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  1. Ah good ol' False Memory. It provides you with a relatively unpleasant choice: ruminate on the thoughts or sit in this purgatory of anxiety. Obviously the second is far better, but no less uncomfortable. I personally feel I'm making good progress, though I've yet to incorporate mindfulness in to my life. Hope you're progressing too O/P!
  2. Hello! Could you expand a little bit more on your question? Are you asking if you should deliberately think of the thoughts themselves or of the fact you're having the thoughts (if that makes sense)? Hopefully then myself and others can provide advice.
  3. Good afternoon all! I hope you're all doing well. For a few weeks I've been weighing up whether ERP or CBT is the best course of tackling my OCD. Of course everyone is different and not every approach serves as a 'one size fits all'. I'm looking today at trying some ERP, essentially thinking my thoughts deliberately while not undergoing any compulsions. I recognise that anxiety is a constant feature and I recognise my compulsions, both mental and physical. Does anyone else try this on a regular basis? I'm unsure of how long I'm to do this for... is it like a mediati
  4. Good afternoon all and Happy Easter! My name's Harry and I've had OCD for more or less three years, but most likely longer I suspect! I look forward to being an active member of this forum and hope to help a soul or two, and get a very pointers in return. Before I start, I have recently referred myself for CBT and have ordered the book 'Break Free from OCD'. I look forward to both, can't come quick enough! Anyhow, I've over the last few weeks really started to recognise my compulsions, even the things I didn't think were. There is a lot of advice and tips on OCD, a f
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