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  1. Well what I'm currently doing isn't working but I don't know what else to do
  2. I consider life and death on a regular basis and ruminate constantly about how life could have been and how differently it would have impacted on my life and family (not healthy I know)
  3. Ok I'm sorry if I crossed the line
  4. Currently not undergoing any treatment but am on medication.
  5. Do any others suffer this kind of thing on a daily basis? I don't think I'm outrightly suicidal (no plans or anything to worry about) it just concerns me that a person can get to that level.
  6. bruces

    Just cant be okay -

    Feel exactly the same x
  7. Yes I will do that,I just need to feel better
  8. As I'm sorry for avoiding your questions,I'm just unsure if it might be veterans for me to go private again as I'm going to need so much help and I know the NHS therapy is limited to so many sessions.
  9. It would be great to feel so much better!
  10. I know it was a compulsion I shouldn't have done it
  11. Hi sorry to repost but I'm having a particularly bad day and just wanted somebody to give me a bit of hope x
  12. I'm going to make an appointment at my doctors but I have something greater troubling me
  13. I need to do something as I simply cannot carry on living the way I do x