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  1. I've been on my meds about 2 weeks now and already I'm feeling tremendous improvements in my mind and i know it's just going to increase. I still do cbt and it definitely helped me, but ive realized situations even at worst case and/or scenarios that can looked out outside the box like regarding not seeing my friend though still talking to them and thinking at one time they don't want to see me and dont mean they care about me and so on, but now i see i can talk to them alot more then i see them and they can see there longer tenured friends more often and it doesnt mean they dont care and its a great feeling. what makes medication helful to your mind with cbt though?
  2. No you can’t, and I’ve learned that in my recovery. And also don’t always look for re assurance in your compulsions and we all do it here because we have ocd and always make it worst case and want people to re assure us it’s fine and everything is okay, and even if it is and people say it’s fine and okay too, you may feel a temporary relief but the anxiety and compulsion will just find it’s way back and even worse because people are answering you, therefore feeding into your compulsion. I am happy and proud of you though and I know how it feels
  3. I put my thoughts and compulsions as just that and fight through and I do it. You can too
  4. I do yes and your welcome. I work 55-65 hours a week and it can be very mentally draining but I get through it
  5. Stay strong!! I deal with it too, you too will overcome it like I do
  6. I recently have realized again through CBT and im going to start a new medication in 3 weeks but as of now it’s weakened clearly again but anyway I noticed regarding what’s my worst ocd worry issue is definitely the friendship situation I’ve mentioned so many times, and I realized the reason I am comparing this good new friend now to the old friend especially now in the sense of bailing out and not meaning nice things they say about me bc the old friend always said great things about me and then always bailed out and every other detail I said. But lastly, generally speaking it’s very based off of Trauma triggers. I remember someone here saying obviously there’s an underlining connection between this friend and the new friend and otherwise then that I’ve realized I’m very triggered and sensitive to my friend now just telling me that he’s with other friends sometimes and otherwise posting pics and videos, bc that’s what the old friend did right after bailing out on me a lot too. And I just am trying to separate the traumas triggers bc then I do CBT techniques and they help, but then suddenly hours later my mind wanders onto Trauma triggers and worst case thinking and then it immediately has me saying and convincing myself that “this new friend is not going to do anything positive at all and is going to do and only means to do everything worst case in every way always” i don’t know why I’m back to this level and I think a change in meds plus continued CBT can help but I’m having extreme anxiety that when we’re gonna hangout June 4 right before this friend will bail out again and I have to separate myself from that
  7. Hey thank you. Even with all the Truama I’ve suffered from at a young age in life, I’ve learned to just overcome it. Don’t pity my past and my mistakes and even issues I had no control over, live on move on, grow from it. Being i work 60-70 hours a week, I am keeping busy and being positive, now I’m attending a New York Mets baseball game this weekend. Everything is going to be okay, and CBT is the king therapy for me, I’ve learned tremendous amounts from it
  8. Yes thank you and I understand what your doing and trying to just have me see by not “being nice” and such is all just to help me in the end as I realized it does, now when I do have occasional ruminating moments off obsessions, I actually don’t ask others for re assurance bc I know it’s not gonna help only badly hurt me so I learn to counter it on my own and understand the worry for what it really is, just a worry. Nothing more, never severe if it is bad at all in the end and there’s always ways around it, life goes on
  9. I, as most of you know suffer from ocd that tends to trigger and i ruminate insanely and I tend to often get depressed and feel like the world is turning in on me and just me. But recently I’ve begun to take advice from CBT and some of the main members here like admins that always write to me. @PolarBearmade me realize that I was completely reacting on my compulsions and making it so much worse. But the accomplishment feeling I get more then not from knowing I am overcoming the worries and accepting them as just obsessions and not ruminating over it is awesome. On a regular basis I’m beginning to become stronger and more focused on every day life and what’s better to come in the future. So thank you all
  10. I realized after reading this I was acting on compulsions again rather then logic and reality, like I get with the money issues car issues friendship issues too. And I distracted myself with watching shows and reading free books and stories I like and then just let time pass, realizing I was just completely giving into my compulsions and it all worked out fine
  11. I’m worried I have a cavity bc of that slight sensitivity and that any signs of the sensitivity either based off of breathing cold air maybe causing a very minor reaction or drinking cold water maybe having a slight sensitivity feeling is going to definitely lead to a cavity soon
  12. I just noticed that my lower right side of my teeth seems to have had more at 4 pm est then now 5:40 pm est, a little sensitive area. I suddenly felt a little like sudden slightly irritated pressure when I breathe in but I didn’t feel anything before that and I haven’t had any teeth problems and I have been brushing daily and nightly and I just am trying to make myself realize teeth sensitivity can naturally come and go without being a cavity and not last. Like I drank cold water before that and I didn’t feel the water irritating pressure on my teeth area but when I put the water right on it I felt that slight pressure again. A few more times breathing and a few more times drinking the cold water and sometimes putting the water on that tooth area and I realized each time like it isn’t as bad and when it feels like anything it doesn’t last long at all and sometimes isn’t there at all. But I’m focused immediately that is a cavity and will cost me tons of money I can’t afford right now
  13. I noticed as I start to improve myself in the sense of catching onto my worries and thoughts into like how I’m worried I’m always gonna say or do something and/or the friend is gonna say or do something or in a way act differently (mainly in my own mind) in conversation, but I did notice how like for instance. I am sometimes just finding myself grasping for straws so it seems to find a worry against my own intensions to think the friend won’t want to talk to me anymore and won’t want to hangout with me anymore and won’t tell me, even tho the evidence even from the friend himself is obvious that they would let me know if the friendship being cut off. anyway I did notice like Even today, even after focusing myself away from my worries knowing it’s all compulsions and don’t react and think off of them at all, but I had a thought I wanted to note down I was worrying with and I think I didn’t remember it because I got to work and the assistant manager had a quick question from me, and now I feel like I’m not complete in overcoming my worries because of rhat
  14. Now with the new friend that I keep thinking is like the old friend (old friend bailing out on me and saying I’ll let you know and not coming through last minute) anyways. The new friend told me that he may just be staying upstate New York (about 2 hour drive) from me during summer break from his school up there for work reasons. We were supposed to get together in April but the new friend decided to stay up there in April but told me our plans for the summer won’t change. Just that I’ll have to visit the new friend upstate instead of the new friend coming back downstate to see me. anyway, now I’m worrying that Since the new friend had to change plans on me, not last minute but just a week ahead of time still to see me. Even though they are still saying I can come see them and they they’ll come down to me when we have our trip to Hershey park planned for us to go. I’m still focused that I’ll go upstate to visit the new friend and then when I’m up there that They’ll tell me they can’t see me last minute when I’m up there already and when the Hershey trip plan comes suddenly tell me they can’t also like the old friend did. All because the plans for April ended when the new friend told me a week ahead of time they decided not to come down in April but stay upstate in May and I can see them and whatever else I just said. But the new friend said I can penalize them and also act different to me because they changed the plans but I said I wouldn’t do that because they stll gave me a weeks notice and they still are saying I can see them (I can’t think I’ll go up there on my own time and suddenly my new friend will tell me he can’t see me last minute and then tell me he can’t see me last minute after I book a Hersey trip either)
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