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  1. But the problem here is that its actually true. Its true that a person causes more harm in a lifetime than what they can make up for. Our Co2 footprint is of such high amounts there is no way we can make up for it. And if it was just about me then it would be okish. but i chose to get 2 kids who have not chosen to be here, and for some antinatlism dude to confront me if it was a ethical and wise choice to get children, this really got me started thinking. Right now im constantly thinking how i can make my children have an effect on the world once they grow older so that they were not her
  2. I get what you are saying. Its just that i feel like its my responsibility to atleast do what i can do. I also Already contacted a counselor, but waiting times here are about 6+ months. So in the meantime ill have to get by on myself.
  3. I really want to know how you would deal with this. I recently posted on a vegan reddit group. I talked about where I might want to live (countryside) and that I would like to teach my children a few things about nature and how to deal with nature, etc. Now I got a response from someone there that had nothing to do with the question I asked but was about why I have children and how I can see that as 'ethically' justified, because children still need food and products which also contribute to animal suffering directly or indirectly. Now this has put me in a s
  4. Been having false memories i guess over last night.... I went and slept in my sons room whose 2 years old. He had trouble sleeping and was crying, so i layed a mattress besides his bed/crib and layed on it. But it did not work, so i took him out and layed him besides me on the matrass. This morning i woke up with what some might call a 'morning' erection, as a man i sometimes get those, But this time it had made me question why it happened exactly this morning with my son laying in my arms, i feel so bad that it even got to the point that I'm getting 'memories'? Of me molesting him last n
  5. uhmm. i dont know for sure... and no i would not nec. think they are monsters but just becoming a 'victim' to this platform which knows how to 'attract' more men into watching the vids i guess? It just feels so diffrent towards me, and i cant explain why exactly.
  6. Well no, but they prob did not get aroused by them?
  7. Hi all, I just can't seem to shake off the thought that i might have done something terrible by looking at the Instagram videos and pictures of woman with minimal clothes on, dancing or in any way trying to look 'sexy' which worked like a charm. But since a couple of days i found out that instagram is for 13 years and above, and so i also must have seen pics / vids on the explore tab that were from woman / girls under 18 and me still enjoying it. what do i do now? i cant accept the fact that visited the explore page on regular base, and mainly did so because of the good looking woman
  8. but how can i move on from this without knowing for sure?
  9. Hi all. For a while now I've had this unhealthy habit of scrolling trough instagram and checking pictures and videos of woman/girls that dance in a sexy way. Or any other material that is aexually provoking. Now during the scrolling I began to wonder if none om those woman / girls are under age, and i checked the min age required and it is set to 13! This scared the hell out of me and I now am certain I must have seen some videos or pocs from woman that are under 18 aswell and me still getting turned on from those pic's. Lately I've been questioning the age of some of these w
  10. I I just remembered that our cat food is also stored in the same closet. And is not sealed of. The cat food is made out of dried food. It's really expensive food (60 euros for a bag). And last week came in. Should I discard it and buy new food for the cats so they won't get poisened? I do have to comment that it's always been the place where we stores the cat food. My wife won't let me throw it away, she also won't let me order new food before the current batch is done. I feel as if I'm poisening our cats deliberately if I Don't throw it away.
  11. what to do? I am very strict about the best before date of products and how to store them etc. Now it is true that we have a bag of potatoes in a small storage room that also contains a number of cleaning products and, for example, engine oil. this space is very small (3 narrow shelves) and also quite closed without any ventilation. Now I suddenly realized that the cleaning agents / oils / other chemical agents may give off vapors / damps that can end up in the raw potatoes. Now I want to throw this bag of potatoes away as I don't want my pregnant wife and my 2 year old son to p
  12. I'm in a real struggle here. Due to covid 19 our government has said that your not allowed to have more then 3 people visit your home per day. Altough they say this is a rule we should follow. There is no real legal obligation to do so. Now the problem is that for the 2nd day of Christmas me an my wife have Invited her sister with her sisters boyfriend to come over and have dinner together. Her mother heard about it, and asked if she and my wife's step-dad could also come by for dinner. Which would make it 4 people. I'd really love to have them here, but also due to my
  13. In everything I do now I constantly get the thought; You have done something (multiple tims) with (partly) an inappropriate intention. I really try to ignore this, but this is so difficult mainly because it is about something that "really" happened. Normally it is much easier for me to ignore OCD topics because they haven't really happened yet. I constantly wonder about the things I've done in the past; am i allowed to still enjoy things? Can I still be part of this society? Do I deserve to still be happy? On the other hand, I also know that if I hadn't had
  14. So. No matter what the real truth is. It should be left alone and not given any attention?
  15. But I know for a fact that at the moment it happened I was aware of it and even felt it might be not appropriate. But I just kept rubbing his belly. And I even entertained it I guess. By saying to myself I should not connect these 2 things I feel like I'm denying the fact that somehow I had some curiosity as well?
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