thanks Polarbear. That's really helpful and although I'm not sure I can stop the compulsions, I might be able to limit them. I will also try to look for the fun in each day rather than catastrophizing!
  9. That's brilliant that you're doing so much better. You've definitely offered lots of helpful advice so don't think that not always taking a CBT stance is a problem! I hope things just keep getting better for you!
  10. Does anyone have any tips for coping with OCD whilst on holiday / away from home? I have a week's holiday in Cornwall coming up this weekend, which I'm feeling very anxious about.Most weeks I only leave home for once-daily dog walks and a once-weekly Psychologist appointment so I really don't do very much or go anywhere! (not even to things like the supermarket or for GP appointments). I'm simultaneously really glad that I'm getting to go on holiday this year and very concerned about how I'll cope (and about the impact this will have on my family members). I am anticipating that my severe contamination concerns will be a problem, particularly for example if the holiday rental isn't perfectly clean; if there's puke on any of the pavements that we have to walk along; if we eat out; if any of family members feels unwell etc. etc. Due to my Emetophobia I am particularly terrified of catching a stomach virus/bug and as I have several memories of family holidays ruined by stomach bugs in my childhood/teens, some of which took place in Cornwall, I feel even more anxious about going back to Cornwall! My responsibility obsession is also likely to be a problem as I fear harm coming to my dog and there are likely to be several triggering situations. I usually only allow her to walk on-lead and she rarely meets other dogs or people- there will be situations like allowing her off-lead on the beach; the possibility of there being highly poisonous blue-green algae on the water or items on the beach that she could eat (she sometimes eats inedible objects), which I might find overwhelming. I also have Social Anxiety Disorder and Emetophobia to contend with so at times I am dreading the holiday! I really want to make some progress with my OCD this summer but I don't know where to start! Should I set CBT tasks for the day each morning? Should I plan ahead of time?
  11. That's amazing! It's also great that once you'd faced such a huge challenge it impacted on other obsessions. My therapy at the moment is focused on EMDR so I'm wondering about getting some private CBT therapy as I want to make more progress. I've got a holiday coming up this weekend and I'm scared about how I'll cope with my contamination and checking symptoms!
  12. Wow sorry, I totally got the wrong end of the stick! I've just re-read your post and can't even see how I interpreted it like I did! That must be really shocking that your Mum is having an affair. Although it sounds like your Dad has done the same in the past. Do you know the man that your Mum is with? Is he nice? That's good for your Mum that he's ok I guess! How is your Dad's health just now? Does he have dementia following the stroke or is he in a care home for rehab/physical disabilities? Is he fully with it and able to understand the situation, if he finds out?
  13. Oh wow, you poor thing! I hope the hospital appointment goes well later. It is a lovely sunny day! Hope the gardening went well! I am considering SSRIs; I would love to find one that works and then be on it long term but I'm a bit concerned because if I have a chance to meet Mr You'll-do and have kids (possibly wishful thinking as OCD means I'm long-term single), it will in the next 5-10 years and I would rather not have to ween myself off SSRIs for pregnancy/feeding etc!
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