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Guest bagelgirl

too hard to get better

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Guest bagelgirl

hello, thankyou to everyone that replied to my post last time. I read what you wrote scotocdid. You responded to the fact that i said

'i wasn't eating right and it was affecting my work'

In response to what you said i have brought this up with my doctor. I do talk about my problems (with the right people). I just don't feel i am getting anywhere. I think deep down i don't have enough motivation to get better cos i know its not an easy road -so i opt for giving into my obsessions

I'm at a loss as to what to do to help myself

any words of wisdom guys?


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Its good that you talk with your doctor about how your feeling and discuss any problems that you may be struggling with.

Recovery isn't an easy road, I'm sure lots of people here will agree with that and motivation may be difficult to find at the moment but somewhere within will be that strength to fight, to get better, to recover.

Finding that strength is sometimes difficult but your courage has brought you this far and it will help you now.

You deserve to feel better. Keep that in mind. Your fighting because your deserve to feel better, to smile, to laugh, to be happy.

Hang on in there, keep posting if you need support and please let us know how you are doing today if you can.

Keep fighting, your worth it. :original:


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Hi bagelgirl

Hope that you are feeling more positive today...

When i think back 2 years ago - our son was incapable of enjoying life at all - his OCD took over his and our lives.

Yesterday - 2 years later after the right help, his courage and determination - we had a fantastic Christmas day without OCD getting in the way.

It may feel like it is an uphill battle but every step is one step closer to you geting the life you deserve... it is worth it and you can make a difference to your life.

Hang on in there.



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hi bagel girl. to echo tangos post, yesterday reminded me of how diffrent i was from a year ago. Not too proud of saying i'd planned it to be my last in 2004 :dry: - however it is so worth keeping on at it. At times you may feel helpless, but controlling ocd can definitely be done with support and the right treatment. talking to the doctor about it, would be a good start it that recovery.


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Hi there,

So far you have three replies telling you that ocd is beatable...you can count mine as four!!

Try to keep in mind it is the ocd talking to you and fuelling these orrible thoughts. The road to recovery is long and hard and is not without its set-backs. But you are in the right place to get help and encouragment all the way through...

Keep on keeping on


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