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  1. Thanks I can certainly have a go. Xx
  2. Hi everyone, here we are once more!!!! As you know I suffer from severe contamination OCD, today has been extremely wet. I have done some positive things that seemed impossible, they were Christmas cards that I thought I would have to throw away. I managed with support from my daughter and husband to use them and write them. But then my husband got some dog poop up in the rain then took a rubbish bag to the skip on our complex. They are emptied tomorrow morning. He Changed his clothes when he came back, but has to leave his surgical stockings on due to fluid buildup in his legs. I have to shower later myself and I dread it but need a shower, I need to take shower gel in but will need to wash the gel container before use. I have started to sing to myself in the shower, I now have a private therapist seeing me she started on Friday . My bedroom is my sanctuary where I usually feel safe, but I’m so frightened that I will contaminate it, after my shower. I struggle to believe in myself and trust my self too. Sorry for the long post.xx
  3. Hi Malina, really good post, keep going, it’s easy to say I know but you give other people HOPE, thankyou xx
  4. Hi everyone, sorry to complain, but I feel I don’t know where to turn, my contamination OCD has reached new heights this week or so. The nurse is coming out today to take bloods for my diabetes check, I’m so worried because it’s raining and her bagd may be wet, also her shoes etc, when she comes in to my living room. My showers are hell again too. Tree has been some sad times regarding death in the family, someone I know has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. They think the trigger to my OCD was losing my grandad who I was extremely close to years ago started my OCD. I just feel I don’t believe in my self, WHY ???? I can’t see my therapist yet, as Im waiting on some money. I take peroxatine (seroxat) I was ashamedly drinking too much alcohol but have stopped now. Sorry to vent just had to. Thanks x❤️
  5. Thanks Lollipop, good advice, I am so grateful for anyone taking the time to reply. Take care too xx❤️
  6. Thanks for your reply, you are so very reliable for advice, yes I know you’re right and I do feel absolutely like sh,,t. I need to trust my self more much more. It’s so hard to do this. Thanks again xx👍👍❤️
  7. Hi everyone, this has been a horrendous week for me, I be not been well with a virus I think and my OCD is always worse, my husband is at the end of his tether, he spoke about divorce. This horrified me, I need some therapy but am waiting on some PPI money. I need to be stronger but as you know it’s so so hard. My husband took some bags of rubbish to our communal skips , he then removed his trousers and top put them in the washer, ut he’d left some water in the washing up bowl, then he topped the water up and washed some dishes, he had left some washed dishes on the drainer, he then dryed the dishes and put them away in cupboards now I’m convinced that all the dishes and cupboards are contaminated. This is because of his clothes going near the water he used. The washer is right by the sink etc. I’m so anxious and worried, please any advice. Thanks xxx💕❤️💕
  8. Hi Hal, thanks for your reply, I have had help then circumstances happened and I had to stop therapy, hoping to start again soon, xxx
  9. Hi everyone, I have been having a drink ( alcohol) to give me more confidence, but I’ve been more anxious. I read that drinking with Paroxitine can stop it working. Has anyone else had this happen ? Thanks xx❤️
  10. Thanks for sharing your story, keep going xx❤️❤️
  11. Hi everyone, this may seem a daft question but here goes, how do you get some confidence back and believe in your self. My contamination OCD has been terrible this week. I feel a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach.will I ever feel (normal) again and start to enjoying my life again. I’m scared of my own shadow at the moment. Thanks xx❤️❤️
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