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  1. To be honest I don't think most people would have thought anything of it, but personally speaking yes it would bother me.
  2. What I've discovered from the forums is that pretty much all the fears I've had whilst suffering from this, other people have had too in some form.
  3. Thank you! That's a really helpful explanation.
  4. So is this an aspect of what's meant by 'cognitive work'? Thanks 😊
  5. This is a really insightful post thank you! Given me some things to think about too 😀
  6. We don't currently have a shopping delivery but I emphasise entirely and would have similar thoughts myself in your situation. However I will add this doesn't mean any concerns I have are valid, likely or what most people would think in this situation. But I appreciate how hard this is at the same time!
  7. I think there are lots of reasons people would be uncomfortable with this and I don't think it's unreasonable to say this makes you uncomfortable. Maybe provide an alternative solution e.g one of those electric swatters for him to get rid of any bugs.
  8. Thank you, that's all really helpful to hear. I just didn't expect to have to wait which is probably my naivety and knowledge of the system! It doesn't help that the assessment wasn't particularly helpful and some of what I said I felt wasn't understood or taken particularly seriously, perhaps that's my interpretation. It was a huge deal to make the appointment and go and I feel so deflated now!
  9. Thank you for replying. I think some of it I can start to challenge... But am wary of doing too much too soon and compounding the problem. The more I've learnt from the website, forum, books, articles etc the more useful it has become. I appreciate its only theory until you put it into practice! They basically sent me away with a basic booklet and a three month wait, no acknowledgement of my problems or any tips on managing the depression. I had the scores to fill in and having done them previously I know it wasn't the low score! It just doesn't feel adequate and I worry for other people having a similar experience.
  10. Hi All I had an assessment earlier this week and have been advised I can have CBT for OCD ( I believe contamination with some other strands in the background)... I'm taking this as a diagnosis! I feel really disappointed and disheartened that my first appointment isn't for three months or so, which seems like such a long time away. It will be a face to face appointment then telephone sessions which wouldn't be my preference. I'm also feeling like it wasn't acknowledged how much this is impacting me and my family and some of it was "normal", which is possibly my slant on things not what was said or meant. It's taken me a while to accept I have a problem and I feel ready now to get over this and get my life and me back, especially now as I am pretty sure depression has its foot in the door too and don't want either problem to spiral. It just seems such a long time away and I'm at a loss as to what to do next. I'm ready now! I've have seen Breaking free from ocd recommended do I just become my own therapist? Will I make things worse? Also I feel we are prepared to pay for therapy but despite Google searches I've not come up with anywhere locally which looks appropriate. Is this worth pursuing? Any thoughts welcome. Thank you
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