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  1. Hi there, I would like some help from a therapist to try and normalise our family routines - they are not great at the moment. Rather than a general therapist I would like someone who has good experience with helping family’s of OCD sufferers. Can anyone recommend anyone?
  2. Hi there, My son lives with us and he has bad ocd and cannot leave the house. He sleeps all day and is up all night. he cannot watch, listen or read anything due to his obsessions without one of us being present, so we (my wife and I, one at a time) have taken to staying up with him at night so he can watch TV for some respite. Obviously this is taking its toll but we feel very stuck and don’t know what to do. He is not engaged in treatment. But hopefully will talk to GP soon and is committed to taking meds as a first step. Any advice? I’m not sure I can do this much longer.
  3. What other coping mechanisms are there?
  4. That was a really helpful presentation - thank you
  5. As the father of someone suffering with OCD I find myself thinking about it all the time and trying to understand how to help my adult son - who currently lives with us, is housebound, sleeps all day and whose compulsions affect our day to day lives. Anyone got any tips on how to move to a more ‘normal’ state of affairs where I can think about it less and assert some of my needs in the house?
  6. Now that our adult son is back living with us we are working out how to live together. He is very withdrawn. Won’t go outside and seems quite depressed and hasn’t talked about getting a diagnosis or treatment with us yet. He is very demanding with his accommodations and can get very angry very quickly. He screams and shouts at us. Does anyone have any coping strategies?
  7. Update. He was having terrible time of it yesterday. i had a really good pep-talk with him to try and help him see that everyone (including him) except the illness wanted the same thing. From somewhere he found the energy and grit to pack his stuff and come with us it wasn’t easy, but he did it. I’m so proud of him. We finally made it home this morning. I know this is the beginning and not the end but thank you for the support on this post it has really helped me cope.
  8. Just an update on the situation. We are still here and he is taking his time trying to get sorted. He hasn’t started packing yet but he’s working up to it. we will stay here as long as it takes and just offer support.
  9. I just called 111 for some advice and he freaked out and now he’s saying he won’t come with us because he doesn’t trust us. i don’t think he can look after himself and I don’t want to leave him alone in his house all alone in case he tries to to hurt himself. i am at a loss.
  10. We did suggest coming back later for things, but there’s intrusive thoughts to do with leaving things and security. And we do live a long way away, which is making it harder for him. I would be fine going today and coming back tomorrow. He sees it as a barrier.
  11. Thanks - yes that’s we are doing. His girlfriend is doing an amazing job. He has explained his problem - not worth going into - we are just trying to be patient for now.
  12. New Development. we are with him now and he has agreed to come with us today (we have been talking about for the last few days so he is ‘ready’) he said to his girlfriend this morning that it was time to go home. we are now at his house trying to pack some of his things, but his ocd won’t let him let pack up and he’s now overwhelmed. we obviously don’t know what the right thing to do is, he really wants to come with but he’s not able. for now we are just going to wait until he is able to talk about it again. any advice appreciated.
  13. Many thanks - I will try the suggestions.
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