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    The reassurance police would like to reassure us that refusing reassurance is reassuring us that we are going to get better. (smile).

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  1. You can post it. You’d be surprised what people post. You can even look yours up on the forum.
  2. Neurosis is no longer used as a diagnosed, and neuroses are nowdiagnosed as depressive or anxiety disorders.
  3. Chirpy, in am your cortisol or stress hormones are high & serotonin is small so you obsess on stress. Exercise reverses these. I exercise a lot through the day. It’s allowed
  4. The topic is about self isolation facts. I’m in a city that quarantines possible covid 19 patients & they don’t even test them. The county has 5 cases & 2 deaths reported. No that’s not 2% but that’s because they don’t test. In places where they do test, 2% is quite accurate. Ocd responds to facts that’s what CBT is about.
  5. If you’re tired you should take a nap. See if you feel better.
  6. Hundreds of posts for you on various forums. Already throughly answered.
  7. It happened to me once. So I got a blood screening & my thyroid was overactive. This causes more anxiety. It’s an easy test. Eventually figured it out & cured myself. But if it’s the thyroid you lose weight. I was eating 4000 to 5000 cal day just to maintain weight.
  8. Yes, one can get married now & have an official one in the future.
  9. Turn on faucets with a sponge & wash your hands, rinse sponge & use it to turn off faucets. Easy.
  10. There is a disorder called Avoidant Personality Disorder & most of those with it use OCD as a coping mechanism. You’ll know if you have it because the DSM lists specific criteria for it. As you can guess those with it avoid doing things.
  11. The topic is misleading because it says Coronavirus. There is no specific virus called that, Coronavirus is huge group of viruses, like the common cold.
  12. Meds don’t cure OCD or change thoughts or actions. You must do the work, period. Meds might make it easier to bear.
  13. That’s not possible because lottery numbers are chosen by computer & computers can’t be influenced by thought.
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