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  1. So have just been looking at the dates and every website seems to have a different week set out ahh! Not sure which one to pick and am probably overthinking it all but was hoping to introduce my friends to it this year
  2. All I’m saying is that the way some people respond makes some of us feel unwelcome
  3. I just wanted to say I and possibly others don’t use this forum as much as we could for fear of being judged because we are scared and can’t just push the feelings away. I get not wanting to encourage behaviours but surely there’s a more compassionate understanding way to do so? Just a thought
  4. Hi everyone honestly I have been feeling a lot better of late, trying not to listen when the ocd tells me I’m in danger, but I guess it’s just one of those days when it’s harder to fight it off. I’ve found myself stuck on some thing and am too embarrassed to talk to my boyfriend about it, so just sit and think about it over and over, google it, which always makes everything worse and really just can’t get it out of my head. Im not sure what I’m aiming for with this post other than to know other people get these bad days too and that it doesn’t detract from the progress I’ve made in the last few weeks vi
  5. I’m so tired of worrying about things other people wouldn’t even care about, I’m just so done with it and the stress and the hiding from life and feeling embarrassed, I just want it to stop, but I can’t make the thoughts go away or tell the difference between rational and ocd thoughts
  6. I do jewellery at uni and want to base one of my units on ocd, if you have any questions id be happy to answer them
  7. hi everyone, I'm hoping for uni to base a project on ocd, the real kind, and I wanted to ask if anyone would mind describing how ocd feels to them, any useful metaphors you have for describing it to people who have no experience with the disorder. the aim of the project would hopefully be to convey those feelings to people in a way they can understand, somewhat bridging the gap between us and them. hope this isn't too much to ask vi
  8. hi guys, I have been trying my best not to give in to compulsions but have found that quite often I am just replacing one compulsion with another. has anyone else found this? I'm relay trying to get better but it seems every step forward results in 2 steps back. one example of where I have found this is when trying to not ask for reassurance I go over things in my head obsessively. is one better than the other? vi
  9. I was in a relationship with someone with ocd and found that us being together made us worry more because if one of us didn't have an intrusive thought, the other would, and would talk about it, causing the other to be scared and then we would both have to do compulsions and we ended up making each other worse because we couldn't support ourselves let alone the other person
  10. It is fairly normal for the amount of time we’ve been seeing each other, at least for my age group, which I completely understand not wanting to rush into relationships it just freaks me out a lot is it okay if I message you with where I’m from?
  11. It’s that he wanted to see other people while seeing me because us dating is relatively new I know this is normal for most people but to me it seems absurd and makes me feel ill but I do really like him and he is good with my ocd, encouraging me to fight it but not making me feel like I’m crazy I used to see a therapist but since moving away from home I haven’t been able to find one
  12. The fear of contamination made me call things off with a guy I really liked because he didn’t want to just see me. I really wish I wasn’t so scared all the time
  13. I wish I was ready for this type of courage! keep going !
  14. I did my best not to overthink and to just let things be but then it went wrong like it always does not even because of the ocd and now all I can think is I should have listened and I should have gone with my gut because then I wouldn’t be hurt or upset. My brain told me this would happen, and I ignored it which just made things worse so what do I do now?
  15. I find it really hard not to rush because the uncertainty at the beginning of seeing someone and actually liking them and then them leaving scares me to death but the more you rush the more they pull away and I'm not sure how to manage all these things, so I find myself searching for how long is normal to see someone before you're in a relationship and how to know if you're being too forward and I sit for hours trying to work it out but I can't and I don't know how to deal with the anxiety so I feel like the best thing to do is to end it before it starts because that way I know I can't get hurt.
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