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  1. Your ocd is at play here.. you have ocd about contamination and it has switched to what if the kids get thread worms?? Which is an ocd question try and treat all intrusive thoughts of this nature as ocd ignore the doubt and what if and refocus. Compulsion over analysisng reassurance seeking trying to find solutions to a problem that has not or may not happen
  2. Hi you can get more than one theme of obsession. Intrusive thoughts and obsessions can latch on to any subject any thought that causes you fear and feels like a threat. You treat all intrusive thoughts as ocd and resist the urge to listen thoughts and doubts. Then resist the compulsions which can be over analysising disecting reassurance seeking rumminating confessing and refocus you energy. Keep doing this until it lifts and weakens. Hope this helps a little .🙏
  3. Is this my ocd up yo old tricks would really appreciate a little feed back as i feel anxious xx
  4. I have been doing really well and i decided to come from 40 to 30 on my medication i see a therapist every 8 to 9 weeks and i am 2 weeks in smaller does i have been quite anxious. Last session We are only dealing with triggers atm. We were discussing my work which can be really stressfull and the therapist was role modelling if this situation happens etc how do we nip it in the bud so it does not turn ocd. I felt it was quite sharp and i prefer to be polite and then nip it in the bud my own way. My ocd has started to kick i did not do it her way etc and then another stronger part of me is saying she is there to guide me not tell me what to do i have a strong feeling this is ocd debating as she was only trying to guide. Also because i decided to reduce my meds i consulted doc not her i am ocd about that. I dont want this line of thought to ruin my good work. As when i am out on my own i belive in making my own decisions think ocd is having a field day xx
  5. Thank you both so much your right with ocd thinking and demanding certainty i need to soften the all are nothing thinking. Hopefully i will get back on track this week. Have a good week xx
  6. My compulsion are rumminatng i try to find the answer i over analysis and disect i test myself and my character. Doing weights boxing although i do enjoy staying fit and only box on bags occassionaly and enjoy it too. I do feel it is part of me reassurring my as a way of protection. I then belife the intrusive thoughts at times and feel sick. If i see it as ocd and not react i gwt better then the stiuation is used as part of the debate xx
  7. Thank you polar bear its embarrassing for me to read what ive wrote i know the reaction is ocd related but the intrusive thoughts are hard to ignore. I want to belive i am a strong confident woman despite feeling intimidated or crying at that occasion but the thoughts keep intruding how can you be if you felt this way is etc intrusive thoughts and doubt make it difficult to belife in me. Then when the stick and dont go away it makes me feel bad xx
  8. Tough few ocd days going over old ground and making me doubt myself. Ocd going over a situation from a year ago and will not let it go. I had a row on a nite out with a cousin and because i felt intimidated by the situation i think thats why i cried cause i knew it was going to far. I was very drunk i just remeber the feeling. I have ocd so it latched on hard. my job is to empower woman and build confidence and self esteem and these things are important to me so my ocd had analysised the life outta of it. I have put this up before so i am sorry ..its just it lifts when i see it as ocd and not me an do positive affirmations. Then it comes back when i try to reassure myself its ocd and i am a strong confident woman then the intrusive thoughts and doubts say why did you cry why where you intiminated etc. I go to gym and was boxing with my hubby and i was reassurance seeking. Do i hit hard enough would i be able to protect myself if i had to etc. It is very embarrassing and laughable if it did not stick and caz the pain in my mind. I want to belive i am able to protect and i do hit hard on the bags but its never enough and the what ifs continue this is important. Please what would help me see the wood for the trees what would counter act how i felt that night help me belife in me a let this rubbish go xxx
  9. Taurean you are a very kind person taking the time out to reply to my post I am sure you are a very valued member on here. I have had OCD a very long time and do well in combating it mostly but when I start to feed it it grows and gets stuck and refocusing is key in this situation but when it goes as far a a week it's like a rat on a wheel. It has so benefited me to see it laid out like you have thank you so much for lifting me up ...
  10. Thank you taurean I have been having an intrusive thought about a real event that happened it was a year ago was speaking to my therapist about it a week ago we have 8 weekly appointments now which is great but it's just latched on to the subject again and because it was real event OCD has latched on and it's harder for me to disregard I have been doing so well but this has stuck solid for over a week now I am so anoid. If I treat it as ocd if be fine. I had a drunken words with my cousin one nite and she was agressive with me I cried as too much to drink I am mostly confident outgoing and assertive. OCD latched on am I weak or strong could I handle it is she attacked me I a strong enough to take a stand was crying a weakness do others think I am weak etc etc. It's ridiculous even when I try to tell myself I am only human being scared doesn't mean weak. I go to the gym to burn stress and find myself doing weights or boxing etc as a way to reassure myself that id be able to take care of myself but the doubt goes around and around. Need to see it as ocd and doubt and belive in myself can't shift gear seams so important really embarrassing and laughable to see it in black and white.
  11. Intrusive thoughts keep intruding the past few days whatever I do to shift them it's like they won't let go there are stuck in gear. Then the doubt is so strong it's hard to shift the gear. The same thing over and over. it tough sometimes xx hope it lifts soon
  12. I really appreciate this post today I come on the forum when I am having a tough week which I have OCD wise this week. I must keep ignoring not buying into the ocd and refocusing hopeful it will lift again very soon had 5 good weeks ocd in control and two were it on top of me. It may win the battle sometimes but we will win the war thank you for your solid fantastic advise
  13. What a Great post very informative and accurate seeing all intrusive thoughts as ocd and refocusing works well for me. I really appreciate this post today thank you the tough part is OCD latches on to everything. Mine questions myself and becomes intrusive gets stuck and when it reached this stage every time I refocus away it pulls me back in. On a good run I can refocus easily any tips on ignoring the doubts when it feels so real and you get stuck thank you
  14. It's typical OCD when you want to relax or enjoy something it flares up like a bully ignore the thoughts and refocus each time don't listen to it .
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