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  1. So sorry to read your son is suffering so much. Have you opened up to him about your own struggles with the illness? My son opened up to me when he was about 12 and told me he was getting harm intrusive thoughts. He had already gone through contamination OCD at the age of 5/6. It really helped him when i told him i suffered with intrusive thoughts too. I had not told him before. My son says he doesn't suffer with them anymore. He is now 18. I would also suggest your son tries therapy again. I had one therapist that didn't help at all but another one who helped more. However, personally i
  2. I also empathise Malina and Cora. OCD really takes away so much from your life if you let it. I have underachieved my whole life because of it, that fills me with regret and sadness if I think too much about it. Malina is right Cora, you need to get these assignments done. If you don't you will still be battling OCD but will fail your second year at university and have more issues. You really do need to be kinder to yourself and more understanding. You are kind to everyone else. You too Malina. It's ironic that people with OCD show such kindness and empathy to others but are so harsh on thems
  3. You was only a kid yourself. You suffered badly at the hands of your stepdad. Please do not torture yourself. You are not an abuser. Your siblings love you and you did not hurt them..u was only a little boy and a boy who was let down and who was abused. Please do not torture yourself further. Allow yourself to feel happiness you deserve it. You are a good person, move on in your life in a positive way xx
  4. Some people get very confused when drunk and like i mentioned earlier my brother and husband both did similar things. It would be more worrying if your daughter was in bed but she wasn't. Maybe adk him if he remembers the incident. He probably doesn't tbh. It's not the kind of subject easy to bring up as if he feels you are somehow accusing him of something very inappropriate it could end the relationship. Does he know about your ocd theme?
  5. You answered your own question. He was delirious. He probably had no idea where he was or why. Let it go. He did nothing wrong.
  6. I think you can delete it yourself if you want to. I just wanted to say..yes it is normal for some men to do that when drunk. My brother wee'd up my bedroom wall once when drunk and my hubby almost did it in our wardrobe once. It's fairly common when really drunk as obviously you get quite confused x
  7. Thanks again Malina. You have such a lovely way about you. You really are so empathetic and helpful. You would make the best therapist. Thank you for the congratulations. It was one of the proudest moments of my life when he got into Imperial. He wants to be a scientist. I really struggle with change. I did struggle with my OCD when the children were little but got it under control a lot easier than i can now with this issue. You are right, i do know what I need to do and hearing it from a fellow sufferer is helpful. I know therapists are knowledgeable but nobody knows what it's like to suffer
  8. I even manipulated what universities he applied for as I could not face the fear of him being away. He got into Imperial college London which was his first choice and closer to home but i did influence his second choice away from what he preferred. I know i cannot keep trying to do this and it's not fair but i am so scared of him coming to harm. He is almost 19 but i struggle letting go. I sm actually enjoying lockdown as my kids are in isn't that bad x
  9. Thank you so much Malina. Everything you say is completely right. I do cause him stress and I have impacted on his life which is what ultimately made me seek help. I kind of accepted my OCD had impacted negatively on my own life and ruined parts of it but realised it was wrong to impact negatively on his and the fact that i probably have already fills me with so much guilt. Your post is very helpful. The therapist said something similar but I feel you have put it much better. As you also suffer from OCD yourself I am sure you realise how incredibly hard i find this but I know I have to let go.
  10. So...I have suffered with OCD since i was around 10. I was always a worrier but after a traumatic event things got worse. I had intrusive thoughts which included thinking of inappropriate sexual things, fearing that everyone was a pervert, then convincing myself i was in fact one. I had harm ocd..i imagined i had hurt a lady at my work experience and when she was late in one day i thought maybe i had really done it..what relief when she showed up unscathed. I could not send a letter without opening it many times to check i didn't write something bad in it. I had intrusive thoughts of dropping
  11. It is all part of the same issue, OCD. From my experience OCD changes according to what life changes have occured ie when you have children it probably would then attach itself to them. Pocd is a common one. The key is to really work on reducing the compulsions. You need to stop ruminating as this always makes everything worse. You will make these irrational thoughts stick if you keep going over them and trying to work them out. Let this go. I know it's harder said than done but if you keep thinking deeply about it it will just become a bigger issue. Try to refocus when you find yourself rumi
  12. Just A. You have been through such traumatic events in your life a and it is not surprising your mental health has suffered as a result. You are NOT your dad. You have never hurt anyone and nor would you. The memories of hurting those innocents are utterly false..you are just punishing yourself for someone elses evil deeds. Your dad was a bad man bad man but you are a good man. Maybe you Also have ptsd? You Really need to find the right help. You deserve to be happy and to find peace. You have a guardian angel Looking out for you hence the lady on the bridge. Your dad has ruined enough do not
  13. It is OCD and you are not a monster. Sensations are part of ocd as much as thoughts are. Your compulsions are keeping your ocd alive and feeding it.
  14. I looked it up. Sounds like you went through a very tough time although it didn't fully explain it. OCD certainly can be very complex
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