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  1. Thank you Snowbear. I will take what you said on board very well. 😃
  2. I would love to do that cos at the moment I’m spending so much time ruminating that I should be spending enjoying my child. That’s sad to me, very sad. I don’t know why but trusting I didn’t do harm seems not to come easy to me.
  3. I just need to know that I didn’t harm my child. That I did no wrong.
  4. I also kept continuing to do what I was doing to purposely scare myself.
  5. But Caramoole I knew I was having those thoughts and I almost felt like my leg was lighting up with the feelings in it. It felt like my leg was doing something, how can that be just thoughts?
  6. Hi Caramoole I’ve been having some very high anxiety. 😢 I had an awful attack cos I was thinking my leg was touching her body and possible intimate parts cos she was sitting on my leg.
  7. Hi guys I had an awful panic attack today after my daughter was sitting on my leg. I got totally paranoid that thinking of her sitting there and that I could harm her as her body was sitting on my body. I then prolonged it and the thoughts and feelings got worse and now I am devastated that my tensed leg that she was sitting on somehow interfered with her. Please someone help me, I feel very low x
  8. Just wondering has anyone heard of Robert James coaching for OCD?
  9. Thank you mate!! I’m practicing a more positive stance today you do have to decide it and it can be done. Accepting my OCD is something I’m working on.
  10. Hi guys! I met with a Psychiatrist this morning and she has upped my medication for the next month and we will see how that goes. I will go back to her in a month then to see how I am progressing. I’m very proud of myself because I only spoke about the medication and I didn’t go into a conversation on my thoughts etc...
  11. Thank you Mate X.I certainly can love life and be very functional when I’m good but the past month has been very difficult. It’s really hard for our loved ones to watch us suffer and they always say it’s needless suffering and it is I’m sure. I think the longer the suffering goes on the more stuck in the thoughts and believing in the thoughts we become. thank so much for the good luck, I’ll let you know how it goes. Good Night friend x
  12. Thanks Sesa! I know exactly how you are feeling too, I’m also working and carrying this ocd burden around. I am going to tell them exactly how I’m feeling tomorrow cos I can’t be feeling like this and I’m always so proactive in trying to cope better but when I get to beaten down then I need some extra help for sure. I hope you are having a good evening x
  13. I totally agree I’m absolutely exhausted from mental dialogue and I do need to make some positive moves for a better life. Luckily I have a wonderful father who came to me today and shook me out of this blip I was in. I’m feeling more positive and determined again. I do see a psychiatrist in the morning aswell so I will see what they say too.
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