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  1. Thanks Bigdave for your reply, Take care xx
  2. Thanks for your reply Armadillo22, it’s very kind of you. Xx
  3. Hi everyone hope you’re all well as can be, it’s a horrible time at the moment. I have contamination OCD and I am really struggling to trust and believe my own judgment. My mum who is my world seems to have some short term memory loss. We are waiting on a diagnosis for dementia. It’s so hard to accept how different she is at times and the worst thing is I can’t get her back to how she was. It all came on very quickly for my mum. Just can’t believe it. Thanks for reading this, sending lots of hugs to whoever needs them, take care.xx
  4. Thanks Hazydaze, for your kind words, it really helps.X
  5. Hi everyone hope you’re all well, I have had a rough time lately, since our beloved dog had to be put asleep, cats have appeared in our garden, we have purchased a sonic cat scarer, and it appeared to be working. I am terrified that the cats have pooped, in the garden on the soil, This is really horrific to me, I can’t cope with my husband going in the garden and then coming in by me. I do realise that this is illogical, but I can’t get my brain to listen I haven’t seen or spoke to my therapist for 3 weeks, this didn’t help, but he has to have a holiday. We are still supporting my elderly parents, and are waiting for a diagnosis re dementia for my mum. It has been stressful as it is. Just needed to get it off my chest, sorry. Thanks for reading.xx ps I have seen a cat in my garden this morning.
  6. Well done you’re doing brilliant, I suffer from chronic contamination OCD too, you are so brave .👍👍👍👍👍👍
  7. Thanks Polarbear for your advice, Take care.x
  8. Hi everybody, I hope you’re all well, I suffer from contamination OCD, I’m really trying to stop my compulsions, I am really struggling but determined. How do you not do your compulsions when you feel so bad xx
  9. Hi thanks for your reply, yes I am aware of what I should be doing, I am just struggling at the moment. X
  10. Hi thanks for your reply, but I dont know what you mean. Xx
  11. Hi everyone hope you’re all well, I haven’t been on for a while. My mum has been quite ill, physically and mentally. We have had to deal with so many problems, to get the help she required, but I think we have finally done it. My contamination OCD has not been good, but I have managed to get out of the flat and drive again, to my parents, my daughters have been fantastic helping whenever, one of them has had to go back to work now, so it is down to my self and my daughter, carers go into mum 4 Times a day. I have really been out of my comfort zone, but I’ve not once let anyone down, once. I have made my self do things that I haven’t done for years, I have cried buckets, I have shook so bad, I have sweated beyond normal, I still scan the pavement, roads etc when driving and sometimes have to drive around the block again to check it’s nothing dangerous that I have seen. I have had some long and horrendous showers, when I return home. I speak with my therapist once a week on the telephone. I still don’t feel comfortable doing the same jobs in my own home, I feel tremendous pressure, but can’t do them yet. My husband isn’t always very patient with me, but never mind. My fears are discarded food, rubbish, dog and cat poo, just driving past any of these makes me feel covered in it, even though I am in my car. It’s very hard not to give in on everything, but I am trying really really hard. Thank you for reading this long post. X
  12. Well said 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️
  13. Thanks Cub you’re very kind. Xx
  14. Thank you for your help everyone, xxx
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