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  1. I really feel for you, it's so hard to get the right help especially when you're already not feeling great. It's so sad that accessing treatment is such a minefield. I've also had bad experiences but am trying to get help again. I feel like there is no point trying but I guess its worth a shot. Have you looked at the nice guidelines for OCD. You could always try asking for a referral. Based on your experience it may be worth speaking to PALs. I don't know why they have to make it so impossible for those of us that are already struggling. Hope you can get some help
  2. Thanks for your reply. I've had a proper look at the nice guidelines and have written a letter for my gp and outlined the treatment I hope to receive based on this guidence. I have had CBT before but it didn't really help. I am seeing a psychologist privately but it's very expensive. I am hoping that I can see my GP and get a review of my medication and a referral to someone more specialised in OCD. It's hard not to feel to feel upset when you have to fight so hard for help and when the rituals rule your life. I've been like this for as long as I can remember and I think it's finally all got too much!!!
  3. This is a really interesting thread, I think I know some of the key events that caused or ignited by OCD from childhood and other events from the last few years that have made it worse. I think the reason CBT didn't work for me is that I needed to sort out these other issues first. CBT is too short to delve into all the issues from the past. I am now doing psychotherapy and then will hopefully go back to the CBT when I have dealt with the other things. I can see that CBT can work well in some cases but not in all. My OCD has been with me for as long as I can remember and I think I used it as a way to deal with traumatic events that I didn't know how to process. This all came up for me in CBT and I had a really hard time. Just to let you know you're not alone with this. I don't think I have faulty thoughts that need re structuring as mine are based on things that have actually happened that scared me. There are many forms of OCD and there's not always a method that works for everyone. Sometimes a combination of methods is the best way forward.
  4. Thanks for your reply dragon fly. I am in Bristol, who is Ashley? I do need my medication sorted but who do I ask? The gp? It's hard not to let it all take over and feel hopefully I am just panicking that I have wasted my whole life to this and Ive never felt at ease or ok. Who is Ashley? I've been out this afternoon so feeling slightly less desperate but can't help feeling isolated and like I don't know where to turn for help. The only option seems to be the IAPT and I don't want to go back there as it made me much worse. Thanks
  5. Hi just wondering if anyone can help I have severe OCD that consumes every minute of the day since I was a child. I've tried CBT through my IAPT which didn't help at all. How do I get (via the NHS) treatment with someone more experienced? I asked my gp and she wasn't helpful. Are there psychologists experienced in giving more support that I can access via the NHS. My CBT experience was not useful at all and actually made me worse. Thanks.
  6. Does anyone have this? Or any experience of this and suitable treatment? I've suffered since I was about 6 and it's just getting worse and worse. From the moment I wake I am doing rituals and the only time it stops is when I am asleep. I've tried CBT counselling and psychotherapy am also on sertraline. I am finding it hard to get help and support or a referral to someone with specialist knowledge in OCD. Feeling really desperate and like there is no point going on at the moment. I don't want to live like this anymore.
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