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  1. You could have ridden your bike or gone swimming without OCD. There is nothing positive about having OCD.
  2. Quit telling yourself you've abused. That would be a start. If those are intrusive thoughts, then hunker down, figure out your compulsions and work to curb and stop them.
  3. Of course it's OCD. What your mom did or didn't do is irrelevant. It's OCD that you are trying to figure out what happened. It's OCD to even ask her if the pillow went near the TV. It's irrelevant. Your mom could have smeared the pillow all over the TV and it wouldn't matter. This is entirely you and your OCD. In the future, your mom should refuse to answer such questions like, did A get near B. More to the point, wanting the pillow cleaned was likely unnecessary and a compulsion. Wanting her to do it was a compulsion. Wanting her to wait so you could monitor how she did it was a compulsion.
  4. I do not believe you have found a bunch of people whose obsessions have come true. Doesn't happen. Either you are misinterpreting what they are saying, they never had OCD in the first place, or they're lying. I have been here for about five years. Talked to hundreds upon hundreds of people. You know how many fall into the category you described? None. You really need to take malina's words to heart. You are abusing this forum and yourself. It's time for that to stop.
  5. I've told you quite a few times that if you want to get past this, go ahead and say the words out loud. You are so worried about doing it accidentally that you really should say them on purpose. I know this sounds wrong but it's how you beat OCD at its own game. You of course need to adhere to a no compulsion rule after saying your feared words out loud.
  6. I'm going to be the contrarian here. I advise you to stop giving blood. You know they check all donated blood for HIV and other diseases. You know you would be called if any disease was detected. So, every time you give blood and don't get a call, you are getting reassurance that you don't have HIV. Reassurance is a compulsion. Compulsions prolong your suffering. In this case, you need to think about yourself before others. You are in charge of your mental health and you must do what's best for you. No testing, of any kind.
  7. Not to put too fine a point on it, but you have NO proof. None. Your alleged proof is the result of a mental disorder fixating on irrelevant thoughts.
  8. Yes you can but compulsions will keep you wondering.
  9. Stop trying to figure it out. That just feeds your OCD. Let it go and do something else.
  10. Stop doing everything you've been doing. No more checking security settings. No more deleting accounts. No more everything. You are cauding your distress by doing these compulsions. Slow down and stop the compulsions and get your mind onto other things and the distress will start to ease.
  11. Of course it's hard. But over time it does get easier.
  12. Hi there. You have yourself in a pickle. Did you ever think you have an eating disorder because you have OCD? With your drinking ritual, I can't imagine what you'd go through if you wanted a sandwich. The simple answer to your question is that you are causing all the problems by continuing to do the rituals (compulsions). Every time you do them, you reinforce the belief in your mind that your fear is real and that you need to continue doing more compulsions. I'll state the obvious that only drinking milk twice a day is FAR worse than accidentally ingesting something when you eat/drink. Your health is at risk and you csn seriously end up in hospital. Part of you knows that itbis dtupid to think running your tongue over your teeth will affect anything. But that's OCD for you slways irrational. What to do? You have to change how you think and behave. You need to start reslizing that the fear you have of accidentally ingesying something is all a big lie and not a problem. Behaviorally, you need to change your ritual and continually decrease it until there is no ritual. You do this slowly but surely.
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