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    The reassurance police would like to reassure us that refusing reassurance is reassuring us that we are going to get better. (smile).

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  1. Medication becomes the compulsion, a way of avoiding the anxiety. So the anxiety is going to come back & there is going to be withdrawal, which can take weeks or months. On top of that neurological stuff like tics may appear. It’s a good step though, more of a leap. It takes courage.
  2. Yes, that’s progress. Feel your anxiety & then feel it diminish.
  3. Those who avoid are called Avoidants. Many of us didn't receive reassurance growing up. We didn't get the memo that we have worth and value—and that we’re OK just as we are. As a result, we may have a need for reassurance. If you find yourself needing reassuring presence or validation, it doesn't mean you’re an insecure person; it simply means you’re human. It takes courage to reach out and ask for support when needed.
  4. Yes, when you don’t do them the mind reprograms. e.g. neuroplasticity.
  5. Zoom has just added closed captions to meetings. One must sign up for it to enable it.
  6. I did that too, my first book is still out, The Boy Who Couldn’t Stop Washing. Disease activated her amygdala which is now protecting her as if what the germs she was seeing were real. Lucky we have a neocortex or new brain to take over. As I went through this as a child too you need to evaluate the situation objectively.
  7. Get evaluated by a competent psychologist.
  8. Those in recovery say you can’t get there on caffeine. NHS also advises not to use it. Took me 6 months to do withdrawal.
  9. Jumbo, when people avoid things or situations they are Avoidants. 56% of those with Avoidant Personality Disorder use OCD as a coping mechanism. It also might be used as such in other disorders.
  10. It’s the same on social media. I do read your posts, just don’t reply.
  11. There have been no cases of getting Covid from clothing or shoes. You husband needs to learn to accept this & sit with his anxiety & wait for it to diminish.
  12. There is a Covid topic about what to do. But it’s called Coronavirus in the topic. Coronavirus is a huge group of viruses.
  13. 5 times? Interesting. I found mine was just a coping mechanism for another disorder. If it is that’s one reason cbt would not be very effective. Like pulling the top of a weed off.
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