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  1. I am so sorry this has happened to you. This is so unbelievably rude and I am furious on your (and your parents) behalf. If it was me I wouldn't read it because it would upset me more. Could there have been anything else in there she was referring to?
  2. To err on the side of caution I personally wouldn't go for lunch tomorrow. Is your mother in law going to take a test? If so that will make the decision for you. In laws are known for being tricky so I feel for you in this situation. Other than that I don't think it's unreasonable to take some lateral flow tests over the next week or so but then go back to normal.
  3. https://metro.co.uk/2021/07/21/does-having-ocd-put-you-at-a-higher-risk-of-drug-addiction-14910748/ @Ashley just leaving this one there!
  4. Sounds like a huge week for you @BelAnna and like you are doing really well. Some of that sounds very challenging (the shoes makes me wince but I guess that's usual behaviour for most people). I hope you can manage the days out and have some fun 😃
  5. Thank you @Caramoole. It's hard work and lots still to do but little by little. I'll have a think and post something in this thread. What about you @BelAnna?
  6. Hi Nikki, sorry you're struggling. I was just wondering if there was anything that was triggering the intrusive thoughts to be a bit more sticky as I'm guessing from your posts you struggle then it improves then you struggle and on it goes. I'm not sure if this is helpful but I know for me say most special occasions I am troubled by the thoughts. Perhaps recognising that will help you know it's OCD.
  7. Ah fab well done! Sounds like you did really well and good news on being fully jabbed too. That made me smile about you saying it's fairly obvious about the OCD a five year old girl was talking about me the other day to her mum when she said "what on earth is she doing?!". Hope you can book one of the other appointments you need soon. Also am I right in thinking you have a cafe trip planned? Hope you are okay after the jab too
  8. Bite the bullet was exactly what I was going to say when I came into reply! You can so this. You've done it before. The more you do these things the easier they will become. You will feel anxious but it will pass ?
  9. Hi @Madchoc Are you seeing a therapist at the moment to discuss this with? I think I remember you saying you have seen a therapist previously, on the work you have done from that situation what would they say you need to do with this? Could you do any of those steps to challenge this worry? If you've done theory A / theory B how does that apply to this situation? If you've not ignore me! Can I ask why haven't you been out for 5 or 6 weeks? Do take care and look after yourself. p.s. I have had to try so hard not to offer reassurance in this post it must be so hard for our loved ones
  10. Funny isn't it the things we take on board from my mum's. My mum taught me never to sit on a public toilet seat. I did yesterday twice.
  11. Sounds great. Enjoy yourself and thanks for sharing such an encouraging post ☺️
  12. This is such an encouragement Nikki. Thank you for sharing. Really good to hear things are improving ?
  13. Get on with your day the best you can. If you have work try to focus - I know this isn't easy. If you're at home how about popping out somewhere with your daughter? The playground, cafe, library just a change of scene. The anxiety will drop away, it has before and it will again. Sorry you are having such a hard time.
  14. Hope you have a good day and can focus on your work, so hard I know.
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