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  1. No. It’s like, on the run up to Christmas, I hyper focus, I have stuff to do, to prepare and then it’s like time kind of stops and then when Christmas comes, I’ve nothing to focus on anymore and I realise time will start again
  2. It’s like, when it’s Christmas, time stops, I hyper focus and then, time starts again
  3. Does anyone else get gripped by terror when Christmas arrived and you know it’s going to end?
  4. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 

    1. daja


      And to you and everyone else. 🌲 

  5. I’m really struggling today, now I think there is a bump under my tongue but I’m sure it’s just a piece of skin
  6. I’m struggling so much today

  7. Both, yes both but mostly the anxiety and exhaustion and compulsion of it. The misery that comes with it. Mouths are bumping things, even more so when it’s unhealthy. In truth the likelihood of the c word is extremely low and all the symptoms of the c word can also be totally harmless from patches to lumps. I don’t smoke, I drink very little and the only other course is a sexually transmitted virus, which is zero possibility but then I worry about second hand smoke which I have been assaulted with most of my life. It’s so hard
  8. I only noticed it just now. My friend gets then, she says she gets them when she eats hard boiled sweets and I’ve been eating soothers and I’m sure I’ve panicked over this before. Plus I have a huge fear of doctors and nurses
  9. I have a hard bump on the roof of my mouth, on one side of the line that goes down the middle, so this is my mind Omg, omg, omg, omg! I’m dead What if it gets bigger Feel, feel, feel, feel I knew this would happen Is it a bump or part of my mouth It’s a bump No part of my mouth Repeat 1000 times It’s bigger, it’s small, it’s bigger, it’s smaller It rises and falls, no, it goes along Was it there before? Relaxes a little, I think it was, I remember something No it wasn’t Omg, omg omg Dr Google List of things it could be C word at the bottom Omg omg omg Feel feel feel Repeat from top I’m sure I’ve worried about this before But maybe I haven’t Did I? Didn’t I? i feel like I never really left square one. The more I poke it, the different it feels every time, bigger, smaller, smaller, bigger. Mouths are bumpy things, which doesn’t help this obsession, nor the fact that I have an unhealthy mouth. What can I do?
  10. For a compulsion to leave you alone! My OCD is trying to get me to Dr Google, which is not only counterproductive but I’ve looked up the same stuff a hundred times, but it’s raising my anxiety and it won’t leave me alone.
  11. I’ve got thrush and have been having to put on cream, this has aggravated my dirty something wicked. Today I though I felt a lump in the groan of my leg and vulva. I felt with my other hand, nothing there and felt again with the other hand again, nothing there. Now I’m really struggling to not poke again and need some encouragement
  12. It’s just my bum hole, it’s just squeezed together because I’m fat. im trying to discover what’s normal about my body and I only discovered my bum hole yesterday now I have to resist rechecking
  13. So I don’t go to doctor google. Above my anus is a small line of skin ending it a little bump of skin that is very soft, is this normal
  14. Then I have memories that are too clear, where I am viewing it in the third person, seeing details I couldn’t possibly see. Anne is great.
  15. How much does OCD affect your memory? For me, every time I obsess on something, I forget everything about it that came before and those memories do not come back. For instance if I obsess over the shape of my collar bone. I won’t be able to remember if it has always been that shape and I never do remember. That is just an example as I don’t want to go on a listing symptoms March.
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