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  1. That’s what I’m trying to tell myself. As really that is in fact all they are.
  2. Hi guys, I had to really challenge my OCD this weekend. I stayed in a room with my child whilst I was minding her and normally I would avoid that because of my thoughts and anxiety. Anyway I did wake up with anxious worries this morning. I’m just fighting hard not to ruminate. Hope ye are having good days. Thanks guys x
  3. You will mate and you have a great understanding of it. When your OCD is screaming at you it’s pretty hard to not react but it can be done.
  4. Thanks mate you are so kind and supportive! I have to say I had a disturbing dream last night and I always worry then if I went into my child whilst having the dream etc. it’s pretty rotten isn’t it but it’s more of the same thoughts/ dreams that I shouldn’t put meaning on. I think this concept is only starting to properly sink in with me Ivy.
  5. Thanks Caramoole and may I say it’s so nice to hear from you as always. Jeesh I was awake after some disturbing dreams last night but I’m still trying to get up and on with it and as you say give myself some credit.
  6. Thanks Ivybasil. I would like to say to myself that no matter how upsetting or real it feels these images are that tell me I did a b or c, they are just more images, feelings, thoughts or whatever. There still isn’t proof I did anything yet Ivybasil my brain wants to examine these thoughts to know for sure. I feel sad and condused today and frustrated that I let myself ruminate and now I feel stuck.
  7. Hi guys I’ve been doing ERP every day now a few times a day but today I fell into some ruminating and I the images that feel familiar to me that are in my ERP really scared me so much today. Just looking for some advice and guidance please and what to do now.
  8. Yeah the thoughts do seem to be sticking around especially when they find a way to make me think they are important as I’m sure you understand too. Thank you for the encouragement that means the world to me!! 🙏
  9. Thank you. Even if the thoughts are still there at least I’m not going into them ruminating I guess.
  10. Hi guys just wanted to say I’m doing at least 50% better with my intrusive thoughts. I still am falling into rumination occasionally but I’m pulling myself out and refocusing mostly. I’m looking forward to the day when they don’t bother me anymore.
  11. Woah it’s tough, the thoughts keep coming and coming no matter how busy I am. I notice when I feel low or upset about them that I’m obviously thinking about them so I have to deflect straight away
  12. Yea I guess so. D I have got so much information on what I should be doing that I get worried that I’m not doing all the things right. Is there any way I could simplify what I need to do to get better?
  13. I don’t know what I did back then only it just seemed to leave me but maybe I stopped engaging with it and lost interest I don’t know or can’t be sure. I think D I just need to get up and just live my life and take it back. That means just minding my child and partner. Doing some exercise, enjoying life and eventually going back to work.
  14. Thank you again so much. I know what you are talking about as there are plenty of ‘thoughts’ let’s say I’ve had in the past that I don’t get entangled with now. At the time they were the worst ever, now I look at them unattached. Actually even my current obsession I was able to somehow ‘forget’ for months until it returned again.
  15. Thanks man. I just want it gone so bad I guess.
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