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  1. So I now worry when I spike and my brain instantly tries to reassure me that. By that reassurance I now have done the spike its like a spike ontop of the spike. any suggestions?
  2. ur probably right, because something really has to change here.
  3. sometimes but not so much at this point, but i did miss a train today as I had the time in my head wrong, i was utterly convinced it was this time.
  4. my case is definitely complex, and I definitely need more help than I can afford right now.
  5. Hi, yes my memory issue distresses me because my ocd plays on it. I dont have much faith in doctors etc, Ive been down that road and never got much help, my ocd resolves around thinking I have done something it always has for over ten years, I have to reality monitor and I seem to have a real hard time seperating fact from fiction when it comes to "false memories". The problem I now have, is a memory problem, that almost makes that impossible.
  6. I took a cholesterol drug called statins years ago, im only 30, if u read on these drugs many people end up with terrible side effects, some long term. Im having extreme brain fog, and memory problems. My ocd is playing on it too, but I literally forget things ive just done, but a step worse than that, is I feel like Im losing some autonomy at times. This is very scary and I dont know what to do. People on this forum seem to think the memory problem is part of my ocd, I can assure you its not. I suffer with dysautonomia, and many other things as a result of this statin, look it up btw you will
  7. I know that its just worrying did it look like I was about to touch there crotch? this is what im worried about and I stopped myself, sigh, because i did stretch it out but i could have been just stretching my arm right and not realise it was close to them, it just must have looked weird.
  8. this isnt that rare, I get it too, I think at some point ocd gets more sophisticated, the mechanism is still the same though.
  9. So, I have this memory issue, reality monitoring thinking Ive done things, someone was sitting across from me, and I had an intrusive thought of touching there crotch. I got a memory slip which I get and It really panicked me, so I then sort of stretched my hand out to check what that felt like, without touching but, I stretched quite far, I guess in the vacinity of there leg/crotch, now I did not touch them, but how would this have looked, it was hovering over I think obviously not directly over but in that vacinity, it may have looked like I was just stretching my arm, it was fully stretched
  10. Having a hard day today, but just started taking a vitamin b1 supplement, thiamax. Seems to have really helped my cognition, Im also eating grass fed beef brain and liver capsules. I dont think there is enough emphasis placed on deficiencies, and nutrition feeding the brain, within the mental health field, and medicine in general. Id recommend everyone looking at there b1, as most are deficient and it really lifted my mood yesterday. It's not a fix, Im not claiming to have a cure, today im struggling, but I feel less overwhelmed. Anyway im not trying to start a debate, I just thought id r
  11. The Rwandan prescription for Depression: Sun, drum, dance, community. “We had a lot of trouble with western mental health workers who came here immediately after the genocide and we had to ask some of them to leave. They came and their practice did not involve being outside in the sun where you begin to feel better, there was no music or drumming to get your blood flowing again, there was no sense that everyone had taken the day off so that the entire community could come together to try to lift you up and bring you back to joy, there was no acknowledgement of the depression as something invas
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