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  1. да. Так я изучал историю Турции, хотя я не имею никакого отношения к Турции.
  2. Cora, I sincerely wish you to defeat your ocd! I believe that you will overcome everything!
  3. I would also very much like to hear the stories of those who have been on this forum for a long time. The stories of your ocd's and how you dealt with it. I am sorry if this is inappropriate. and sorry for the mistakes (I am writing with the help of a translator).
  4. yes, I have the same! it's terribly exhausting! I never had such problems before! I have a child too. Sometimes I generally behave like a robot, trying to control absolutely everything! Now I change my thinking, and every time I remind myself that this is just another obsession, I try not to react.
  5. I understand you! I just tell myself: this is my next obsession! I also reacted earlier, now I am getting out of this. it is important to understand that all this should be ignored. Thanks to this forum, I read a lot of messages and made a conclusion for myself that all thoughts and obsessions should be ignored. if you don't, you can get stuck and go even deeper! I write with the help of a translator, so there may be errors)
  6. How exactly! downright stupid thoughts, analyses and behaviors! Sometimes I don't even know how to laugh or cry from all this. 😁 I apologize for the mistakes, I am Russian.
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