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  1. Handy, you are most unhelpful. Telling a sufferer their fears are true is alarming and dangerous. The fact is, reality is much, much better than OCD makes it out to be.
  2. If the thoughts and emotions caused by OCD didn't feel real, we wouldn't have a disorder. Sufferers would be able to easily dismiss the thoughts.
  3. Good news, Nikki. You're taking charge. A big, positive step.
  4. Contamination only exists in your mind. No one else would do anything about this.
  5. Nobody just does the right things, Nikki. You try, you fail, you try again, you fail again, you succeed, you fail. On it goes. Progress comes in fits and spurts. But, you eventually get it. And it suddenly gets easier. Although we all say recovery is relatively simple, it is by no means easy. It's really hard. Perhaps the biggest thing is just to try.
  6. You said there's stuff all over your room. Faulty OCD thinking. It's simply not true. That's what part of your brain wants you to believe but you can choose to ignore it. I mean, come on. You're an average guy. You aren't covered in poop from head to toe. You aren't more poop susceptible than anyone else. By the way, stop smelling your fingers. It's a compulsion.
  7. I here ya. But I'm not sure how you get to that place without trying, repeatedly. You did do it once before.
  8. Your therspist was not right for you then. The content of the obsessions is irrelevant. All forms of OCD are treated the same way.
  9. Oh I know, Nikki, but you do resist what you are being told. You never know. A new med might help.
  10. Well, Nicky, we've been telling you what you need to do for weeks and it hasn't sunk in. Now whose problem is that?
  11. You've had dread for years about your dog and other things and nothing has happened. I think the communication line between you and god is broken.
  12. Two compulsions you did: asking who he had been kissing and telling your partner. You're likely ruminating like crazy too. Let it go.
  13. Frankly, there are no other proven techniques for dealing with OCD.
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