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  1. Phili


    But I feel I can accidentally pray to the d word and it terrifies me, what if my paper is cursed. What a cute kitty
  2. So, I’m writing in a piece of paper and want to continue writing on it. I have religious sayings that act like a tick, I don’t seem to be able to actually stop saying them, these involve saying that I am not asking the d.e.v.i.l word for various terrible things but now and then because I say these sayings thousands of times a day I accidentally thing I have asked this d word to curse something with terminal illnesses. Now I write Jesus Christ on the piece of paper before using it and the cross. I asked GOD that if the paper I am writing on is cursed then let me drop a packet of mints that I have, while picking them up and standing them on one end, if they fall over then I scrap the paper, they didn’t fall. I have carried on writing on the piece of paper but am terrified that the d word will cause me or someone else to get the C word because I am. Is it correct that I am continuing writing on the piece of paper? I have wrote a lot and would have to rewrite it, I’m scared.
  3. Phili

    So, I have autism

    I have a CN who visits about once a month, if I’m lucky. She gives me pages to colour in. Um, lady from Gwalia who deal with housing and bills comes every week even though she doesn’t really have anything to do, she is trying to stay with us because she wants to help. The dietician is waiting for my Autism diagnosis to be on paper as they has to change tack. The other Autism lady will be visiting again, that’s it. Oh my GP but she retires in six months and the surgery is closing. My period is still going and I have to have tests if it is my the end of September
  4. Phili

    So, I have autism

    I think the diagnosis is very accurate and I had several tests by the local specialist teams. I’ve known for ages that there was something more wrong with me than OCD
  5. What the title says. Apparently one of the reasons why everything, including my therapy, was so inafective. Anyone else here also Autistic, this is all very new ground for me.
  6. Phili

    Period panic

    I have spoken to the doctor. She has put me on an iron prescription for theee months, then if it’s still going I gotta have tests. she said it is very unlikely to be anything concerning. She said I might not even have polysystic ovaries
  7. Phili

    Period panic

    I phoned the doctor but she couldn’t phone me back today. It took so much guts, I feel like I don’t even know my own name, my entire brain seems to be blanking out completely I also see the CPN tomorrow
  8. Phili

    Period panic

    Well it’s red again. I don’t know what to do
  9. Phili

    Period panic

    I haven’t called the doctor yet. Last time I saw her she said my symptoms where most likely polycystic ovaries but I haven’t been tested, given my mental condition it is nearly impossible to do so.
  10. Phili

    Period panic

    I’m sorry, I don’t know what to do. Just now there was a little red, I thought I was bleeding to death. But there seems to be nothing around the vagina. It was only a tiny amount, I think it all came from this tiny piece of conjeled. I only see it when I go to the loo. I have thin skin so maybe, it is a bit sore down there.
  11. Phili

    Period panic

    It hadn't done anything for days and just now there are very small amounts of very pale pink
  12. Phili

    Period panic

    There is still brown and pin pricks of pink in my wee
  13. Phili

    Period panic

    I managed not to look at the pad yesterday but just now there was pink running down the loo
  14. Phili

    Period panic

    If it triggered you don't be ashamed, we all get triggered by others posts.