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  1. I’ve got thrush and have been having to put on cream, this has aggravated my dirty something wicked. Today I though I felt a lump in the groan of my leg and vulva. I felt with my other hand, nothing there and felt again with the other hand again, nothing there. Now I’m really struggling to not poke again and need some encouragement
  2. It’s just my bum hole, it’s just squeezed together because I’m fat. im trying to discover what’s normal about my body and I only discovered my bum hole yesterday now I have to resist rechecking
  3. So I don’t go to doctor google. Above my anus is a small line of skin ending it a little bump of skin that is very soft, is this normal
  4. Then I have memories that are too clear, where I am viewing it in the third person, seeing details I couldn’t possibly see. Anne is great.
  5. How much does OCD affect your memory? For me, every time I obsess on something, I forget everything about it that came before and those memories do not come back. For instance if I obsess over the shape of my collar bone. I won’t be able to remember if it has always been that shape and I never do remember. That is just an example as I don’t want to go on a listing symptoms March.
  6. I have been making efforts to lose weight but that’s been on and off and I have been getting a little more exercise
  7. I’ve lost several inches of weight and now I’m terrified that it means I’m sick
  8. Have you met him? Do you know where he is? Please, take my soul and send him to meeeeeeeeee!
  9. If anyone meets Louis Tomlinson, please send him to me, I’ll pay postage.
  10. My dad had a pint with Reggie Kray, he didn’t know who he was until he left and the barman told him. He said he seemed a nice bloke. My brother stood on the foot of Barry McGuigan in a chip shop but he was so drunk he didn’t even feel it lol. my brother also met Tony Robinson. Well he was in the same pub as him when he was filming time team but he said he wasn’t very nice and got chucked out the bar, which was a disappointment to me as I always like Baldeick. My nan met Prince Charles. He was doing something and she was trying to get to the supermarket and there was a crowd and so she tapped this man on the shoulder and when he turned around it was Prince Charles, he was very nice apparently and she was so happy, he made her life I think, she phoned everyone she knew.
  11. You met Dermot O Leary and didn’t kidnap him?
  12. I’m on 50mg. Have you been getting any flashes or ripples in your eyes at all?
  13. I’m on a higher dose and have been getting some vision issues, I don’t know if it’s the meds r eye strain though
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