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  1. I understand that but I also have no idea whatsoever about the future,I look in the mirror and just see a fat old man now! There’s no substitute for youth! Lol
  2. I keep thinking to myself what could I have done different with my life? what kind of person could I have been? What could I have done that actually gave me a real meaning!
  3. The existential side of things has come about fairly recently and I must say is probably the worst form of ocd I have experienced,at least my checking compulsions were limited to a certain part of my life but this has become all consuming. now I’m in the throes of existentialism I feel there isn’t any real purpose in anything so I n I get get anything out of what I do,it’s almoat like I’m bored 24/7
  4. Still struggling badly with this,the whys the what ifs etc,what could I have done differently in my life etc,has anybody found a way out of this?
  5. I feel completelymdepersonalised too,having dreadful time trying to concentrate at work!
  6. Just had a recent visit to my gp and he said I e had pretty much all the therapy that's available,I'm really just going to have to live with it
  7. Really having difficulty functioning at the minute.it seems so hard to be able to make small decisions and carry out simple tasks. anybody in the same boat?
  8. Feel exactly the same,all interest in life has completely gone for me!
  9. Feel for you Paul I know exactly how you feel.
  10. Inn not even really faced with any problems it's just continuous anxiety it's a nightmare
  11. Glad you've got a grip on it taurean,seem to be experiencing it 24/7 I oddly even wake up with it.
  12. Just been doing a little research tonight and there seems to be a split opinion on whether anxiety is something that can be cured or not. my own thoughts are that if anxiety is a natural emotion then it's never going to go completely as it's. It meant to? Whats other people's opinions?
  13. I think like this a lot too it drives me to the brink of insanity,I try to imagine a world where nobody dies or ages and nobody gets sick but that is t the world we live in. I think the problem is,as a species we know our fate from an incredibly young age,I often wonder if animals too know their fate or they just do what they do? Its mind blowing
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