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  1. Hello All, When trying to remember events from the past, which for one reason or another can't remember some of the details. Thank goodness for OCD which is more than helpful to fill in any details I may have forgotten! The only problem is that OCD is a bare faced liar, which will if its permitted to do so, feed you any BS that it likes. Perhaps the whole sketchy memory thing is OCD trying to make you think the worst of yourself. It probably select's memories that it can torture you with with the eternal questions; what if this? or what if that?
  2. Hello, I have a slightly different slant on rewinding recorded tv. I rewind and watch again things which my OCD considers to be wrong or offensive. My wife sometimes has to explain to me that it is only tv and what I have seen is ok and that it is my OCD which tells me it is wrong. Well that or a dodgy camera angle.
  3. Hello All, OCD lies over everything 100%. This is a bit gross. I have harm OCD which takes the form of me contaminating things with bodily fluids. I have intrusive thoughts about this which take the form of wiping things between my bum cheeks. I have now got the idea, which is a form of washing compulsion that I haven't washed my hands after a toilet visit, or what OCD would have me believe. I then proceed, to contaminate everything I touch around the house! It can sometimes be difficult to ignore a voice which although a liar is quite convincing at times. The other lie which I am told is that I deliberately touch between my bum cheeks for the express purpose of self hand contamination so I can contaminate stuff around the house because, according to OCD, I am a disgusting, nasty individual.
  4. Hello all, Anybody who lives with a partner with OCD knows how frustrating it can be sometimes. My particular OCD is the contamination of items by bodily fluids; spitting snot or even anal secretion from inside the bum cheeks. Today, my wife was standing a little too close to a scarf which was hanging on a door handle. I was trying to hint at my discomfort when she acted whipping the scarf on her own bottom. I know this act was from her own frustration with me and she did say sorry, but I did feel somewhat freaked out.
  5. Thank you all so much for your kind words of support. It means a lot to me at this time.
  6. Hello All, Having looked at a few Youtube videos on Intrusive Thoughts. As far as I can make out from an American lady called Kati Morton, intrusive thoughts enter into ones mind totally out of the blue! One may be doing something totally unconnected with the intrusive thought, but this thought just pops in uninvited, out of the blue so to speak. What I was wondering was what if the thought does have a connection with what one id doing at the time. For example if one is carving meat, one might have the intrusive thought of self harm with the knife. It would still be an intrusive unwelcome thought but on the current activity. Maybe I'm splitting hairs here, or perhaps its the way these things are explained.
  7. Thanks paradoxer, your views are noted and appreciated.
  8. Cheers Mate, I believe I will beat it. Lets hope we all can.
  9. This is an interesting one. My wife and I had just finished dinner when I started to cough and realised that I had an amount of phlegm to get rid of. So upstairs I go to the bathroom where I deposit said phlegm in the sink. I turn on the tap and down the plug hole, rather reluctantly it goes. I then return downstairs. My wife asks if I am alright and then proceed to tell her what happened. About 10 minutes later while watching the TV, I am wondering if I did actually spit into the sink or perhaps else where. I know what I did because I remember doing it 100%, and my wife remembered exactly what I said when I returned from the bathroom. This OCD is a sneaky *******. It almost qualifies as a life form!
  10. Thanks Angst and Closed for Repairs. In these enlightened days, sick and fit notes are medical certificates, but I am old enough to remember the terms. I can also remember when calculating holiday 2 weeks sick was taken into account because some workers took it as leave. Sick Leave was changed to Sick Absence. Yes there is something final in a letter going into a post box or hitting the send button. But in my case, whats the worst that can happen? they get a contaminated smelly letter at the other end! Its not life and death is it?
  11. Hi BigDave, I am so glad to have found another OCD sufferer with similar obsessions to my own. Most of the bodily fluid contamination issues I read about are sufferers frightened of being infected themselves rather than fear of infecting others. Good Luck, ONeg.
  12. Hello All, I am currently off of work with mental illness. As everyone probably knows, the first 7 days in the UK are self-certificated, the rest of the time off requires doctors certificates. This is where my non-violent harm OCD takes over. I have so far sent in 2 certificates. The second of which was contaminated bodily fluids, well according to my OCD it was. Now the certificate was checked and placed in the envelope. The envelope then had a stamp stuck to it and I walked over the road to the post it. As is my habit with everything I post, I checked it was sealed and the stamp was stuck down properly. Now my reason tells me I wouldn't have sent it if I had thought there was anything wrong with it. OCD can be such a bitch sometimes.
  13. This is a very difficult thing to write about. I have intrusive sexual Thoughts regarding my youngest granddaughter.Its all very well saying to me that thoughts do not equal reality and just let the thoughts come and go but its difficult when it's my own flesh and blood. I love all of my grandchildren but I feel my chances of a normal relationship is being threatened by the falsehood of POCD. I feel I may have lost the ability to interact already. I so so hope not. I really don't know what to do for the best. One final detail I missed out my thoughts happen even when she is not at my house.
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