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  1. Thank you for replying. I tried medication and didn't get on with it. I've had a bit of CBT on the NHS. I'm trying self help books but it's tough.
  2. Hi, Another rant. I needed to get a new face mask for the car this morning. I always put them in a freezer bag to keep them clean. I couldn't find a freezer bag so my husband helped me. I asked him to wash his hands as he was loading the dishwasher and had washed the children's water bottles up. He refused and got me a freezer bag. Now I think it's contaminated. What if the coldsore virus was on any of that stuff (or any virus), none of us have one although but my husband does get them. Also, the children's water bottles are put with other children's water bottles at school. I think it's the fact that the mask sometimes touches my lip and I panic / feel unclean. I was in a rush so had to take the mask and I did use it and it did touch my lips. I'm now going over it, wishing I hadn't used it and fighting the urge to get a fresh one in a new 'clean' freezer bag. I hate feeling like this.
  3. I am getting there on what I need to do, although I'm having trouble finding the courage to do it. Because it's mainly contamination OCD, it's difficult to know what is a real concern or OCD. I find it harder when it involves my children as I worry that if I just say, that's my OCD and it's not, it could harm them.
  4. Thank you, that would be great. I am reading Brain Lock and have read Break Free From OCD.
  5. Thank you. Don't think I will be doing that but I know what you mean.
  6. Thank you. That's the problem, I don't know. It's so exhausting.
  7. Hi, Feeling really anxious and unable to stop compulsions. I start the day trying to be positive and then something happens. Today, a parcel has arrived which has a big red mark on it and I of course think BLOOD! It's next to a written number in the same colour. I panicked. I was wearing gloves and spent ages trying to find where I can dispose of them. Washed my hands. Put clothes in washing machine. Washed my hands. Sorted the gloves out. Washed my hands. Sprayed disinfectant in places I could have touched, including the washing machine. Washed my hands. Had a shower. Now I am sitting here very upset / angry that I've fallen for OCD again. Deep down, I know that it isn't even blood on there; it looks like the original writing got smudged and someone has written it again. Even though I know this, I am scared of the parcel that is now sitting in the house. What a waste of a morning, again Sorry, just needed to rant, not after reassurance, I'm just so tired of feeling like this...
  8. Hi Determination, Sorry you're going through this. You could you set certain times to check your emails. So, first thing in the morning, lunchtime and evening and then get on with your day the rest of the time. Another option is to have them push to your phone, although I always find that stressful Good luck.
  9. Good for you. When I was doing therapy, I received a questionnaire to fill out each week and it would make me ages to submit it in case I'd selected the wrong answer. Thought it was a mean thing to do to someone with OCD
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