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  1. Really good words to read and digest. Thankyou. X❤️❤️
  2. Hi Ashley, I suffer just like you used to, as regards to contamination and having to shower and change clothes, my therapist is ringing me in two weeks time then unfortunately my sessions have finished. How did you improve, what did you do??? I’m really struggling with this OCD and anxiety and fear and so on. Did you have a private therapist??? Thankyou. Xx
  3. Hi Malina, yes that is good Advice, I know what I should be doing and thinking really, just hate feeling like this is a nightmare and will never end.Sorry just quite low at the moment. Thankyou for caring. Xx
  4. Hi Malina , sorry for the delay in replying, yes I am doing exposure therapy but really struggling with the anxiety, and fears about it. I have to keep going though. Xx
  5. Hi everyone, I suffer from severe contamination OCD and anxiety, I don’t have any confidence or believe in my self at all. How do I get it back?? I continually doubt my self. I’m sure my OCD would be so much better if I believed in me. Any advice please, thank you. Xxx
  6. Hi everyone, Well the Wetroom starts on Mon, so no shower or sink until Friday. Not looking forward to this at all. My husband said he trod soil in on his shoe and doormat, this was cleaned off, but he put his dirty shoe away in cupboard by my shoes , I immediately thought it was dog poo, now I darent wear my shoes. He has since cleaned his shoe. Trouble is if I put my shoes on it will be hell, I’ll feel as though I have dog poo on my feet. I’m so in despair with contamination OCD and anxiety, and so fed up why do I think these things?????? Wish I could just be happy and normal like. Feel really low, and tearful. Sorry but had to talk to you all. What do I do???? .,
  7. Brilliant video PB xxxx
  8. Brilliant post PB, well explained. Xxxx
  9. Thankyou for your help, and huge hug, you are all lovely. Xxx❤️❤️❤️
  10. Thankyou for your replies, it’s nice to have people wanting to help, Thanks again xxx
  11. Hi everyone, I am still struggling with contamination OCD, I know !!!! Sorry all , new Wetroom being started on 18 March , still dreading this, no shower facilities for a week. Also condenser needs cleaning in dryer, another problem, due to tracking and connecting. HATE HATE OCD WITH A PASSION, Feel so isolated, just really want to see my daughters and grandchildren, I just want a hug from them , but unfortunately they seem to think staying away will give me motivation to get better, but I suppose I’m being selfish, still wish they would call. They don’t want the grandchildren to be involved with OCD, like they were in their childhood. Why oh why do I let my contamination thoughts win. Sorry to sound off , thanks for reading xx❤️
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