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  1. So I'm a little upset about something and needed some advice I was talking to a friend recently and made a joke "I'd be safer to get the bus, its safer" when they mentioned driving And today they had a car crash (theyre okay) So of course i worry it's either 1. My fault because of the joke 2. I had a psychic prediction which means my other fears could happen too Just wondering what people think Thank you Wesker
  2. Wow that's a great attitude to have and very inspiring to see. Good luck today and I hope all goes well. I look forward to hearing how it goes!
  3. good luck with the exams Cora. I just finished studying for a very difficult qualification. I had no choice but to tell my OCD 'I'll deal with you later.' because otherwise it was too much. Although the ideal thing is no compulsions at all, I think it could help to say 'I'll deal with you compulsions after my exams' and see how you feel once you reach that check point
  4. Thanks polarbear. May I ask why you think this? (last question I promise)
  5. As a lot of you know, my OCD focuses on Magical Thinking and that if I take part in my hobby (learning Korean) something bad will happen. God will punish me if I do it. I've been working with a therapist - but finished the course of CBT now. I have finally plucked up the courage to start learning Korean again. When I was learning the other night I thought 'What if I learn this and my abusive ex contacts me again' My ex hasn't contacted me for 6 months and BAM contacted me after I did some studying. Did my thoughts cause this to happen? Did doing my hobby cause this to happen? It's really a knock back because something I feared happened. I wonder if anyone has advice? thank you so much
  6. Just remember what your therapist has told you to do Cora
  7. it wouldn't affect my day or it would not stop me using the clothes at all in fact i would wear them immediately because i love ordering new clothes! i wouldn't even think about it just your OCD
  8. thanks so much for the swift response Snowbear, I really appreciate and will put it into action. Thank you for the advice! I guess we always try to link everything to what we fear most when we suffer from magical thinking. I hope you are getting on well and enjoying the sunshine ~ Getting my textbooks out tonight! ?
  9. Hello, everyone, been a while since I posted on here. I've been doing well and undergoing CBT. I've had something come up which I'm not so sure about. Long story short; my OCD focuses on that God will punish me if I do my hobbies. My hobby is learning Korean and my OCD tells me God will punish me if I study it. Anyway, I wanted to sign up for a Korean proficiency test in London and I was convinced the date to enrol was in August. So I entered the website in July and I missed the date because the website said July. Okay I missed it, no big deal. But the part niggling me is 'Did god make me read the date or remember the date wrong on purpose so I couldn't do the exam? Was it a warning sign? Did he change it on the website what I saw to warn me off? ' those are the thoughts I am having and I'm not so sure what's going on. If any one could shed some light that would be great, thank you Mark
  10. There's nothing to say Cora but there's a lot you can do and that's to take everybody on here's advice
  11. by taking the big step and accepting it's OCD and then making a list of your compulsions, trying to refrain from doing them and distracting yourself. you can do it!
  12. Cora you've been told what to do..I know it's hard but really you know what to do. You've been told what to do by everyone on here. Only you can now put into practice our advice. We know it's really hard ..if it wasn't then OCD wouldnt be serious but it is
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