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  1. Yes Roy in our Costa there is no outside seating belonging to Costa.
  2. A holiday! More seating in cafes and restaurants
  3. I would chat with your psychiatrist about this and hopefully they can help.
  4. Sorry about your situation. It’s a good thing you called the Samaritans. What about a chat with your doctor about your medication?
  5. Like Ashley and Professor Paul Salkovskis? :-)
  6. When you accidentally click on someone’s username by mistake instead of the thread title and it looks like you’ve been stalking them.

    1. taurean


      .... then you need to know you are being influenced by OCD. 

      What you describe is commonplace, we have all accidentally done that. 


    2. daja


      Yeah I hear you Roy it has just been a passing thought here and there nothing serious. The comment was pretty much just tongue-in-cheek. I hope you are well.

  7. Walking towards the Wimbledon tennis courts when the tennis was on I walked past Ian Hislop.
  8. I try to check just once then click my fingers to signal the end of the check.
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