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  1. I caught up with Corrie this evening, cried buckets! As for the CPD reference, I didn’t make a connection to OCD. In fact it just reminded me of teaching (Continual Professional Development). It think it was just a joke and maybe also a joke about the use of acronyms?? Of course I can see now where you’re coming from with the word compulsive.
  2. P.s. still pondering the ‘often’ in red. X
  3. Hi Ashley, Thanks so much for this. I agree with Gemma above, I think a generic statement that covers all would be better within the tick box section. One reason is a sufferer can then quickly tick a box and it doesn’t become a problem for them on how they should put their fears/theme in to words. Plus, it gives them privacy if they do not want to say. I do feel there needs to be a simple generic statement as OCD has so many manifestations. With the new health one (it’s great that it’s been added) and a generic statement that covers everything else I think it’s great and they don’t need rewording. Completely agree with the above. You could maybe just call them fears? Thanks for all your hard work, Ashley and Gemma. X
  4. I hope you get used to the new glasses soon, if you do have any concerns do go back to the optician to discuss. I'm glad you've been resting as you've had such a busy and full on time with all of your amazing achievements. I'm sorry to hear you're struggling with feelings of depression, your plan for tomorrow is spot on to combat that, good for you. I hope you have a good day tomorrow. Be lovely to see your mum too. Remember how amazing you're doing and we are all behind you. X
  5. Brilliant stuff, Lost. Hope you're loving your new glasses. Fantastic news about your meeting on Monday. God bless Ashley. I hope you've had a good day today. X
  6. That’s great you’re feeling a bit better and that sounds like a great plan for this evening. X
  7. It’s a great format and it’s nice and simple to follow. People could also cross out those that don’t apply to them, which is great too. You’ve got lots of themes covered and I know you can’t include everything but, and I hope you don’t mind me saying, but I personally couldn’t tick any of the first boxes to describe my themes/worries because there’s specific detail within each statement that doesn’t apply to me at all. So, (and this is just a thought as I know how much hard work and time goes in to getting things right and formatting) could there maybe be a more generic statement that would cover many themes. Something like....’Irrational fears that cause anxiety, leading to compulsive safety seeking behaviours’.......not great wording from me there, but basically something that would cover lots of themes. It would cover OCD about health too that Caramoole mentioned. Thank you for all of your hard work and this is such a great tool for people and I hope you don’t mind me making a suggestion. X
  8. That’s great news. Well done Lost and Ashley & Co (such amazing support). I’m so pleased for you Lost. Sleep well tonight. X
  9. We so are, Lost. So glad you're feeling calmer. Sleep well. X
  10. You’re welcome. Very glad you’re feeling a lot better.
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