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  1. Hey OD, you are super memorable! Loved your wit and your way with words! You really helped me when I first joined the forums a couple of years ago. It's lovely to have you back and so good to hear that you're doing well and making lots of progress. X
  2. Hi Pepper, first of all I'm so very sorry about your dad. I completely agree with PolarBear's advice. Compulsions can be very subtle and they may well be occurring without you realising. For example, when you have these intrusive thoughts, such as you don't love your boyfriend do you try and neutralise it in your mind with something like 'but I love him'. Are you self reassuring? Ruminating about things is a big and common compulsion. Do you seek reassurance from others? Any googling going on at all to reassure yourself? Just things to help you think about what your compulsions may be. Be kind to yourself. X
  3. Amazing! A huge well done Ashley! Be very proud. 👏👏👏😊😊😊 x
  4. Hi Lost, no need to be sorry, you only update what you want to and you’ve so many things happening. I’m so pleased for you that the biopsy results came back clear, that’s brilliant news. I’m sorry that they still want to operate though, have they explained why? Don’t feel you have to answer that, only if you want to as it’s your business. I’m sorry too they weren’t very understanding of your OCD second time round. I always find/decide anyway that I need to remind medical professionals of my anxiety/OCD as they have so many patients it’s very reasonable that they might forget. Next time you may want to remind them and tell them how you’re feeling. Just a thought and of course you may have already done that. X
  5. Hope you're doing ok, Lost. You are doing so incredibly well. I hope it's going well looking for more permanent housing. Did you get your biopsy results yet? I hope all is well of course. X
  6. Sorry for not replying sooner, BelAnna. I hope you're feeling better about all of this and you're not felling so stuck in the worry. X
  7. I’ve just watched it all and had no problem with the first part and then I feel her talk took a disturbing turn. What a ridiculous and damaging message to give! It’s maybe how she feels, but I am shocked that she would send this message out and in such an enthusiastic way. Completely agree with you Paradoxer, and love your eloquence.
  8. Hi BelAnna, I completely agree with Malina. Well done for not googling and continue with that as it will do no good. Take care of your mental health as well as your mum. I hope all goes well with her appointment. X
  9. Hi Lost, You are doing so well. I hope your therapy session went well today. X
  10. I caught up with Corrie this evening, cried buckets! As for the CPD reference, I didn’t make a connection to OCD. In fact it just reminded me of teaching (Continual Professional Development). It think it was just a joke and maybe also a joke about the use of acronyms?? Of course I can see now where you’re coming from with the word compulsive.
  11. P.s. still pondering the ‘often’ in red. X
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