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  1. Hi welcome to the forum do you have OCD and if you ever want to talk you will find a lot of support on this forum
  2. I am a Vegetarian and have been for 38 years our diet is generally known to be deficient in omega 3 and b12
  3. Thanks Taurean I am still waiting for CBT and my OCD is terrible at the moment so I desperately looking for new ways to help overcome this before my CBT starts . I am feeling very alone and isolated with this disorder . I have just joined a gym so I can walk more on the treadmill as I have an damaged knee will try some swimming as well
  4. Hi has anyone taken normal doses of Omega 3 as a supplement whilst taking SSRI’s or any other supplements and seen a benefit
  5. Dear Phillev , I experience this a lot , it is much worse when I pay it attention than when I simply let it be without engaging . If I engage I am dragged into endless ruminations on it. Ignore it and I begin to see it as OCD chatter . Hopes and thoughts are with you and all of us that have to live with this disorder
  6. Thanks Angst hours later I am now calmer and your explanation seems more reasonable . I love the people on this forum thanks for your support
  7. Thanks malina I am extremely grateful for your words as you say I have had this disorder on and off for many years . This time it is worse and my medication does not appear to be helping . I have always had a tendency to be able to panic myself and I will try some mindfulness later this evening
  8. I am waiting for CBT and a referral to my local Psychiatric unit . I am as you say very anxious Malina . I do need to calm down
  9. Hi Polar Bear I really respect your opinion and have found your video on rumination helpful . It like an involuntary intrusive sentences that taunt me . I know I am doing it to myself it is not an external voice But I get very distressed as they are like intrusive images but sentences . At the moment I don’t need much to make me anxious
  10. hi my usual intrusive thoughts are images and occasionally words that pop into my mind and I ruminate on this for hours . I have been trying to refocus from rumination by trying not to spend time ruminating for hours lying on my bed but instead do something to distract me from my thoughts . I have had some small success with this but today my OCD has hit back . I have had thoughts like “ you can’t distract yourself from what you are “ it is like OCD is taunting me . I know these are not some other voices in my head , but it has raised thoughts in my head about Schizophrenia OCD . In identifying my thoughts as OCD thoughts and listening to it am I creating a separate me in my head my OCD me . Does anyone else have intrusive thoughts of OCD taunting you and concerns about Schizophrenia OCD and how have you coped wit it I know the voice in my head is me thinking but it sure is unpleasant arguing with yourself and your intrusive thoughts are like a spoken sentence . As I also suffer from depersonalisation this is very disturbing
  11. I think OCD rumination can latch onto anything . If you are feeling “bad” about your OCD thoughts this style of thinking and obsessing can be applied to other thoughts you have which you perceive as “bad” . You are clearly concerned about these thoughts , you are clearly obsessing about them and the process you are following mentally is typical of OCD . I don’t think OCD neatly fits a simple theme we give it such as HOCD or POCD or ROCD. It is just OCD thinking
  12. I too have been suffering from depression as a result of my OCD it seems to have stolen all my drive and enthusiasm for everything all my love and joy . I am at rock bottom . My family also finds it really hard and usually I am the impetus for things happening in the family without this it is a real real struggle . My thoughts are with you
  13. I have been married for 40 years and in this time suffered from paedophilic ocd and harm ocd . I have had at least 4 relapses in my OCD around periods of stress such as unemployment or the death of my father . The intrusive thought have been in the background but relatively easily dismissed . For the last 5 months I have been suffering from severe ocd about these issues as well as a new focus on my relationship , because rumination plays a large part in my ocd I can spend hours thinking and going through thoughts . . I am now finding it very difficult to cope with this in relation to my relationship with my wife . I know anxiety can rob you of positive emotions it has certainly done that for me having lost interest in everything and no longer even having a desire to face each day , but ocd is a unique ******* when it uses that to target our relationship and send us intrusive thoughts and rumination about whether I love my wife or she loves me. When it creates scenarios in your mind of separation and feelings like you are splitting up . When it forces you to seek reassurance by constantly asking for love . My wife knows I am suffering and attributes this to my OCD and endless rumination but then I simply begin to doubt if this is my OCD although it creates the same behaviours in me of rumination , checking avoidance etc. If you struggle with relationship issues during OCD or ROCD do you have any experiences on how to cope with this and what worked for you .
  14. Thanks can I also ask you about these feelings as well . I have been trying to put my intrusive thoughts and feelings aside and carry out inspite of them . I have had some success with this for a while but then my mind remembers and I get a floood back or fears again I am able to put them aside a bit . Is this a sign that I may be recovering. I dont really remember what recovery felt like last time but I think I can remember a period like this where my thoughts went into the background occasionally . For the last 4 months they have been front of mind and constant so I have almost forgotten what normal feels like
  15. Today I have been at work , I only work 9hrs on Saturday and 6 on Monday . I have had really bad Harm OCD in the last 4 months . Over the last few weeks I have been experiencing random mind pops and feelings of dread etc , which I think more of as depression. More recently including today I have had some weird feelings that I don’t care for my wife and grown up children or dog , that I don’t love them it is a horrible feeling . I am trying not to engage with it . I am also getting feelings which I would describe as depersonalisation . The irony is my usual intrusive thoughts are less . I don’t know how to handle this . Any advice . Should I consider this like OCD intrusive thoughts . I am trying not to engage with these feelings or ruminate about them too much but the fact that I am writing here shows that I am concerned about them
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