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  1. Hi all, I was diagnosed with OCD/blood phobia in 2004. Jess, I feel for you because I am the same. Public toilets are extremely difficult for me also, because of the woman factor (again, no spelling it out ☺️). Over the years I have had three goes with CBT treatment from the NHS. The first was the most effective, one to one counselling with graded exposure/response. But we stopped before making real headway into the blood issue. The second was attending an OCD group for 12 sessions. The third was least effective due to the therapist being relatively inexperienced. All this time I have been on citalopram. I still overreact at the sight of anything red, or anything that looks like a syringe or condom (fear of HIV), I have all my avoidance tactics in place. This forum string has really hit home. Snowbear's comment about "well blood really is a threat isn't it?" hit my particular nail on the head because I've never really made it past that part ?. A little over a week ago I self referred for more NHS treatment, I hoped to get help with my OCD and overeating (another unhelpful anxiety busting technique ). I've been referred to a "worry club" (for five sessions) and want to throw my hands up in the air with frustration! I'm not sure what else to say, except that I'm weary of it and wish there was a simple solution. I can't actually imagine being OCD free. thanks for listening/reading and any advice would be appreciated.