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  1. Hi threadworms are not too common, but they are easily treated. My grandson had them once, but with treatment they were quickly. Just wash hands after using the toilet and you will be fine. Lots of kids unfortunately scratch their bottoms. This doesn’t always mean they have worms. I am seeing a new therapist next week for contamination OCD, I really feel for you it’s horrible, we have to try and keep going. Are you having any treatment?? Take care x
  2. Hi Malina, yes I think you are right, it will be quite frightening though, feeling really low today thank you for all your support today. Xx
  3. Hi Malina, thanks for replying, I know that I cannot keep asking for things to be wiped before I touch them. I just fold up with fear. Logically I know it’s not needed, but the panic is horrible.This morning there was something small and black on the hall carpet, and I trod on it, it triggered my fear it could be dog poop or bird poop trod in , to top it off my vacuum cleaner has broken. Anyway I had to ask him to wipe my foot , he went mad and threw things , I cried forever it seemed. He said he is just so frustrated with me and ocd. X
  4. My ocd, and when I ask him to help me or wipe something I can’t touch which to be fair can be a lot on bad days. X
  5. Hi everyone, As you probably know I have contamination OCD, I have managed to get some private therapy starting on Wednesday, my husband is getting so angry with me at the moment, he is getting so frustrated with me and OCD, can anyone relate to this please. Thanks Xx
  6. Well said Ashley, and very true, thank you. Xx
  7. Thanks everyone for your replies Thanks for your replies, Xx
  8. Hi Belanna, I to have contamination OCD, I understand what you are saying, all Ocd affects us all in different ways. I would love my Ocd to just go, unfortunately it seems to take quite a while, it would be great to take a magic pill, and that was that. It is not a quick fix, though how I wish it was. Are you having therapy now? I did but it has now finished and I can’t re apply for six months, unless I go private. Which can be expensive. Take care. X
  9. I understand how you are feeling I would be the same, it’s not nice to panic like this, I do feel for you. We always think the worst don’t we? I have just posted my panic on the forum. Keep going and try to not let ocd win.
  10. Hi everyone, hope you’re having a good day today, I have found myself in a nightmare, our neighbors kindly stored some items in his shed for us. These items were out of our car boot that were contaminated to me. I had parked in my daughters street when it was raining and went past dog poop. My worst nightmare ever. Our car was taken off us, due to my husbands benefits being stopped, ( he has since won an appeal hope to have a car again in October), for some reason the neighbors came around today with said items , !!!!!!!!!!! My husband went to the front door so to me he is now contaminated. Oh my god I’m really panicked now, this is my ultimate exposure therapy to deal with. I have got to shower yet, but am really scared of going by my husband now. Sorry but I’ve had to vent and I know people will understand on this forum. Thank you for reading this, xxx Take care everyone. X
  11. So sorry people just really needed advice. X
  12. Thank you both hadn’t really thought about it like that just panicked. I was also thinking of them walking by dog poop. Silly I know but it feels so very real.
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