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  1. I had four sessions with my new Therapist and actually two of them have had to be online as government restrictions with Covid-19 here in Ireland mean I can’t go to her office and have a session face to face. I have to say I was unsure what it would be like online but my experience so far has been good. I would recommend using Skype or Zoom on a tablet or laptop as the first time I used my phone and the quality was poor. This can distract from the session for obvious reasons. What I like about the online sessions is my therapist sends a summary of the session after the session along with homework. I never got the summary in a typed document when it was face to face so I do quite like that. My personal opinion is you don’t need to dress up particularly as if you are going out to meet face to face for the session but certainly it’s important to have a quiet place to conduct it. I have a 17 month old toddler and if I can manage a session online ( once she is being minded) anyone can. Hope this helps.
  2. Hi Astra, I have been told to save the thoughts for a particular time of the day and worry on them then but you must be dogged in stopping after a certain amount of time; say ten minutes. I think the purpose of it is to take a little power back from OCD instead of it having all the power. For example when a thought bothers you and you feel the need to worry about it straight away well what you do is wait until later and do it deliberately then. I used to do it when I had intrusive thoughts at work and I would note them or just try memorise them and do the worrying later when I was home. The interesting thing is later you don’t necessarily feel as bothered by those thoughts anymore or you can’t remember them so well so you might not even decide not to actively worry about them at all. The main thing to learn here is that you are taking back some control from the OCD. I hope that helps.
  3. Thanks PB. I’ve been working hard at not giving it attention this evening 👍
  4. I just feel really worried about the new ‘worry’ as I call it where as before this thing that came into my head I was able to brush off in the past obviously. Now I feel it’s causing me to feel guilty now and maybe it’s worse than my original worry as I have a clear thought about what it was rather than a less clear thought on my persistent worry. 😔 sorry just stuck and worried
  5. Thank you Cub! It is so true that it will pass and thanks for the hug 🤗 Sending you the same back my friend. We are sure are being tested right now. I imagine lot of domestic situations are getting tense too with people all being cooped up like chickens and no break from each other 🤦‍♀️
  6. Hi guys, Hope everyone is managing ok in these extraordinary times. I’m not doing so well today and just wanted to drop by for some support. I have some personal life issues which seem to be firing up my ocd. I’ve noticed when stress comes at me I can feel ocd come at me too, negative feelings and thoughts that I can’t cope with it etc.. As a lot of people know from reading my stuff on this forum I have been stuck on one thought for a long time but this week I noticed it change to another although similar in content and I’m a little scared about this. This hasn’t happened in a while and although at least I had some familiarity with the other thought, this new one coming in is trying to tell me it could be worse and I’m scared. Just need a hug and an ear to listen cos they are scarce in my house at the moment with a lot of tension. Thank you so much. Keep safe and well x
  7. Hi PB thanks for replying. I don’t know of a time when I’m not fixated on one thing or another honestly! It’s constant!
  8. Sorry guys just wondering does anyone have a response? I’m quite upset and confused 😐
  9. Hi guys, Im sorry to post but I’m very distressed right now. My little toddler was rubbing herself off my leg, which all little kids do and that was fine. It was obviously a trigger for me but I was managing ok and then my mind kind of ran off as she kept doing it. I became aware of my leg as she was running herself and felt it automatically move toward what she was doing although in reality I don’t think my leg moved much if at all. I felt a sense of intense panic and when I told my partner he said to me that it was wrong to do that and I shouldn’t be doing that but I tried to explain to him what happened. I couldn’t feel much worse now and it also has me thinking of similar past things like this that have happened and what would be think. 😞
  10. Oh wow it’s so tough isn’t it Taurean? Will you still be able to engage in your therapy?
  11. Thanks BM94 🙂 I haven’t realistically been able to forget it for more than 24 hours and even at that it was just more faded in my mind. I just see the worry there all the time. Yes I have to admit I’ve succumb to some rumination a few times on it also. I met too with a new therapist last week who I will be seeing regularly but I had to bring it up in that session. I feel talking about it brings it back to me but how can I get help for it unless I talk about it? I’m guessing the fear of it in every sense is keeping it alive.
  12. Hi guys, Hope you are all keeping safe and well during this difficult time with the Coronavirus. I’m just conscious of those like myself of us who will be more idle now and indoors and possibly in stressful situations at times. My reason for writing this even is just to look for some support and sorry for being selfish in doing that. I don’t like to but I just feel my intrusive worry bothering me so much and feel I need almost like a reset button to encourage me and help me move on with positivity and courage knowing ruminating about what I fear won’t help. Thanks friends...
  13. Is that not reassurance then dksea? Just thought it would be.
  14. My previous Therapist contactedme today to let me know Social Services called him and he asked did I give permission for them to do that and I said I did. He then texted me later to tell me that he told them I was the safest person in Ireland. God what a few weeks.
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