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  1. Hi Belanna, what a wonderful idea and good for you! I will join you! I give in to my anxiety too and I give in far too quickly. I've already started and over the past few days I've been resisting quite a few compulsions due to some great advice that I received on the forum. I feel much more settled for it and it's a great motivator to resist more. I think doing this challenge along side you will be a great help to keep going, so thank you. Let's do this. X
  2. I applied the same again today and the anxiety faded. I did the same with some of my other compulsions and I didn't do them. It wasn't a clean sheet, but enough to build on. Caramoole, your help has been invaluable and I will keep going. I'm learning from my mistakes too, which I know Lost really advocates as part of the process. I'm starting to believe I can gradually do this. Thank you so much for all of your insight, I really connected with it💡. X
  3. Thank you so much Caramoole, I will do all of those things. Your reply is so helpful and supportive. Thank you so much for being there to spur me on and for giving such great practical advice and insight. I will keep you updated. Thank you so much again! X
  4. Thank you so much again, Lost. Bless you for all of your kind words and for cheering me on. I will do all of those things that you said. I have to, I want to come out the other side. A huge thank you! X
  5. Thank you so much Lost for all your kind words of support and encouragement. You are so inspirational. X
  6. Caramoole, thank you so much for all of this wonderful advice and encouragement and for being there. You must have a sixth sense because your post could not have been better timed. I had a thought today about what I'd read last night (whilst googling) and I had such an urgent need to google and seek reassurance from googling today. I had the thought whilst driving so luckily there was a natural delay and when I got home I was desperate to google but I couldn't straight away and the anxiety lessened a little. I was fighting not googling but I knew I was close to doing it, but I came on the forum and read your wonderful post and it gave me the kick I needed. I sat with the anxiety and the urgent need faded and then disappeared. I gave it a go and it worked and next time I'll try the same again. If I'd started googling again today, I'd probably still be doing it on and off when I could. It's like striking a match, but you soon have a fire. I have to say it really helped that you said 'see how you go and let us know this evening' because I really wanted to be able to say that I didn't give in to the urge. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. X
  7. Thank you so much Caramoole for your kind and positive words of advice and encouragement. I read what you wrote, when you bumped up Ashley's thread, after doing a compulsion (googling) for 4 hours straight and I've been doing it a lot recently. All resulting in scaring myself even more, opening up new fears that I hadn't considered and then fearing they applied to me because I'd now read the information. So I really needed this. I want to change and I'm going to change. It has to stop. I've had enough now. Thank you. X
  8. Thank you so much everyone. I do! X
  9. Emsie

    Shards of glass-

    You are right of course. Thank you PolarBear.
  10. Emsie

    Shards of glass-

    Thank you so much snowbear, I really appreciate you getting back to me. I found your explanation so helpful and it's brilliant so a huge thank you. X
  11. Emsie

    Shards of glass-

    Hi BelAnna, I hope you are feeling ok about things now and your responses here have helped you. X Hi Snowbear, I hope you and Belanna don't mind me asking you this on Belanna's thread. Does what you wrote, that I've quoted below, apply to any worry/fear? And by worry I don't mean concrete worries. (When I quoted what you said, I deleted the content from what you wrote above that was specific to Belanna's worry.) Does what you said, that I've quoted below, apply to any worry/fear? X
  12. Just purchased it on my Kindle based on GBG's and Ashley's reviews. Hopefully, I'll have time to read it in time. I'm really struggling, so I'm hopeful for some good insights. X
  13. A huge well done for all of your hard work and resisting your compulsions. So good to hear. Keep fighting. Your ray of hope will grow. 🌞 X
  14. Emsie

    I know, mr repeat

    Hi BT, I just wanted to say that I totally echo what Lost said to you. Take care. X
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    Quick question.....

    Thank you so much to you both for all of your support. All my best wishes to you both. X