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    The reassurance police would like to reassure us that refusing reassurance is reassuring us that we are going to get better. (smile).

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  1. You can think about something else entirely.
  2. Remember, you are choosing what to think about.
  3. But the other person might have stuff to mention too. I found someone on a forum once & after 2 months she said “ I never said I was sane.” Still I married her.
  4. Program yourself to do it before your daily shower. Clean yourself in shower. Easy, quick & clean. You know something that is already inside you can’t do much to you if it gets on outside of you & then inside again.
  5. If you find someone in an OCD forum it’s easier. I’d bring it up when it’s necessary to do so.
  6. If people on the forum took the advice they gave other forum members they would not need medication. Besides, medication meant to be for a short time, a few months, not decades. Yes, I take forum advice & no, I don’t take medication.
  7. Thinking about thinking is Metacognition. Remember you choose what you want to think about, you don’t have to think about this stuff if you don’t want to.
  8. Can you think of something else? Works for me if I get an intrusive thought I just think of something else. I’m in control of my thinking. Very often I get anxiety first & then a thought & attribute the anxiety to the thought when most of the time they are independent of one another.
  9. OCD is very often comorbid. You’d need counseling to sort it out.
  10. It’s important to do personal growth. There are great free relationships counselors on YouTube. Try Craig Kenneth or Dating Guy, they are on your side.
  11. I’m thinking 8 to 12 weeks according to those that report back.
  12. You know we have a cortisol rush when we wake up & serotonin isn’t very high. So that time is very anxiety producing.
  13. What are you afraid of happening if you don’t ritualize?
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