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  1. Hi Hal, thanks for your reply, I have had help then circumstances happened and I had to stop therapy, hoping to start again soon, xxx
  2. Hi everyone, I have been having a drink ( alcohol) to give me more confidence, but I’ve been more anxious. I read that drinking with Paroxitine can stop it working. Has anyone else had this happen ? Thanks xx❤️
  3. Thanks for sharing your story, keep going xx❤️❤️
  4. Hi everyone, this may seem a daft question but here goes, how do you get some confidence back and believe in your self. My contamination OCD has been terrible this week. I feel a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach.will I ever feel (normal) again and start to enjoying my life again. I’m scared of my own shadow at the moment. Thanks xx❤️❤️
  5. Thankyou Closed for repairs, xx
  6. Hi everyone, I still struggle with eating meat , or fish, or even eggs. I want to eat these things but, darent. Just being by these foods panics me. I used to love dinners , but dread them now.I feel utterly defeated. Xx
  7. Hopefully, yes. Thanks for your help and support, still have contamination worries popping up in my head , because my husband had to take our dog to the vets, & I worry all the time that he’s gone near dog poop. Seems I get over something for something else to take its place , Ahhhhhh.!!!!!? Xx
  8. Thanks everyone who took the time to reply to me, I really appreciate it. Well plants now gone , , shower done , no cleaning the shower . Relieved. OCD sucks.xx❤️
  9. Thanks Hal I know I’m over the top, it’s just the fear factor, it’s so high,I’m so so scared. I know I’ve got to try and be stronger than the OCD. XXX
  10. Thank you PolarBear and paradoxer for your replies, but surely this is fact, we know these plants are very toxic. I m not just thinking they are without proof. Hope I’ve explained it ok. They say wear gloves and goggles to handle them . Thanks xx
  11. Hi everyone, hope you’re all good, I have had a horrible week, a complete nightmare. My husband inadvertently purchased some lovely looking plants for outside called ANGELS TRUMPETS, we’ve since found out they are very poisonous, Everytime we let our little dog out I’m terrified. It’s worse now it’s so wet too. We are trying to pay someone to remove them, and are waiting on a reply from them. My husband wanted to remove them and then have a shower, but I cannot let him, I would never go into the bathroom again. I really need a confidence boost. Sorry in advance I needed to vent, and to see if anyone else has been in a situation like this. Xx
  12. Brilliant, well done, be very proud of yourself. Xx
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