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    The reassurance police would like to reassure us that refusing reassurance is reassuring us that we are going to get better. (smile).

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  1. Interesting question. I’ve taken vacations from triggers so that I can figure out why they are happening. If I find they are of no concern they don’t trigger me anymore.
  2. It’s said OCD doesn’t respond to talk therapy, it responds to OCD therapy. Watch Obsessed TV it shows actual OCD therapy. Good luck
  3. Brain lock book has a scan of ocd brain on the cover. Frontal lobe activity.
  4. There is a big Coronavirus topic written by staff. I get a lot of food in mail from Amazon.
  5. There is a big Coronavirus topic on this forum. That says what to do.
  6. There are intrusive thoughts but there are also intrusive feelings. An intrusive feeling is one you didn’t put there yourself.
  7. For me it’s not ruminating on the thought as that’s a compulsion. It’s about directly feeling my anxiety rev up & up. Yes, this is nervous & it’s a normal function of my primitive amygdala doing its job. It’s job is also to not send anxiety if I don’t respond. So knowing if I don’t respond it’ll clear up eventually is what I wait for. Then it’s reprogramming is to no longer create anxiety. Trust in the process. Also comorbidity is common in OCD. So research.
  8. Hands-on in this case is referring to the counselor being actively engaged. Like if someone was OCD about being on a bridge the person & the counselor would go to the bridge together for exposure & work on it. If you watch Obsessed TV it shows how it works.
  9. Is another one. OCD is very handson therapy & how to do that if you’re online?
  10. There is a big Coronavirus topic. You should refer to that. It’s Called Coronavirus on the forum
  11. If they get bigger yes. Testicles are not the same size normally.
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