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  1. very spooky happening today... yesterday someone online asked if I was religious, I said 'a little bit' . Immediatly after this thoughts of punishment of course came into my head. Anyway, I set my alarm to wake up this morning for work (i set 2 alarms)and I woke up late. Both alarms the 'sound' button was switched off the alarm settings. Something I'd NEVER do; not even by mistake. Is this my punishment? What's happening here with God? thanks guys
  2. thanks for the reply Symps...I wonder if it is very similar to groinal responses or the 'dirty' feeling on hands that people with contamination OCD get, caused by training the brain to think this way
  3. Hello, Just a question..not reassurance just good to know. I suffer from religious ocd that god is talking to me and every time i get this thought god is talking to me my whold body tingles...like it's a way he is communicating with me telling me not to do something..i wonder if this is a symptom of ocd or genuinly a religious phenomenon..please be honest so i know.. Thank you
  4. Hi everyone sorry just me again, Something very odd happened to me Two days ago I sent a Simpsons gif on Facebook messenger to a friend and then today this episode came on TV! Of all the episodes. Sorry it's sent me back into a spiral it's a warning from god. I was doing so well with erp:(
  5. love the advice from everyone thank you. Something a bit weird is happening really...I've started compulsion delaying, which was recommended by an online doctor. What's strange is that I am delaying the compulsions...first by 30 mins, then an hour, then 2 hours etc... by the time 'rumination time' comes around, I feel almost like it is too painful to do the compulsions...so I don't. My compulsions are mental imaginings by the way...then I feel like a bad person that I'm not doing them. Is this a normal part of the healing process Thanks again
  6. Lovely advice, thank you so much ..:) perhaps you are right that I could speak to a therapist and see where I'm going wrong because I'm doing it alone at the moment. Have a lovely Christmas
  7. Ohh thanks Captain Trips that's a lovely perspective to keep
  8. Thanks polarbear i did wonder if i was doing too much too soon. I'll slow down a little bit. Thanks again for the advice
  9. Hello, Me again. I''m struggling a little bit with the on-going amount of time doing ERP and resisting compulsions. What I mean is, I manage to keep going 2 days of exposures and not giving in to compulsions and the by day 3 again, I revert back to 0 progress and give in to the compulsions. I'm not sure if this is a case of not being strong enough or maybe I'm doing something wrong.. does anyone have anything like this or any tips to keep going. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas.
  10. Cora this is all OCD. The whole community on here have seen it all before
  11. Cora we know it was an accident and so do you. Your ocd really is spiralling now. I understand it is so hard to beat but the more you pay attention to those thoughts, the more you dig a hole
  12. thanks so so much for the replies. I really appreciate it as always. I faced the fear and studied today thanks to the strength you all give me
  13. Yeah thank you so much for the reply BelAnna It knocked me for a bit but it is just so terrifying as all of us know. New years resolution is to get my therapy sorted
  14. This is just OCD as you know deep down it is:) you were not stabbed or poked as your mam said. This is just OCD looking to ruin your day so don't let it:)
  15. Hi Jumbo, I'm so sorry to hear about the cancelled trip I know Christmas is hard alone; I spent last Christmas alone in Korea when I was living there. I know it's not much of a consolation but it is not bad to just spend the day on self-pampering and not caring about timings or doing this or that. It's nice to have a complete 'me' day. Try to stock up on some great things to eat, line up some good movies and some goodies.
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