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  1. I really want to feel the tiniest amount of hope but I’m really struggling,the anxiety is really starting to manifest itself in psychical ways as well now,the only respite I’m getting is sleep at the moment.
  2. I can relate my life has been a complete disaster due to complex mental health issues
  3. Ok so please feel free to delete this if it’s not permitted on an ocd forum but I’ve just been told by my go that I could have it,I have a lot of unexplained pain,do any others on here have it? I’ve been told it could be stress related.
  4. I seem to just be recirculating the same negative existential thoughts and it destroys me
  5. Personally I think existential ocd is personally the hardest type in my own experience,very difficult to steer away from
  6. Yes I’m current experiencing those thoughts too,very tough to deal with!
  7. Ok I appreciate that it was a compulsive posting,please feel free to remove.
  8. Seem to be feeling in a zombie like state,is this a normal state of anxiety
  9. I know people do but I can’t imagine how they do,feels an insurmountable task to me!
  10. I’ve struggled to control my thoughts for so long 😢
  11. I’ve recently started therapy with a new therapist,I’m exercising and eating better and cut down on alcohol,I want so munch to be happy but find it hard to stopping ruminating bad stuff
  12. I find it such a dreadful shame that so many of us are struggling
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