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    The reassurance police would like to reassure us that refusing reassurance is reassuring us that we are going to get better. (smile).

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  1. Actually I’m comorbid for OCD. So CBT & medication are not available to me. Thus I have to think outside the box & come up with ideas for other solutions. The way dash cams work is they begin recording if you hit something. I don’t see how that is a compulsion Lights go on in my room if someone walks by. That’s not a compulsion. My post clearly stated to not return to look as that’s a compulsion. The rest was just an idea. As for your example of washing hands, most people spend about 2 minutes washing so if you can go from 2 hours to 2 minutes that’s an improvement not a disorder.
  2. It wasn’t advice Hal. Saying I would get a dash cam is not advice to anyone but myself. I think if it cuts a compulsion from 2 hours to 0 minutes is worth it to me. Eventually the compulsion fades completely!
  3. If you could do it on your own you would have by now. Getting a second opinion is a good thing.
  4. Is it like Get Right OCD? In some areas you have certain workers rights.
  5. Sorry you feel that way without even asking how it would be used. Such presumptive editorializing without a definitive understanding of the response hurts my feelings.
  6. It’s still experimental as they target various brain regions looking for effect. It’s also expensive at $15,000. Still, it’s great if it works for some.
  7. You just can’t go back to look period. I don’t have it now but if I did I would get a dash cam. Technology for ocd.
  8. Medium pizza is fine. Thought you were going for super large lol. Cold pizza is yummy too.
  9. Actually I brought up humor 2 or so years ago in this forum & I’m requoting the responses I got. Touché
  10. Prozac takes 8 to 12 weeks & 3 weeks is max a person can go without food. However, starvation causes the metabolism to change so when a person eats again it gets stored as fat for a long time. Dont eat a large pizza as it’ll give you nausea & you’ll throw it up. Small meals are better.
  11. OCD therapy must be hands on where they take you out to confront your triggers. Sitting in a chair chatting is not very productive. For example, public toilets. It’s better to visit a public toilet with your therapist than to sit in a chair talking about public toilets.
  12. Also try to simplify your life. We all decide our life & can choose to simplify it.
  13. People with OCD don’t wanna laugh about it. I tried. How can any one laugh about such a serious mental disorder they respond
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