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  1. Hi Natasha How old is your brother? And what does he enjoy doing? OCD is HARD and requires work. I find that as a starting point, sleep, eating right, and seeing people you love like friends or family is a very good grounding. Then maybe trying to find a hobby? For me that's skateboarding which my mum resents of me! Hehe..only because I've had some terrible accidents. When I'm riding the board I feel free from my anxieties. Also I like types of escapism like reading or movies. Could you engage your brother with a cool movie? Or give him a jigsaw? Also relaxing. The v
  2. Hi Saz. What I tell myself when things are tough is: 1 breath at a time 1 step at a time as I'm walking. I hope this helps. Might sound a bit simple but can really help, and you'll start to see a beacon of light. Andrew.
  3. I like this paragraph HeadWreck. It's what I was thinking recently. 'How long can this go on (ocd)?' 'Am I never going to just take the plunge and try a new approach entirely?' And then I thought 'What the hell?' Why not? Let's see the outcome, because what has been going on before has been a massive hindrance. And has NOT worked. So let's take some freakin risk! And enjoy life!! (By the way when I write 'Let's' its referring to just me, I don't know why but I always write like this in plural! :)). Have a nice day. Andrew
  4. I love Autumn too walking with the leaves having fallen in woodland or parkland. Woooowwww...!!! Happy birthday! And a hocus pocus sequel book? I never knew there was one. I loved the movie though! Remember it so well..! I think my dad took my bro and I to see it. And oddly enough I think even at that age there was something about the witches that I found attractive! Maybe one or two of them were good looking..cant remember though.. yeh job is cool. I already done a shift this morning, small shift of 6 to 10am. I find it quite exciting getting up so early for something..its li
  5. Hey Wonderer. I just came on the Forum to see how you are, then I saw that you wrote this message! So Apol.s for late reply! Yeh my cold baths are delicious! I told my gp too, and she said I had the right idea that it drains all the Lactic Acid out Pronto! Also I read that it's good to help build resilience for stressful situations..maybe you try it?? ;)))) So you're right food for the muscles in a way...! News with me is I spoke to my gp about hiding the truth on the army registration form but she told me NO! Hehe..she is proper lovely, trust me. Cares unbelievably for
  6. Have you tried exercise? Going for runs has helped me very much mentally. Also in this weather, the rain, is a lot of fun too! Maybe try it?
  7. Hey apologies. I've just seen above that I called you GBG. I hope you weren't offended, just a million and one things going on right now. How are you? Coping in this sensational heat? All the very best Andrew, and perfect time of year for a new bathroom! I've been having cold baths post running, luxurious ! No joke! 5,4,3,2,1...and IN! X
  8. Hey GBG How are you? Did you have a nice weekend? My goal is to cool the stress a bit this week and that comes from moderating the compulsions quite heavily. Just made a telephone appointment with gp, but told a complete lie to get the actual appointment. Basically I just want to go through the military medical questionnaire with her, as I can see some problems regarding mental health arising...I told the receptionist girl that I wanted to discuss cist on my face...Has to be done sometimes. Anyway more importantly how's things with you? I've started a new book now as finis
  9. hey many thanks for a lovely message. I had to go to hospital yesterday, as I am having the same cist removed off my face again!! The doctor said do you want us to cut it off? And I was like well yeah but I am not happy because its grown again, I want more analysis done on it. So I got one more consultation before surgery. At least its not grown to the size of a football yet like last time! Anyway hopefully this will be my last scar, just two on my cheek! I kind of like the hard image! ;;;;)) . They are faint as it is. It's local anaesthetic too so quite unpleasant . The first time I had to ha
  10. Serious ? didn't leave? wow, only because its your holiday. You should really embrace it this time. Where are you going on holiday? Can I guess? Spain? ;) Stressful just because of neighbours but I think they may be moving out soon...I pray! Oh it was just a prayer in Synagogue. It was actually an honour for them to ask me to do it. It felt great. Bathroom done, nice! I bet you're really enjoying it, and your kids.And I bet was totally worth the save, it's great to have a nice bathroom as that's where a lot of relaxation take place. I'm envious in a way! ;) Crazy
  11. Hi Wonderer how's your week been so far? Mine's been quite stressful to say the least. But security was good. They now put me at the most crucial point and I've become friendly with the ex-military guy. Plus I did something special for everyone inside the building. How are you? How's the bathroom? All done? Andrew
  12. Awww..very nice! I like the 'under the tree' bit! Did you get that idea from me? ;) Bathroom fitted, that sounds cool. Yeh and got security this weekend too, just about to confirm. Neighbours are a really annoying sticking point which I'm trying to rid at the moment. Life is tough I swear when you are on your own, but I believe I'm managing all situations very well. I'm experienced, in all these things, and been through much much worse. I bet you have a beautiful garden. Builders are annoying, I try and soften them up usually by giving them coffee and biscuits, you could try this..;)
  13. Hey how are you Wonderer? How's your week been? Mine's been good. I did security on Saturday, which I thought I handled very well. However I didn't go to group on Sunday night as I felt extremely tired, due to neighbourly disturbances.. I'm loving the outdoors at the moment. I went to the park in the evening last night..It was nice. Wore hardly anything but still felt cool! And people around..Really really pleasant, and I needed the walk.
  14. great forum headwreck! Your therapist sounds great . Good luck!
  15. It does feel peculiar (good way) + like a miracle sometimes . As what I thought was on my nose vanishes
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