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  1. https://metro.co.uk/2020/07/01/mum-couldnt-around-baby-fear-harm-due-maternal-ocd-12926397/
  2. Makes sense to me. I had been thinking about what I could do to prevent getting to that point day to day so trying to sleep more. I didn't get much further than that though!
  3. I completely understand where you are coming from @ecomum I am trying to get out for a walk each day to start with Hope you can get our and about
  4. Is there any support from the school? I know our local high school has a mental health worker, obviously not for this level of need, but perhaps they could give some practical advice or support in the mean time, or from the college she is hoping to attend. I know some are working from home via phone/video call. Have you checked out the books to buy from this website? The more knowledge you have the better to be able to help your daughter. There may be some resources for young people if you browse the website. You are doing great and I hope the help you both need won't be too long in coming.
  5. Hello if you go to the front page of the website you will find links to an article and also the latest copy of OCDUK's magazine to download which has heaps of relevant articles to read. These are tricky times and it's hard to know I find when behaviour is being caused by OCD or is not particularly problematic. Take care
  6. If you are going to one of the chain supermarkets check out the website before you go as it will tell you what the current 'rules' are in their shops. Make sure you have some sort of list so you know what you are getting and alternatives if things are out of stock. Just plan as much as you can and go for it 👍
  7. I haven't used this in my OCD treatment but have in the past been advised to use it for generalised anxiety (it didn't work because I didn't have generalised anxiety but that's another story!)
  8. When you've just joined the self isolating club.... All are well(ish) but following the advice

  9. Good point! Same here! I'm concerned about having to go out again.
  10. I'd say 15/16 and it's peaked and troughed since then but it's only within the past year I've realised it was always OCD but never recognised it. I'm 37 right now. Hey ho!
  11. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/mar/13/why-regular-handwashing-can-be-bad-advice-for-patients
  12. I totally relate to this! I have super clean taps, fridge door and front door handle but that's about it! So hard and everything takes so long, even a "simple" task like emptying the dishwasher. Have you had any CBT/ERP therapy or read any good books (eg Break free from OCD) that you could use to design some behavioural experiments? I should try this myself!
  13. I can empathise... Every time I speak to my parents it's the same. My dad appears to have health anxiety so this is not helping him either. I had to tell him to just stop the other day! And tomorrow I will be at work where it will be talked of again 🙄
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