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  1. Hi all I'm just curious as to whether this is of relevance for OCD sufferers? Thoughts welcome!
  2. Hi GreyhoundMum Sounds like a tough time for you. Do you think you're in a position to get some more treatment? How have you found Covid? I know it's affected people in different ways. Was your previous treatment successful? Take care
  3. My first therapist used to say to me who are "they"? Because I always used to see "but they say....." And they for me would invariably be an article I've read online. This particular article is maddening because it's not the official line and if I remember rightly doesn't match the official line. For me it's OCD if it's causing me anxiety. My mum does some of these things but it causes her no anxiety.
  4. 😑 I read this I wish I hadn't. It's a rehash of an article they posted back in March I think. What didn't help me is most of the people I was talking to at that time were doing this. Who are they though? It's not the WHO, NHS or public health England...
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