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  1. I don't know for sure but think it unlikely there'll be one. The type of OCD doesn't really need to be separated into sub headings. All forms of OCD are treated pretty much in the same way, regardless of type. Indeed it's important that we learn how to deal with OCD in general so that we arm ourselves with the tools to deal with it effectively.
  2. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi Waifu I'm glad you've felt able to post again Above I've drawn you a line, because that's what you need to do right now, draw a line under this and start to move forward accepting that this is OCD and that you can do things to change how you react to this in the future. I'm only going to say this the once.....but no crime has been committed. This was a game, it's virtual not real. The person you spoke of was 17. I don't know where in the world you are but
  3. I'm pleased you mentioned it. Ask a few more questions sometime. Say, "I'll have to think about it if there's ever another"
  4. So I'll take you back to Marina's question. You have your GP's, two professional Therapists, Me, Marina, Polar Bear, countless others, your boyfriend, your family all ignoring the fact that you have told us you are a danger to children, to animals, to your Mum. That you are a dangerous Paedophile who is at risk of harming small children. And yet we are encouraging you to carry on as normal and put these people and pets at risk. Why is that do you think? Why has no-one called the Police or reported you to the authorities? Why hasn't this forum and the Charity been investigated for enc
  5. Have you ever been completely direct with your GP's and said that this is ruining my life? Have you ever "properly" told them the sort of thoughts that are causing so much distress? I would tell them that you have sought therapy from two private therapists and ask that you be considered for referral under Secondary Care, even if there is a waiting list. If you don;t ever get put on the waiting list, you'll never move up it. Can you take your Mum with you to help you assert yourself? Ultimately, you will have to Cora....even if you don't believe it. There haven't actually been any
  6. Has that already happened or is it something in the future? Either way, raise the conversation casually. "Are you going on this Murder Mystery? How do they work, are they all actors? I remember seeing those on television. We never go out much these days but I could fancy that. It looks a lot of fun" People probably simply think "Oh Charlie won't want to come" Nothing sinister. Sow a few seeds
  7. We could all have no children and save the planet.....for who? The pandas? Seriously, I quip As the others have said, you have to attribute this to your OCD....you already have in so much as you've come here to an OCD forum. Whatever your ideals or your beliefs you cannot afford to engage and debate with them right now. The very fact that these thoughts are causing distress in the way they are indicate the intrusive thinking of OCD. With OCD (of any type) compulsions and rumination worsen the situation. Take note of those feelings of distress. Acknowledge the workings an
  8. Hi @malina I appreciate how difficult it can be accessing treatment. I struggled with this all my life and was never referred for treatment, always being fobbed off with the "long waiting list" reason. It (pleasantly) surprises me to see how many of our users are in therapy. The IAPT service is, in principle, a good one, allowing people to self-refer and find some support. I self referred & was assessed (over the phone) within about 7-10 days. I had an appointment within about 4 weeks. In truth, I found that the therapy on offer for OCD was fairly useless. The well-being practit
  9. I mean more specialised help in OCD and anxiety disorders. Someone who can help you get to a place where you understand it and can then engage in the process of getting better. But you need more help Cora. You are a young woman who's life is a mess at the moment. You're not making any progress with the support that you have at the moment. You need to reach out and let someone help you.
  10. You've heard what we think many times. It's not a question that anyone is going to offer feedback on Cora, it's been explained why. That's why I feel you need to see your GP and get some more specialised help because what we're offering here isn't enough.
  11. When you post a thread Cora, what is it that you're wanting people to say? What are you wanting people to tell you? There must be some reasoning (to you) in what you're wanting
  12. I'm sorry Cora but we can't engage with you on this. Make some notes and discuss with your therapist what she sees as the way forward. I think it would also be helpful to make an appointment with your GP, explain how you're feeling and ask for some more specialised help., someone who help you to move forward.
  13. Cora, I can't let you continue with these constant confessions It has been explained hundreds of times here and by your therapist what you must do but you're not taking that advice. Nobody doubts how real this feels, we've all been there in similar ways but the advice remains the same. You have to decide whether to start doing the work that your therapist has asked you to work on or carry on struggling.
  14. Well things won't improve Cora, will they? You'll continue to have days that are worse. It needn't be that way but ultimately you have to change what you do. The forum can't offer the reassurance you crave.....nor are they going to tell you you're a bad, dangerous person. So you have to ask yourself what it is you're looking for. The forum has given reassurance and explanation in many forms for a couple of years now. You have seen several therapists if I remember rightly. All have explained the things you need to do or at least start to do. It needs your input Cora.
  15. All the more reason to do your best to resist doing it. Make some notes as to how you might do this differently and discuss it with you therapist to find a way to approach this in a more beneficial way. It's hard Cora, I appreciate:)
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