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  1. Father ted, never bettered, can’t beat Craggy Island
  2. Hi Jumbo, it took about a week of taking it to feel a lot better. I started taking it last Sunday, by this Sunday I felt stronger and calmer and yesterday I felt significantly better. the side effects (for me) are it gives me a bit of a hoarse voice, but its a price worth paying. 25 mg tablets twice a day.
  3. Hi Folks, I just wanted to say many many thanks for your support, I have taken a significant step to recovery and am a good 90 percent better. Hang in there, all those still suffering and all the best. Clomipramine , meditation and watching relaxing shows worked for me.
  4. I found it really really helpful, good luck.
  5. Have you tried chlompriane, works wonders for a lot of ocd thinking, and I'm told it's the drug of choice for OCD
  6. Thank you to all for you replies and kindness, I am feeling a lot stronger today.
  7. Thanks to all for your support, it is truly appreciated
  8. For me it’s animal documentary’s such as made by David Attenborough, I also watch a lot of animal stuff on you tube.
  9. I try to keep going but I wish I could go down to the tongue less silence of the dreamless dust.
  10. I love the NHS , it needs proper funding and I agree it can be very wasteful, but in principle I think it marvellous
  11. I know I have to keep going as I have a family, but I wish I could just go to sleep forever.
  12. You are 100 percent not a sex offender, you have a mental disorder,OCD, which is not your fault
  13. What If I get a brain tumour that turns me into a monster What if I take all my clothes off at work What if I am never well again Why can't I turn my thoughts off What if I attack someone I love.... etc, etc, IT NEVER ENDS And although I want to be well and live, part of me looks forward to dying so that I am free
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