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  1. VqwI And it's not restricted to OCD sufferers. If you could do a survey of the population I think you'd find almost all have experienced this type of superstitious thinking. The difference is that we obsess about the thought and give it more meaning and concern. I often find myself thinking about things like this in the run up to Xmas when I'm out driving. I (sensibly) think there may be drink-drivers about and should watch out. I then think of the number of times you see newspaper headlines saying "Woman delivering families Christmas presents killed in fatal accident 2 days before Xmas"........luckily, I leave it at that but you can see how quickly and easily a train of thought can run like that, especially if you suffer from OCD. You need to work on stopping the rumination you will be doing about this.
  2. "I didn't take your advice because it made me feel anxious" "I thought it best to keep doing it the old way because I'm hoping if I do I'll suddenly remember and then it will stop" I'm not being rotten Nikki but this is in effect what we do when we turn to compulsions out of fear. Just be honest with him, it's his job to try and find ways to help you with this but ultimately the real job has to come from you.
  3. Know that although they are painful and hurt you they aren't dangerous. They are part and parcel of this anxiety condition, they need no attention or reaction. You let the wave of anxiety waft over you. You resist the urge to dash and make a post, or ask your partner, or your Dad....above all you resist the urge to try and work it out by "thinking" Know that the less action you take the faster the anxiety will fall again, just like the contractions.
  4. Well Done.....I bet it still hurt though However, that just shows what inner strength you really have and just what you're capable of. Trust yourself Nikki....if you ride some of those waves of anxiety just like you did those contractions....they will fade and you get through the moment. Think of these flashes of thought and fear like mental contractions and breath your way through them
  5. So you had a very difficult, long and painful labour. I imagine you were worn out, in agony, frightened....not to mention topping it off with an operation and 6 week recovery after that......And yet look at the result that you got at the end of it.....your beautiful Daughter. Difficult as it was I'm guessing it was worth all that pain and anxiety to have your little girl in your life. Dealing with and resisting those compulsions is a bit like that labour...painful, tiring, filled with anxiety, scary.....and yet if you try and work through the process the result is to be free of OCD controlling you......giving birth to a better life. I'm not going to answer your last paragraph and you need to be working on trying to ease back n these compulsions as a way of handling things. You can do this Nikki .
  6. I know this isn't what you want to hear but you get out of the mess by steadily trying to do the things that have been recommended. I wish I could offer you an easy way but there isn't a magic fix. When you had your Daughter did you have a natural birth?
  7. Have a read over the threads Nikki and do your best to try some of the suggestions
  8. No more "Yes buts" Nikki. As long as you follow this way of doing things you'll continue feeling like this. There is another way.
  9. I'm sorry Nikki, I know it hurts but there's nothing special about what you're experiencing than what others do. You can change this but it has to be by changing what you yourself do in response to the thoughts. It's been explained by your therapist and us that there is no risk, no danger, that this is OCD an unpleasant anxiety condition. You have to try now to follow some of that advice. At the moment you're tied into dealing with it by compulsions. It's time to try the other way and work through these anxiety attacks and then things will start to improve.
  10. Nikki, it's time to draw a line now and start some doing. This thread (and your other ones) has all the information you need. It's up to you now to take that leap of faith, We're slipping into the realms of being complicit in supporting your compulsions now rather than giving advice and support. It will feel scary, it will cause great doubt but if you are aware of this and resist dealing with it by compulsions, it will start to lessen. You have recommendations from your therapist, and from us....it all mirrors each other. Now you have to start trying it out.
  11. We're going round in circles here. What are you going to do today to try and change this? Your way won't work. You won't suddenly work this out and feel safe. So, might it be more sensible to try another way? Your way isn't making you feel ok, it's not stopping you feelin anxious.......so if you're going to feel anxious anyway, it might as well be whilst resisting the compulsions you're drawn to.
  12. It's no wonder. When you put 100% of your attention on something it looks larger
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