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  1. God told you not to look at porn!? What a b’stard.
  2. That's the darnedest thing! Asda online do have quite bad customer service if memory serves me correctly.
  3. I think it's doing something to avoid having anxiety provoking thoughts. You could shower ten times a day and it wouldn't be OCD if you're doing it just because you enjoy showers rather than to stop feeling anxious. I would rather wash my hands once or not at all after taking a jobby, than the five, six, seven times I need to at the moment to not feel anxious and even then it doesn't necessarily help. Ha! Maybe.
  4. Actually yeah this reminds me. I used to get home delivery and when Asda stopped using bags it was a bit of problem for me sometimes. I remember sometimes having to ‘disinfect’ the entire shopping if I noticed anything brown on the crate because according to my OCD it was almost certainly poo. Nowadays I just jump on my bike and go down myself. It’s cheaper and the exercise will make you feel good, though it comes with it’s own problems.
  5. Hi Bel Anna, I do have contamination ocd about feces but I don’t think your situation would bother me at all. You don’t know where the man had been prior to your house and the situations you imagine sound like a worse case scenario. It was a really nice thing for your mum to give him an extra £10 so look at it that way, and enjoy your new sofas!
  6. I can relate to wanting to go and stay in a hotel because of situations. It's pretty extreme as someone from the outside looking in. Have you ever actually caught norovirus? Surely the germs or whatever, if there were any on the card, would be dead by the time they reached you. And you'd have to touch the card which i'm sure you wont do, even though you probably should, exposure and all that.
  7. I just laughed out loud at your bin story, that is unfortunate but I can really relate to that. I have to throw my litter at the bin and hope it goes in, if it bounces and comes back out there is no way I'm touching it. I'm just back from Amsterdam where a lot of the bins have handles you have to touch to pull them open. Needless to say I spent a lot of time holding onto my litter until I found one deemed clean enough to touch. I don't even know what I'm worried about touching them for it's not likely that people have put s h i t in them (unless from their dogs but round here no one seems to pick that up).
  8. Nice one Big Dave. I have been reading through some of your posts as I have many of the same fears as yourself. So you can count yourself as an inspiration as well! You say getting CBT on the NHS is hard to come by but are seeing a therapist so have you succeeded? I ask as I'm currently on the waiting list but have been given no indication of how long this may take. I hope you and us all have a successful 2019 in trying to conquer this terrible affliction.
  9. Nice one Belanna! My hands are so sore from over washing at the moment. I'll try and use this as inspiration.
  10. Hi Raffles, It has CMHT on the letter so I assume that's Community Mental Health Team. It's the first meeting I've had with them so I assume an initial assessment. Is this something you've gone through? I'm in Lothian by the way.
  11. Hello friends, So after being referred by my GP and a few months of waiting, I have my first mental health appointment. I'm feeling pretty anxious about it and have convinced myself they are likely to say there's nothing really wrong with you, there's nothing we can do to help etc. Anyway has anyone any experience with this first appointment, I'm not really sure what to expect. There is not a lot of information in the letter except for a form with 10 questions about how I have been feeling over the last week. Anyway if anyone has any insight into this It'd be great to hear it, it's an NHS appointment by the way.
  12. I feel you Big Dave. I don't have any advice but I too live with someone who doesn't have the best hygiene, so know that you are not alone.
  13. Is 30 considered well into adulthood? Oh dear. Sorry, your situtation sounds horrible. I don't live with my parents and they don't know I have Ocd. But it is really driving a wedge between me and my wife, to the point where I think life would be much easier if we separated. Have you ever lived apart from them? What is stopping you moving away from them are you unable to work?
  14. Hi Jamie, what you probably should do is take the volunteering job, high five the children and not wash your hands. A lot easier said than done though. Out of interest what are you worried about touching them for, would you be anxious touching anyone's hands or is it something to do with being children with extra needs? I also have problems with washing my hands too much and in my work I come into a lot of contact with people who are not the cleanest. I have to shower as soon as I get home and I'm a million miles from being able to not doing this.
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