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  1. I already talked to my brother and he helped me to continue with my things, I'm still worried but I have to move on. Sorry for this and thank you
  2. Thank you but I feel like it's wrong for me to go on with my day. I feel that it is a bad sign
  3. I mean what about the future? If it costs me only a few exposures then ocd just goes away? I know I will continue to have this thoughts but they will be very few. Or will other obsessions come that will guide me to do other compulsions?
  4. I don't know what to say... it relieves me but if it's not ocd? I know it sounds like the typical thing a person with ocd would say but I don't know what else to think.
  5. No but it only cost me a few exposures, it's weird and I'm worried about it
  6. Well, I was exposing myself a few times but I feel that my mind no longer tells me anything when I expose myself. I don't understand it, I exposed myself very few times (twice a week in therapy for months) but I already feel that I can do it with ease This has happened with other compulsions, in very few exposures I can already do what I couldn't before. I don't understand what I have then.
  7. Thanks for helping me. It feels like an excuse, how else would I interpret it?. I'll talk to my psychologist to help me understand this more.
  8. But a certain part is true, I felt a groinal response when I kept reading it even knowing that he was younger than me. I know what you mean, to leave the feeling there and continue with what I was doing. But what happened was that I felt those sensations when I saw the character, it wasn't that I confused the situation
  9. I understand now what you mean. Thanks. But I just want to clarify that this situation is not really something that I wanted. It was awkward because he was younger than me, I don't want to seem like I agree with the sensations I had
  10. I did those two compulsions at other times where I didn't want to have them either. I don't understand what you mean, from my perspective I felt uncomfortable and I had a groinal response because of the situation, it really wasn't something I liked, although it felt real.
  11. Thanks for answering. For me it's still ugly, I stopped reading another comic because I also realized that a character was also younger than me by two years. I don't understand how I won't give importance to the groinal response if they are still there even though I don't want to, my only way to remove them is by changing my position or filling my mind with "stop".
  12. I already talked to my other friends and they told me it's normal, it's still uncomfortable for me anyway. I'm felt sorry for my reaction.
  13. I told my brother what happened and he told me it was normal, then I asked my friend the same thing and she told me it wasn't. For me it is not normal either. I stopped reading the manga so that makes me feel calmer. Well first I noticed how I felt when I continued reading it, then I avoided seeing the characters. I know maybe I've done some compulsion. But the problem does not stop there, I felt a groin response and I continued to feeling it after finding out that he was two years younger than me but I also started to feel uncomfortable.
  14. I really swear I don't think what just happened is part of my ocd. I'm scared
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