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  1. Clint Eastwood in the spaghetti westerns Not a crush (cos I was past that stage) but as a Dinner Date I would have loved Marti Pellow. He had the most amazing smile
  2. It does take practise Blossom, that's a good description. But yes, it's like any skill, if you learn the things you need to do and then practise changing the initial response, you'll get better at it. Start today. You will be looking for signs of this happening, that's a checking behaviour. Be prepared for this happening, don't be shocked or taken aback. It will still make you anxious but changing that next step, the pull to carry out compulsions will start to pay off.
  3. I wish I lived nearer to you lady. I'd be round there in a flash. So why are you bed bound? I know it might seem a tough thing to say.....but you can get out of that bed and change that. How's about making that decision as your first goal?
  4. Hi Blossom PB is quite right. Distancing yourself from your Brother is exactly the wrong thing to do. You need to try your very best to carry on as you always have done and would do normally. Equally is looking out for the rumination (thinking about the problem) and trying to solve it, work it out. Seeking reassurance from others is another major compulsion. So there are three obvious compulsions going on there. We use various compulsions to try and bring our anxiety down but it has the opposite effect, apart from a very short time. You know that you have OCD and that this is what makes you feel as doubtful and anxious as you do. When the urge to carry out any of these compulsions remember the cause, OCD. Try and recognise the compulsions you do to try & solve things & do your best to reduce and eliminate this. Be aware that at first, this will make you feel very anxious but that's normal
  5. Hi J I'm sorry to see you struggling..it's tough isn't it? I'm guessing you've had a diagnosis (or recognition) you have OCD. Right now you're carrying out a compulsion. , Reassurance seeking, something you do to try & bring your anxiety down. I know it seems a sensible thing to do but sadly, it has the opposite effect. When those doubts & questions spring up in your mind you want answers, you will ruminate (think) in order to try & work it out. Wrong solution. As difficult as it is, you've to try really hard not to enter that internal conversation, that debate, that appraisal. I know it's hard but checking and resisting that rumination is the way forward, no matter what the content of your thoughts. You're not a horrible person, you're someone suffering from the horrors of OCD thoughts. Quite different
  6. Phili, to achieve many of these things you need to go back to thinking about some of the goals we talked about 6 years ago (would you believe!!) I'm guessing you're still housebound. You call yourself all sorts of names, fat, piggy-faced, ugly.....and you're not at all. In the past you used to give awful descriptions of yourself and then you found the courage to post a photo and it's simply not true So, goal one....your personal appearance. Why's OCD stopping you taking care of yourself? What are you avoiding & why? As for not feeling attracted to anyone, that's not surprising. Apart from a really dishy celeb like Pierce Bosnan, who might raise a brief Phooaaarr moment......attraction is built up with so many more things that a picture can't provide. The way someone smiles, their humour, kindness interests, abilities and the rest. It's something that usually builds. How are you doing with that diet?
  7. What are you suddenly feeling anxious/panicky about?
  8. Bear in mind that this highlighted point is more relevant to a household with several people in it (and that you may not be able to rely on them following good hygiene practise) In your home, if living alone, providing you wash hands thoroughly on returning home from somewhere, Only those things touched limmediatelly ike front door handle, maybe a light switch or alarm pad by the door, other things in the house won't pose a problem really
  9. I think they'll probably come back to it. As for the diagnosis, it could well be that it's a mixture of things but imho it's anxiety & intrusive thoughts (OCD)
  10. I think there are strict protocols in hospitals at the moment to ensure safety and it's important you get this checked out. If you'd feel happier with the other hospital, ask the practise/your GP if you could be referred there. It's only a question. Fingers crossed for you xx
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