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Rishi Sunak article

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Thanks for posting the article Lollipop. 

its a shame someone so high profile can be so misunderstanding of OCD and subscribes to the stereotypes around OCD. Rishi Sunak I think many feel could be the PM one day. This is an educated and intelligent man who really should know better. 

however its not a surprise in some ways. It just shows how far we have to go to educate people about OCD, there are still large sections of society who either don't understand OCD or do but think its OK to treat OCD as some kind of eccentric quirky habit that is somehow a bit amusing.



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Sadly, Rishi Sunak is far from alone in his usage of the term OCD.  Prince William (who I believe is sincere in his aim to raise awareness of mental health issues) is another who has used the "OCD" tag to describe his Pernickity quirks.  He also is far from alone.  Perhaps we should all write to Kensington Palace an invite him to spend an hour browsing the forums so he can witness the devastating impact OCD really has on lives :(

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