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  1. Stop trying to rationalize. That's a compulsion. OCD sucks you back in with thoughts. Leave it alone. Completely alone.
  2. What you need to do about the mirror is nothing. Get on with your day. Get busy doing other things.
  3. Everything you did and contemplated doing are compulsions and they do make your situation worse.
  4. We don't really know what causes OCD. Genetics may play a role for some people. Stress? Perhaps it could be a contributing factor but lots of people experience stress and never develop OCD. Some sufferers can pinpoint an event that started their disorder off but it's hard to say it wouldn't have started then anyway without the event taking place.
  5. It's called tunnel vision and it's common. Give yourself a break.
  6. Do you believe the several billion other people out there that look at porn are terrible people?
  7. So many sufferers get intrusive thoughts like, what if it's not OCD? Those what ifs can be dismissed as irrelevant too. Yes, reducing your overall anxiety will help. So will ignoring the sensations and thoughts. Takes a lot of practice but it is the way to go.
  8. Precisely. If you fixate on a body part, you can start feeling sensations in that body part. It's all anxiety related. Anxiety can lead to a lot of different ailments. Solution? Work on not fixating. Get your mind on other things. Research reducing your anxiety, too.
  9. Summer, look at this: An obsession is an intrusive thought, image, urge, impulse, feeling or sensation that causes distress. So, you can have an intrusive urge just like an intrusive thought. Lots of sufferers get intrusive urges. They're just another obsession.
  10. How will you forget the error? Start by realizing the error doesn't exist. There was no error. There is no correct way to step on a mat. Your mind is telling you that a mistake was made, but guess what? Your mind is capable of lying to you. It's lying about the mat and likely many other things. Your job is to realize the lies exist and stop paying attention to them.
  11. That's what OCD is: when thoughts become stuck and you fixate on them. But you don't have to. You can leave them alone.
  12. This is so dangerous to someone suffering from OCD. It is patently false information and can send a sufferer into a spiral of doubt and anxiety. Ottoni, your actions, thoughts and doubts are very normal when it comes to sexual obsessions. And yes, they are normal when the subject is children. The paranoia you feel about police coming after you is also perfectly normal. I've spoken to many people who have been in the same boat. My advice to you is leave this alone. Let it go. Stop Googling. Get your mind on other things, like life.
  13. No. That's what I mean by faking it. Just go through the motions to begin with. With time, you replace the negative chatter with positive.
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