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    Pure OCD

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and looking to speak to people with a formal diagnosis of Pure OCD. I am writing an article for https://theconversation.com/uk/topics/conservation-72 as it is a topic close to my heart. I feel one of the major issues regarding Pure OCD is the lack of professional understanding and difficulties associated with diagnosis. It is also an important subject since for the past 6 months as I have been experiencing obsessional fixations. However, when I be honest with myself I have had obsessional tendencies in the past. There have been issues getting a formal diagnosis. I have been trying to focus my energy on other interests. At the moment I am doing a PhD in Neuroscience and trying to focus these obsessive feelings on something other ruminating for hours about a particular issue. Examples of ruminations I have had and latched onto in the past 6 months include: convincing myself I had HIV (2 weeks- month), scared of becoming an abuser (recurrent), convincing myself I am a covert narcissist (1 month), obsessing over people who lie and tell me ********(everyday, occurs with any interpersonal interaction) and worried my new partner doesn't like me causing me to keep it distant and then break away for no real reason. Basically, these are some examples and I have been to see a medical professional but because I appear normal nothing happens. If you state that you think it is an obsessional disorder then they think your just full of ****. the truth is this happens in our head and so we just learn to try and focus our energy on something else. I ask people who think they have Pure OCD or have a formal diagnosis to help me get the word out into the media. Writing an article that allows people to understand exactly what it is like on a daily basis. People have no idea what it is like to constantly ruminate about thoughts and question everything you do because you worry. If it wasn't for a friend able to convince me otherwise I would have suffered alot more.