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  1. I pray to be a different person!
  2. I'm have existential thoughts,if we are all mortal and life ceases to give enjoyment for whatever reason then how can we justify existing!
  3. How do we understand life?
  4. I think it's quite difficult and complex when you arnt the person you want to be isn't it.
  5. Do you think it's ever possible to be the person that you were before mental illness? Are you a different person now that you are recovered?
  6. I'll just have too try
  7. Yes own will,I know I'll never be the person I want to be but o have no option than to get on with it and suck it up and try to live as best I can!
  8. thanks for the post I'll. try that
  9. How do you guys deal with manic thoughts that are all over the place,skipping from one thing to another and unable to concentrate or think clearly?
  10. I'm very different to the person I used to be but not in a good way unfortunately. Im in conflict with myself whether to improve my lot or just give up i find it equally as hard to deal with the fact that my problems have had such an impact on family too
  11. Our minds are so incredibly complex arnt they!
  12. Yes I will do that thanks for the advice GBG
  13. Isn't it strange how those of us with mental issues find things so incredibly complex compared to healthy minded people who just go about their lives day to day?
  14. Yes it's great advice it's just if I can put it into practise!