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  1. When OCD strikes it's like the feeling you have if you are about to be in a car accident... The panic, heart in your throat, pounding in your ears. It enters with a whoosh, and triggers your fight or flight response.
  2. Hi. I hope you are feeling a bit better. Everyone I have ever met with OCD has some suicidal thoughts/feelings from time to time. I would recommend working out if it an ocd intrusion, depressive feeling or a true desire not to live. It will help to clarify what your best options are. It sounds like it could be a bit of all three? Is there more support you can find locally? Might be worth reviewing whether you need a bit of therapy, maybe medication and some people you can share how you are feeling with. Connecting with other people can really help.
  3. Thank you both for your comments. I didn't log in for a few days over the easter holiday. Refocusing has been mentioned a lot. It's good advise. I find that it needs to be something positive or something mundane like spider solitaire to work. If I'm on a real rumination bender, I have to pick something that requires a lot of attention. xx
  4. Thanks for the advise Handy. Not sure if I understand your question OCDhavenobrain…
  5. Hi. I agree with the other comments. The only other thought that occurred to me when I read your post is if itbisca bit of depression creeping in. Living with ocd can trigger a low mood. Your insight into it being incongruous to your core values is a good indicator that it is your OCD.
  6. Hi. Very good advise. Fighting the ruminating definitely doesn't work. I like the kindness approach as it fits well with the mindfulness I've been doing. xx
  7. Hi All, Hope you are all well. I just thought I would share this about rumination and see what you think. It is my main compulsion and so hard to pull myself out of when it kicks in. I am trying to send that part a bit of compassion by seeing it as part of myself that is trying to help... even though it doesn't. I find if I am trying desperately to stop ruminating it only makes it worse. The old saying "what you resist persists". I'm not saying that it's ok to ruminate or that I shouldn't find ways to shift my attention, I just feel like "hating" it is actually keeping it going. What are your thoughts on it? What helps you when you start ruminating and struggle to stop? Jen x
  8. Thank you. They emotions are intense! They confuse me. X
  9. Hi all, I'm just wondering if this happens to anyone else... I have had harm ocd for ages and one of the reasons I feel like I am stuck is that when my harm ocd get's triggered I have a rush of anger. My ocd is focused on our cat. I adore her. She is my big trigger and some time when she come to me for attention it triggers my ocd and I have a rush of anger come over me. It scares me and makes me think that it isn't ocd because I feel angry and that there must be a deeper reason why I have these thoughts. It's very confusing. Is it just part of my fight or flight response? Many thanks, Jennifer
  10. Thank you. I dread being sick because it makes my mind go all weird. xx
  11. I'm just wondering if this happens to anyone else... I have the flu. Every time I get ill I start having withdraw symptoms from my SSRI. I get the brain zaps and my ocd gets worse. I am wondering if running a fever changes the way my body absorbs my medication. It is horrible. I get really agitated, etc. The withdraw is worse than the flu symptoms. Any thoughts? Many Thanks.
  12. It sounds really stressful! Do you have a mental health nurse or any other regular support? It might be worth having your mental health worker or GP put notes in your medical records to indicate that you have false memories and/or intrusive thoughts concerning child safety.
  13. I agree with PolarBear that there is a huge amount of self stigma, but have also encountered it when seeking help. I was visiting my family in America and drove myself to A&E because I couldn't bear the intrusive thoughts anymore... They put an armed guard outside my room. It was horrifying. The worse possible response to my OCD. I am more careful now. I ask anyone new if they understand ocd and intrusive thoughts. If they don't, I do not disclose. If they do understand it, I tell them I am consumed with doubt about ______ but that it is also a feature of my OCD or one of my obsessions. Hope this helps.
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