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  1. Thank you both means alot Emsie - yes you are 100% right, I googled it and then had a massive panic ? Yes that's very true about OCD! I also still struggle with self compassion and I think having a big wobble recently the internal diaglog of hopelessness and depression is harder to deal with which makes challenging OCD a bit more exhausting. Thank you that's good advise and very helpful thank you for your compassion and hope your mental health journey is going well x Paradoxer - thank You! I am a bit of a bird nerd ? Yes that is very accurate advise, I've been through it many times before. There's a good OCD book "when in doubt make hope" as essentially OCD works on the worse case scenario and sometimes you just need to have a bit of trust that life isn't just a giant **** sandwich! Thank you for your time x
  2. Hello all :) I'm a long time lurked of these forums. I was diagnosed with ocd at 17 and have been in and out of therapy over the years. I've had some fantastic therapists who gave me great tools to support my illness, I'm also on medication. Ive had periods of doing very well with recovery and also some incredible lows. Unfortunately I am really struggling with a relapse this week. Work has been very busy and my ocd has come back with avengance. I'm paranoid, exhausted and depressed. I was very looking forward to a good night's sleep and am now in bed paralysed by thinking I've got a flesh eating bacteria as I have a scrape on my ankle that's red and itchy. I'm seeing my therapist tomorrow but would appreciate any help in the mean time. Sending virtual hugs to you all.
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