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  1. For the last 5 days my usual routine has been disrupted by visiting Bristol . I have had a reasonable time and my intrusive thoughts have generally been manageable and anxiety lower . Today I have started to anticipate being back to my normal routine and the fear of the pattern of thoughts and behaviour returning is like a dark cloud over me . I have also started testing and checking myself and the fact that I am visiting this forum again frequently is a sign that I am seeking reassurance again. Just nice to talk and any advice from anyone on how not to slip into habitual behaviours again as my weekly routine returns
  2. Taurean i recently acquired a book which had ERP scenarios in it . I read them and they really shook me up . I feel it is not possible to do ERP unless under professional guidance as this experience certainly created a high level of anxiety and fear which have dominated me for the last few days and it is stuck in my mind . What’s your view
  3. Thanks for your experience
  4. I am awaiting therapy on the NHS at the moment specifically for my OCD but am considering a private therapist . I am concerned that this may just end up as talk therapy and talking about my thoughts and experiences not only feeds my need for reassurance but also keeps me focussed on my thoughts . What advice would people give to good and bad therapy for OCD particularly focussed on intrusive thoughts and no outward compulsions . My primary concern is I ruminate a lot and going into the wrong type of therapy may simply feed my rumination
  5. Freya I am thinking of you and sorry to hear of your loneliness . I know the feeling well for me OCD tries to force me into isolating myself and then I wonder why I feel lonely . It also forces me to ruminate for hours and tries to stop me engaging in things which again makes me feel lonely . I am lying in bed at the moment trying to find the first steps of engaging with life today. Let’s take the first steps together . Please know you always have friends here online .
  6. For the last 9 weeks I have experienced constant intrusive thoughts and rumination I had truly lost myself and my anxiety was running riot with my thinking . 9 days ago I reached out to my GP and local mental health workers . I increased my Prozac dose to 60mg and am still awaiting CBT . Until today my mind has felt tense and obsessed and in many respects my symptoms worsened today is the first day for a long time that my mind has been calmer . I still get the thoughts but they do not result in terrible rumination . There has been occasions today when I have forgotten my terrible thoughts and the shame guilt and fear that they bring . It feels weird but does anyone else think I might be on the steps to get better
  7. I am awaiting CBT Taureen I have been trying not to come on this forum for several days as it gives me reassurance and is part of my compulsions to search for the answer and that I am not alone in my intrusive thoughts and that I am not going mad or anything else . My OCD is principally intrusive thoughts with endless rumination for hours and hours a day. I need to find a way to get support from this community without it becoming part of my compulsions . Haven’t worked that out yet . I often come here in despair
  8. I have been on 40mg for years and had hoped that this would help me not to enter the worst phases of my OCD however life events with the death of my father has meant that I am re-experiencing all my latent OCD themes . I have now increased to 60mg but in the first weeks had a torrid time. My only concern with staying on the medication is how to manage dosage controls so that I don’t need to keep upping ( which I cannot do ) . When I feel better I will talk to my Dr about reducing my dose again gradually so that I still have some headroom for future events in life that may cause another stress and anxiety nightmare .
  9. Thank you so much I needed that positivity
  10. Stress is clearly something we need to manage, but sadly in todays world we cannot avoid. I am in the middle of a relapse as a result of the anxiety created by my fathers illness and then sudden death 8 weeks ago, as if loosing him was not enough my old OCD intrusive thoughts flooded back. If I learn a lesson from this experience it is to regularly use the tools therapy give you even when you think you are better, and you are then better prepared to deal with the stresses and the techniques learned will help. Sadly I can write this down and sound logical but I struggle with walking the talk myself , I feel for you Ollie, and hope you are seeking help with this challenge.
  11. Thank you all for your experiences what a wonderful community this is
  12. Thanks for your wise words . I have always found relaxation very difficult but I have had mindfulness therapy in the past, and will try to repractice what I learnt from it .
  13. I am increasing my dose of Prozac . I have been taking 40mg for 4 years and am increasing it to 60mg as I am currently suffering a relapse in my OCD . What has been other members experience been with dosage increases of this type and have you experienced any side effects
  14. I am new to the forum and just wanted to say hello. . I am 60 and have had OCD for a long time on and off and was diagnosed about 6 years ago. I can go for years with my ocd in the background and dismissible . Sadly my dad died 8 weeks ago . The anxiety from this has resulted in 8 weeks of OCD despair and I have used this forum seeking reassurance which i know feeds my OCD but in desperation I needed to hear others voices. I finally joined the forum today as I wanted to acknowledge I had a disorder that I could not cope with myself. I hope to find support here and hope I do not use my membership to constantly seek reassurance and maybe I can be a part of a community who share their experiences and coping methods as well as experience with things like CBT and therapy
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