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  1. Any tips for overcoming thinking about what your body is doing every single second? I suffer from intrusive thoughts and now worried that anything I do may cause harm - so I am scanning and paying attention to every single movement I make whether that’s moving my feet or shoulders . Any tips how to stop paying attention to your body? Example I’m holding my baby and feel panicked and think about how I’m moving, thinking about each area of my body ect making sure I’m not doing anything wrong. It’s not as easy saying just don’t think - what can I do. Please help I feel so alone
  2. @Caramoolereminding myself this is ocd. There was no intent and no meaning and move on. My body/mind is in hyper awareness mode and I’m worried about any potential danger - this post was somehow a trigger for my ocd - so I’m going to be hypersensitive to everything at that moment. And so what if my finger moved slightly or if I breathed in or out or if my toe moved - it means nothing.
  3. Hello All, Coming here to see if anyone else experiences this.. I was doing really well today, got myself in check and was dealing with my ocd/anxiety by accepting any thoughts and not paying attention to them.. Until this evening - I was cuddling up to my bubba (one of my hands were on his tummy area already) and at the same time I was scrolling down Instagram and saw a post about labour and breast stimulation.. Automatically my anxiety came in and I got super anxious about where my hands were at the time and my anxiety rose - One of my fingers then may have moved slightly or pressed down slightly on his tummy..can’t fully remember but feels like This happened .. I then got so so anxious this happened - now siting here questioning why ? now my question is - has anyone experienced anxiety levels to be SO high that when you experience a possible trigger, you want to remain so so still that you end up moving a finger or a toe or something else that can be related back to the trigger? This then in turn makes you question why you moved x part of your body - but really it was just a minor detail and there isn’t an answer it’s merely because you’re so anxious trying not to move and deliberating where your hands are at the time in a highly anxious state because you don’t want to do any wrong. I must be sounding crazy but will be good to see if other people have experienced something similar ! Thanks
  4. Hey @Darwiniathanks for your kind reply that’s been really helpful ! im going to try and be kinder to myself although I don’t like doing that!
  5. Thanks so much - I’ve signed up to next week so looking forward to that.
  6. Hi folks Can someone remind me how best to tackle doubts Intrusive thought enters mind - panic sets in - later wonder ‘what if I did do xyz and can’t remember ect’ Thanks
  7. Is it too late to sign up to this Thursday is tomorrow?
  8. @malina I am glad therapy helped you and hope you can still apply techniques to help you through it now. I hope I’ll get through it - it’s ever so frightening going through this I’ve had CBT in the past and it’s helped in the short term and I am on the list to receive some more therapy for this time round - it’s just all so overwhelming
  9. Hi @malina thanks for replying i really appreciate it - I hope you see this . I’m sorry you’re going through a tough time too and hope it gets better for you or is getting better for you? it makes me feel awful - I would never ever act on the thought at all but, it scares me to death - it is just a movement that comes after the thought that somehow can be related back to the thought if that makes sense ? Like you’ve just described - I can’t explain it and I’m scared even talking about it . I’m scared to seek help is this common is ocd? I want to be healthy and happy, but I can’t . I love my family to bits and would do anything for them - I don’t understand why my thoughts always relate to loved ones
  10. Hi everyone I’m really really suffering and struggling with my ocd. It’s getting really bad to the point it’s making me feel awful I am a new mum and recently my ocd has turned into constantly worrying about baby and harm. My intrusive thoughts keep flooding in and then after I am paranoid about any movement after that. Example - I get an intrusive thought whilst holding baby and then after that if I move a certain way whilst holding him or flinch or intentionally move or just for no reason move then i start panicking and questioning why I moved ? What was the motive behind me moving? Why did I move if I got the intrusive thought ? I should have stayed completely still? Then the panic comes in. I don’t know whether it’s my mind playing tricks almost like I’m so scared I shouldn’t move but move ? It’s not because I move because of the thought - but after my mind makes me feel like I did? It’s like during the intrusive thought phase and after I get so panicky that I just move ever so slightly and in a way that my mind knows I won’t like. I cannot explain it at all very well - hoping someone can help me figure out what is going on here. specifically when I’m holding baby in my arms I am worried of his face being too close to me - then very distressing intrusive thought comes in about that and then after the thought my arm may move ever so slightly that caused baby to move but I’m not sure why i moved my arm and then question why it moved ect, how could I move it, why did I move it, I’m awful for moving ect ect Please help what is going on here - I’m so scared . It’s one thing after another - I can’t seem to get any downtime from this at all.
  11. Hi @Katrin1994 I’m sorry you’re going through this too - it’s awful for me so I can understand what it may be like for you. I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable talking about it but if you ever want to connect my inbox is open. My problem is dealing with the guilt afterwards especially when it concerns my child - what ifs why did x happen what if this ect ect
  12. @PolarBear thanks does it get better
  13. Hello, Anyone extra alert to every movement you make or type of movement you make - Is this bad/dangerous/is this ok/is this too much or too little. it’s most likely normally but your mind or intrusive thoughts are telling you it’s not or it’s bad or dangerous but then because it’s so normal you do it but then feel guilty afterwards? Examples - greeting someone with a hug -intrusive thought comes in - don’t do, it may be wrong but you do it because it’s a normal thing to do but then afterwards thinking where exactly were my arms how close was when I hugged this person ect - Soothing your baby, if it’s by rocking them as you normally do and/or trying different methods naturally whilst soothing because that’s what we do however one method is slightly different and triggers your thoughts but then you continue and/or double check what you’re doing is ok for baby but then after you feel guilty for doing anything in the first place or double checking everything is ok?? I’m really struggling - what is the way out here? To continue doing exactly what you’d normally do and not let the thoughts mean anything ? The one that gets me the most is anything to do with a significant loved one like my beautiful baby or husband or siblings - I can cope with most things but anything related to a loved one is the worst. Is there anyone out there going through something similar and any new mums who are going though something similar? This type of ocd is new to me well it’s just a different sub type I’m so used to contamination fears but since I’ve given birth it’s now changed I feel awful. My contamination ocd was so strong I’d be fearful of going into shops to pay for things in case I somehow pass covid onto the shop assistants who be at tills.
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