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  1. Struggling today

  2. My OCD is trying to make me doctor google something I’ve already googled before, help!

  3. Unfortunately, hentai has two dark and disgusting sub genres called loli and shota, both involve characters that look very young or are very young. This is most likely what the article was about. Because they are cartoon they are not illegal, though In my opinion, they should be banned. You did nothing wrong, curiosity isn’t a crime and all you did was search for why a website was down. You have to ask yourself, if you didn’t have OCD. Would this be your reaction? Your anxiety is literally interfering with your ability to think, when these episodes hit, try to distract yourself, after about 15 to 25 minutes, your thinking kicks back in but that will take longer if you keep panicking .
  4. Anne has left for the vet, I’ve had no sleep, I’m nervous as heck

    1. Lucy1234


      Hope she is ok, please let us know x

    2. Phili


      She’s OK, it was her glands, they were badly infected. She is on antibiotics for a week

    3. Storm


      Pleased she’s on the mend Phili!

  5. Tiny raised line in nose, I shouldn’t have googled

  6. I can’t believe that some people think the virus is a hoax. All because they want to go out. I’ve been locked inside for over 9000 days and they can’t take 70

  7. Hi! Guess what, I’ve lost 6ibs!

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    2. Andrea


      Congrats! :57439eb60db27_thumbup::57439eb60db27_thumbup: :clapping:I have to ask you Phili: What is your secret to weight loss? I would love to lose 6 lbs!!!!

    3. Phili


      I ate less lol

    4. Andrea


      Lol :lol: That is the secret!

  8. He has never shown symptoms before
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