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  1. Would it be a compulsion if i go on a Christian chatroom and ask them or is this a normal thing to do?
  2. Thanks polarbear as always. it's just so worrying when you can't tell if it's OCD or I've really messed up with higher powers you know
  3. Hello, I've made a big mistake and I am freaking out. So I needed some help. I stupidly, stupidly made the compulsion of "praying" in my head to God 'If I don't do my hobby for Easter break, you will protect me from my fears coming true" I saw this OCD 'prayer' as a compulsion in disguise. So then I did my hobby. I now regret this and don't know whether I made a binding vow to God or whether the OCD root negates the prayer. I wonder if anyone could offer some insight. Thank you
  4. Hi everyone , I just needed a bit of advice, I've been working hard fighting the Magical Thinking/Religious OCD. But something happened today and gave me a little 'blip' My hands accidentally went together as I moved my laptop and as they did so the thought 'Punish me if I do my hobby' popped into my head as my hands touched together as if to God.. How do I know this is not a prayer and I won't be punished if I contiinue my hobby? Thank you
  5. Hello, I hope this helps. I too suffer with religious OCD and God will punish me if I do things I enjoy. I'm currently in CBT and ERP treatment for this. My therapist has told me that this kind of thinking really is OCD and because we continue to give in to these thoughts as not to be punished, then our brain believes it even more
  6. Hello, I just needed some help with something.. I've been doing my ERP and starting to slowly get better but my main worry is still coincidences, being psychic and message from God. I've had a huge scare this morning. Last night I dreamt about the James Bond movie Dr No and a main part story of my dream was the voice of the main actress being dubbed (which it was in real life) and this morning I woke up to the news of the death of the woman who dubbed her. Is this really a harmless COINCIDENCE? can things like this really happen?
  7. Thank you for the replies. I've managed to calm myself down and now I will avoid doing any Googling of these numbers!
  8. Hi .. i wonder if anyone else here has become obsessed with what they see on the clock. For example i always look at the clock at .11 past the hour. This of course triggers my magical thinking especially with articles on the internet talking about it being a magic number. Whenever i see this time, at least for 3hrs in a row i feel dread And the scariest bit today? I woke up, checked the clock..i woke up at 7:11
  9. Hello everyone, just want people's take on this. I've been working for a month now on CBT with a therapist and I feel a hundred times better. Honestly everyone who is doubtful about seeing a therapist, I really reccomend it. I've had a little blip however today...I had a little moment as usual from my Religious Magical Thinking pop into my head. 'You can't start following therapist advice until Monday.' I stupidly inguled the thoughts and thought to god 'Mmm maybe the only way for you not to punish me is to not do it until Monday, okay.' I also realised I was looking at the sky as I
  10. Cora...I'm sorry to see you are going through this..we all are. All we can say to you is the truth: this is OCD. It needs to be treated as such. Grab a book, nice cup of tea and leave the thoughts alone..even if its just for an hour. You can do it.
  11. very spooky happening today... yesterday someone online asked if I was religious, I said 'a little bit' . Immediatly after this thoughts of punishment of course came into my head. Anyway, I set my alarm to wake up this morning for work (i set 2 alarms)and I woke up late. Both alarms the 'sound' button was switched off the alarm settings. Something I'd NEVER do; not even by mistake. Is this my punishment? What's happening here with God? thanks guys
  12. thanks for the reply Symps...I wonder if it is very similar to groinal responses or the 'dirty' feeling on hands that people with contamination OCD get, caused by training the brain to think this way
  13. Hello, Just a question..not reassurance just good to know. I suffer from religious ocd that god is talking to me and every time i get this thought god is talking to me my whold body tingles...like it's a way he is communicating with me telling me not to do something..i wonder if this is a symptom of ocd or genuinly a religious phenomenon..please be honest so i know.. Thank you
  14. Hi everyone sorry just me again, Something very odd happened to me Two days ago I sent a Simpsons gif on Facebook messenger to a friend and then today this episode came on TV! Of all the episodes. Sorry it's sent me back into a spiral it's a warning from god. I was doing so well with erp:(
  15. love the advice from everyone thank you. Something a bit weird is happening really...I've started compulsion delaying, which was recommended by an online doctor. What's strange is that I am delaying the compulsions...first by 30 mins, then an hour, then 2 hours etc... by the time 'rumination time' comes around, I feel almost like it is too painful to do the compulsions...so I don't. My compulsions are mental imaginings by the way...then I feel like a bad person that I'm not doing them. Is this a normal part of the healing process Thanks again
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