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  1. Thanks Angst, my mum hasn’t got carers , GP has prescribed mum anti depressants but they are not working yet.We are waiting for dad to get carers back in, they said they would keep him on the list, now they say he has to have another assessment,,, We have telephoned many times. I am proud of my daughters, Thank you xx
  2. Thank you Malina dog poo is a big fear of mine. X
  3. Hi everyone hope you’re all well, I would really appreciate some advice please, my parents are in their eighties and my mum has been not well at all and extremely worried about Covina virus. We have since discovered she has been having hypos in the night, she is on insulin but hasn’t been eating enough. The GP has cut her insulin down, and we are monitoring her blood sugar.My parents are not coping very well, my dad had a accident with his back and walks with a frame. Carers were stopped due to them worrying about covid virus. My two daughters are helping a lot, my CONTAMINATION OCD has been shocking, I am needed to help. The problem is That I haven’t been out and driving for weeks, ever since I thought I had driven past dog poo on the grass verge at my parents, I then went on my parents drive and my dad came over to me , I opened my window and now I darent get in my car until all controls and seat belt etc have been wiped with anti bac, When I drive I am constantly scanning the pavement and roads and kerbs. My brother has been up from Bromsgrove and stayed with them, but has to go back tomorrow. I feel so guilty but terrified, as I have to go to them. I don’t want to make things more stressful, Help xx
  4. Hi Gemma7, thank you for your help today, you are very kind, I will show my husband your reply , hope you’re having a good day. Xx

  5. Thank you for your reply Cub , take care, xx
  6. Hi everyone hope you’re all keeping well at this time. I am having a nightmare at the moment with contamination ocd, I’ve suffered for many years, I have had small brown little mushrooms or fungi growing between our slabs in the back garden, I looked them up and found out that they are poisonous. Oh my god my anxiety is through the roof, I darent let my husband go out to remove them, I don’t want him to go anywhere near them. He has to wear support stockings all the time, and only changes them every couple of days. So I can’t take the risk that his stockings or trousers may touch them. Then he could contaminate the bathroom, etc, and when I am wet I fear all things will stick to me more. I am having to pay for a private therapy as the wait is too long for the NHS. We had to have our little dog put to sleep 5 weeks ago too, she was 14 years old. I feel so scared of everything at the moment, there’s something I dread in every room of our flat at the moment. Sorry to off load like this . X
  7. Hi all, I have contamination ocd really severe, it’s got really intense again and I’m having terrible anxiety, that just wont go away. I am on Sertraline now instead of . Paroxatine. What can I do as I feel worse. Thanks in advance x
  8. Thank you for your replies, really appreciate it. X
  9. Hi all, I have contamination ocd and it’s really intense at the moment, I’ve been prescribed Sertraline, but don’t feel it’s helping, my OCD has gone on for 25 years plus. Does anyone else have this type, and if so what meds helped you. I am paying to see a psychologist at the moment as the wait on NHS is 40 weeks. I was on paroxatine before but was told it had probably stopped working for me. I feel so hopeless and my confidence has gone completely. Thanks x
  10. Hi all, has anyone had any experiences taken Sertraline meds, did they help you, I have contamination ocd. I would be grateful for any help and advice thank you all. X
  11. Hi all, really sorry I’ve not been on line for a while, had really bad relapse, changed tablets from paroxatine to sertaline it’s been hell and still is. Anxiety is unrelenting, anyone else had this problem. Waiting time on NHS is 40 weeks so paying to see psychologist on Saturday as I’m so desperate, I’ve never felt so bad I was told paroxatinehad stopped working after 25 years, and no change, I have been on sertaline since Christmas, but feel terrible still. I will be grateful for any advice please. Thanks xx
  12. Thanks I can certainly have a go. Xx
  13. Hi everyone, here we are once more!!!! As you know I suffer from severe contamination OCD, today has been extremely wet. I have done some positive things that seemed impossible, they were Christmas cards that I thought I would have to throw away. I managed with support from my daughter and husband to use them and write them. But then my husband got some dog poop up in the rain then took a rubbish bag to the skip on our complex. They are emptied tomorrow morning. He Changed his clothes when he came back, but has to leave his surgical stockings on due to fluid buildup in his legs. I have to shower later myself and I dread it but need a shower, I need to take shower gel in but will need to wash the gel container before use. I have started to sing to myself in the shower, I now have a private therapist seeing me she started on Friday . My bedroom is my sanctuary where I usually feel safe, but I’m so frightened that I will contaminate it, after my shower. I struggle to believe in myself and trust my self too. Sorry for the long post.xx
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